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  1. Lo orbit kills apb with the love for cheaters. As legit play you can only quit nd dont waste your power here.
  2. Com on Game is Dead Close it. LO killed it
  3. thats the good right point what u say. Good times was under G1. Not for cheater they was risk a BAN. It was long time needed for it but was ok. LO was only great time for every cheaters in apb And i see real old cheater from old day who was coming back with LO i cant say names here. All cheaters love LO. But this was kill the game. The serious players left. Look now what in game runs No Skills anymore. Never LO did serious with apb. New Players you see nothing more. Only russian new players.
  4. You think Apb ist still alive thanks to LO? haha LO did so bad for this great game that the trues.
  5. This Game is so DEAD. everyone in this trash game runs with triggerbot for free and the Devs gives a fuck. This Game DEAD since LO
  6. Who want then play a pvp game without anticheat and matchmaking and no threads system.
  7. This not hard to make. But nothing this year. I was wait last year where i read the roadmap. Not 1 point in the roadmap they did. They maked only the game more dead with no threads districts.
  8. We will never more see engine update. Lo never worled on it. They was need a cash cow thts all. Gf was worked on it. Lo never.
  9. Do not more play this game. Go to other games with anticheat and mm. More i cant say to this.
  10. if LO does as little against imgame cash sellers as he does against cheats
  11. Let them play cheater vs cheater and quit. When comes new anti cheat i come back. (Never?)
  12. New player experience xdddd Hey found a point what was real. But in wrong way the new player experience now more more bad. Without thred district. What a update
  13. My trust to this company goes to zero. Full cheaters and... look the roadmap. So much cheaters how now i have see never before in apb. Bring bronze server back or make Ban people with GMs. Ban what we report!!! Thry doing nothing.
  14. This game is full cheaters. Lo have to ban cheater. And all balance patches from lo was only good for cheaters. They nerfed all good things to handle this knaps. And now no thread distrikts anymore. No escapes. Only quit the game. Its not normal that the publisher do nothing.
  15. Rounds without cheaters are very fun in apb. With cheaters in a round its so boring matches. Soooooo ban cheaters This will give the game more players. You become more players then you lose. But liddle orbit look like they fear it and not ban cheaters. Its a shame. Thats all......
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