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  1. good old times when apb had a actual night time
  2. Not even scam accounts. Just people hungry for steam hours.
  3. Oh look. I want to buy the nano butcher... but wait. my account is perm banned for being out of bounds right.
  4. I got banned for being out of bounds permanently. Lmao, just take it with a grain of salt, the game will die either way if they keep banning 2000$+ accounts for simple things.
  5. They are not doing anything. Instead handing out perma bans for bugs they can't fix for 8 years.
  6. A proper AR-15. ATAC gun model is good but the gun itself was made bad. Feels like a weak SMG instead of a powerful AR.
  7. Just bought 13000 G1C, the price 1$=1 G1C still valid.
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