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  1. Not really sure RTW should really be the gold standard to hold Apb to graphics wise, sure the lighting looked a bit better than live, but 2.1 will have it's own look, which is fine. 2.1 is what we're getting so might as well get used to the change. I think it looks nice. Nightime pic since you asked for one; It's still a beta and lighting I'm sure is subject to change, it looks a bit bright to me at night but there isn't any cloudcover effects or anything yet from what I can tell (my brightness could have been a bit high as well)
  2. Bongo cat, long live bongo cat

  3. I'm a tad late I suppose, but, good changes here, very nice. Giving the PMG .9 crouch modifier I like, I think both the PMG and OCA should be uniform at .9, but close enough. However, I'm not sure I like the damage change choices; the change to the OCA's damage dropoff ramp start is understandable, it's quite drastic, but it makes sense. what I don't quite agree with however is why the ramp end has to be so short; making the OCA take a single more bullet to kill, on top of the increased likelihood of missing, turns it to 0.768 seconds for 9 shots, and 0.864 seconds at 10 shots; increasing it's shots-to-kill by just a few puts a damper on it's prowess so the harsh dropoff isn't needed, It being a whopping 28 shots to kill at just 25m doesn't feel right to me, that's about the distance form sidewalk to sidewalk across a four lane street in Financial. giving it the same length dropoff ramp of the PMG (15m) would be good; I don't think being able to kill someone in 1.15 seconds, having to land 13 shots, at 25m out would be breaking (let's hope my maffs was right). Personally, I think putting both the PMG and OCA at max at 20m and min at 35m makes the most sense to me because then they're on the same level. I don't know, I can just imagine a newer player that's not fully initiated being perplexed and frustrated by their gun doing basically no damage to enemy at a distance under 30m But, aside from that all the changes are all good, perc taking slightly more skill to use makes sense, scout at 575 is perfect, only thing I can comment on is how I'm not sure the recoil reduction is enough of a buff to make the Misery competitive, it could really benefit from the tiniest of RoF buffs, and from the 5m buff the Scoped N-tec received And the new RSA changes are just; It's perfect, no more touchy
  4. Didn't need a separate thread, but yes I agree, I never liked that mechanic; or, at least make it less drastic if they're deadset on not just yeeting it entirely
  5. Most the changes this patch were buffs, though...? Only major nerf is the OCA damage dropoff, the Scout damage was just a needed tweak Edit; oh yeah and percs, lul. But if they take a tiny bit more skill to use that's not really a bad thing
  6. First off performance wise this felt like a minor improvement over test #3, that of course is anecdotal I may have simply found a 'sweet spot' with my graphics... but, high with a few unimportant LOD tweaked down gave me, not great, but acceptable performance in Financial, and a bit of an increase in Waterfront, at least over Open Test #3. Unfortunately the server performance issues were really frustrating during the Saturday test, but hopefully those issues can be worked out soon (side note, audio is still completely off for vehicles, sounding like it's lagging meters behind the car as you drive; was hoping that would have been one of the "assorted audio problems" that were addressed, but maybe next time) I'll forgo repeating all the feedback given last time and just zone in on one aspect; the world lighting is too contrasted, it's too harsh in many many places, such as the designer. It muddles colours, especially dark ones I'm not sure if this is an artistic or a technical area, because it simply seems like the lighting intensity is cranked to 200% of what it should be, and this isn't intentional artistically. The edge of direct world lighting in districts looks great, but directly under looks way overexposed, could just be me, idk. I appreciate LO's work so far, and hope for quick easy work to get 2.1 finished
  7. Obvious trolls aside I wouldn't say the community of Apb is much worse than any other PvP only shooter, for as many toxic people there are helpful people. Dethreaters, cheaters and bad new player experience are different topics than whether the community is cartoonishly maniacal entity or not, the new player experience does indeed need to improve a lot, and there is a ton to discuss regarding it, but getting everyone to "be nice" 100% of the time to improve a very minor part of the newbie experience isn't going to happen unfortunately
  8. Summary: 'Forbidden area' in a normal location of map Game Version: Description: Instant death while walking and driving in the Grand Warf PDSP area of Waterfront, along the tracks, receiving the message "you were killed for being in a forbidden area" Steps to Reproduce: Drive or walk on the ground near the short railroad track strip in the Grand Warf PDSP area of Waterfront, the exact areas to find that are 'forbidden' is a bit hard, I died five times trying to work out where exactly was "forbidden" but didn't quite work it out. The track does not kill you, but the area between the two parallel fences do at various spots, reference pics and vids below Reproduceability: 100% Results: Instant death for the player/car Expected Results: being able to traverse this part of the map as you should be able to References:
  9. I turned mine back on for once and got several different people with troll themes as opp consecutively, amazing that so many people can be that childish. This is why we can't have nice things.
  10. -Engine. (that runs well) -Phasing; removing the major stumbling block that Apb's had since the beginning of the constricted pool of 40 or 50 players max (I still like RP's name of D.A.M.; Dedicated Automatic Matchmaking) -Server consolidation; a big plus I don't see mentioned much for this is I see it reviving the marketplace scene, the entire market will be opened up and NA creators might actually be a thing again Honestly, past that I can still see wanting more, more content (clothes, cars), more modes that aren't specifically holiday themed; such as anarchy but better. Imagine just another FC map, how much of a breath of fresh air that'd be after what, 8 years of the same monotony Really idk, I think if we got consistent content and work on Apb, like any healthy online game gets, we might be able to stop being so whiny
  11. I just wanna say I wouldn't get my hopes up for a 2020 full release, if Beta #3's performance was better I'd say maybe, but unless they find the silver bullet that gets the overall fps more comparable to live... I don't see it happening, especially with holidays and whatnot coming up, Spring 2021 is my revised bet Other than that I don't think us laypersons can answer anything else, other than I wouldn't assume console work would slow down the PC engine since most of it appears to be waiting on the publisher
  12. @R3ACT3M If you're Reactem1, man I couldn't stop thinking about that damn pfp the whole time I was against you the other day (Cool kids still play NA even though it's depressingly low /dab)
  13. Hmm, it's almost like UE3 is flawed and there's a reason all effort is put on UE3.5
  14. Well, I'll start with specs; i5 7600k @3.8ghz, 1060 (6GB), 16GB DDR4, m.2 SSD As in the previous beta, performance was simply... lacking just enough in every aspect to make the whole experience of playing just feel bad. Random frame dips were not too bad but clearly present, in prolonged firefights I always felt like I was losing fps by the milisecond. In WF I never saw above 65 fps on high in an entirely empty dist just driving around out of mission, and high 30's on the western side. There was talk of shadows really causing a performance hit but the game looks so odd without them Second of all is feedback on graphical settings; there's a few things that are really off on lower settings, 1. and most important, there's no way should the World View Distance should be 50m on lower settings, that just does not work in this game where engagements happen up to 100m, 2. seemed like I could not figure out how to get rid of the grey overlay that covered up other player's cars without just turning the game to high/ultra, hiding all car design of other players Lastly though, I think it looks nice, I really like the look of everything on high. The look on lower settings is a bit meh but I hope that improves along with the performance
  15. There's an odd bug Ive noticed that if I do not have steam running the login scene hitches, but smooth if the steam login button is there. Its very odd. Point is anyway that I wouldn't judge overall performance on that menu alone
  16. I'm just gonna leave this here: Uploaded on the original RTW guy's YouTube, without the scratch noises and an interesting guitar rift that's not in the version used for the menu
  17. Did you have issues in #2? Over 500 people came to it and I didn't hear much of anything about login issues
  18. Very glad to see that the schedule panned out in order for this to happen this weekend [I'm really hoping that the work done between now and the last beta will smooth things out performance wise and it will be hunky dory... I know, I know, my expectations are supposed to be tempered, but I can't help it ] I am curious about if it will be open nonstop for these dates of will it be several hours each day. Anyway, thanks LO for your work getting this darn thing on it's way to finally be finished
  19. Som one who tries hard, damn, ask some harder questions next time.
  20. I think Matt was very clear when he addressed this back in early September in one of the engine updates Right now we're in the long winter of waiting for the engine, (from my understanding) it's pretty clear that almost every other plan hinges on 2.1 being live; which was hoped to have happened by now, but as the case often in games development it had setbacks, at this point no one can build hype about the engine nor anything coming after, heck, you people get angry that Matt tried to give an estimate back in April and as soon as that passes you claim 'he promised'. We've been given plenty of nuggets of things happening after the engine; changes to how threat/districts are managed, cross region/server play, phasing, new contacts, new car, advertising to build the playerbase etc etc. But I see, kind of, the irritation of nothing happening atm, but there is still things going on; we're gotten the revamp to the JT store, adding perm weapons, legendaries and most recently customizable armas clothing, there's been weapon balance and been said that there's more to come. The stagnation from the wait has gotten worse than anyone wanted it to get, NA is almost completely abandoned at this point... Anyway, there's no reason for this mass panic that seems to have happened in the community, the game is still here, [with enough of a playerbase if you are EU or an NA silver/bronze] LO is still trying and the engine is still being worked on. And there's changes coming after the engine. We just have to wait and see.
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  22. Hey, since we're talking about the Scoped N-tec, can we talk about how it has zero upsides and only a downside to the normal N-Tec 5? More zoom does not equal more accuracy: Scoped PR1 vs CR-5 PR2 (for same mods) Maybe that could be something to take into consideration since there's ongoing weapon balance
  23. What, I totally love hearing my car in last gear at high RPM as if it's pushing its limits at 45mph
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