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  1. A proper AR-15. ATAC gun model is good but the gun itself was made bad. Feels like a weak SMG instead of a powerful AR.
  2. Just bought 13000 G1C, the price 1$=1 G1C still valid.
  3. moirai needs to stop clipping wheels into the floor, and fix for reverse being too slow
  4. What do you think the best vechicle is and why? (Vechicles added to the poll are the ones that are generally most used) I personally believe its gonna be Seiyo Espacio. I just love its design.
  5. Actually is, tried ignoring ingame, player doesent exist. Lol.
  6. Favorite: M1922 MK3 - fun to play, honestly underestimated gun. Good damage, if used correctly can be used up to 50m combat Least Favorite: ATAC Patroller - i literally have 17x of them thanks to joker power boxes. The gun is nothing special , feels kind of Weak.
  7. If you took a trial of Temptress or Cap40 moments pre update, they would remain permanent in your inventory with no timer.
  8. Runs fine for me on windows 11. Stable 250-330 fps.
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