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  1. You can still play the lag server are online. But without thread its only for veterans or cheaters all other will leave.
  2. Com on where is helloween + some new exclusive titles to earn
  3. Same i can say to you knap. What the te says is true. Lo given up to do anything. Hope they give more attention to the game after engine update. How they promise it.
  4. I dont know why you give so much power to let look me at a noob. And who say i lose much games? When i say Macro is normaly this days and a bad anticheat + many cheater mean this not im noob player. Im sure im better then you when i tryhard and good ping. I dont know what is your problem that you give realy so much attention to let look me noob. Have i in the past f.. to much you? or you play on Na ? I talk Eu. Na me dont care. Ahh the MM is real bad. so bad. But why i should cry when i lose LoL When i play solo i dont care. And when i play with my friend we play for fun. And the game is much fun and we win much games. Apb is a nice game. And APB is for me not only Shooting. shooting makes 50% for me. The other is social part talking friends and doing custom Symbols, Cars., Clothing and Love to make APB money much. Apb uniqe. I cant in a disadvantage . Dont try it i have to much Apb Game knowledge.
  5. Ahhhh ok good Me same my pc good. I have 60 hz for me is good i play much strategy games and mobas. And there i perfer high grafic with good fps and this my 60hz do very nice. In apb i cant at moment grafics high waiting for engine update. And only for apb buy a 160 hz or so. Never. That he become same good like my 60hz i need pay 900€ or so and this me to much. And in apb no real need. Self when you have some fps more the ping to server anyway much times bad. Is will not help much. And its for sure not need to be good on apb. When apb server give me good conection that is more important. And most important in apb is anyway your own skill, how smart you are, your expirence, map awarness and teamplay. And most important the fun. When you have no fun you cant play long to be better. And to deadlist i can only say i not more play the game as super tryhard i play for fun. I must not beat every cheater or macro user to have fun in the game lol. But that many use macros and it give adventage this is for me 100% sure. Its for me noobish who use it special when i see someone runlike with havy itims like a rocket. Haha then i think me my part. but i have no problem more with this. Its basic today in apb. And this is beatabale same when someone have good hz nooo problem. But cheat is problem.
  6. Yes in a Game where you get 1 Headshot and you are dead Ok there i can understand. You need 144hz but in apb ? com on xDDD
  7. yes i would like to see a tagger in this sniper. Why not make it as Love gun for Valentine?
  8. 10 new lvl for the first ? ok nice special the crime symbol look then much better.
  9. Yes this is exactly this what i wanted saying with my question thanks
  10. Okay and you think the guys who you know will say you when they use macro? =p no they will not its cooler to say i press by my self. Every new gamer mouse can macro. And the many people in apb have buy mouses special for that. Wake up dreamboy. apb is a hard pvp shooter people use all what they can. See advaned launcher. Macros. Shadders. The people use all this to become advantage. You are real funny. You must new i apb
  11. Pr2 wins vs Pr1. The last kill shoot will come faster. And this is so important for all sniper. What you think why everyone use coolingjacket 3 mod on snipers?
  12. Macro users... Over the time accept that... it is normal in 2021. We are not more in 2013. I dont like it but this is real. I hope Lo dont waste time to try to stop macro users. Its waste time. better focus on cheaters closet cheaters to make the game for all better expirence. Cheaters are not part of cumunity they are kill the game. In this lo have to wake up it is not to late. I dont like makros and it is a liddle adventage on some guns. both pistols, obeya, carabine huntress, oscar, wisp (i mean not wisper i mean wisp :)) that the most populary macro guns. So many people use macros on this guns. Lo can make the max fire rate lower For better balance. For the .45 pistol and the huntress. Then this 2 guns make very problem when enemy use macro. They kill very fast then. Other liddle advantage is the macro runs with havey itims. Can make the difference in a mission. Every day when we play apb its normal this days to see and to fight vs people who use macros and use the liddle adventage. But with all this we can live then this is beatabale.
  13. What say LO? I talk from EU server not na! I mean i can only repeat it. We had 2-3 distrikt bronse and only 1 distrikt silver. So the player was show where they want play. The game is anyway a paradise for cheaters closet cheaters with totaly ussles anti cheat and gm who not ban cheaters. I dont know why lo you fear so much to ban cheaters. Is it to makes false bans? R 255 cheaters
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