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  1. Not everyone since I got it this morning.
  2. Thanks for the information and not keeping us in the dark.
  3. Again it's luck based. Even if I won it I would still say yes give it to everyone that participated, since it's not a reward to be proud of if it's just won by luck.
  4. I would agree with this if it wasn't a timed event. Since you could only participate at a certain time, the other events in the past have never been like this. It's also a bad thing to place rewards on the win, since you know that cheaters get away with it most of the time. Or the same player over and over again, like I saw happening the times when I could play the event.
  5. Winning was just luck based, or some cheater getting away with the win. So I think this is a bad idea, everyone should just get the same.
  6. I wish to still get that weapon skin. Just look at who participated in the event, and not how much times they played it. @MattScott
  7. Will you guys stick with the same time schedule? @MattScott Since now I can't make it most of the time, I'm sure there are more people with the same problem.
  8. I also wish this event was 24/7 and random like how the Drug Mule and The Butcher Event used to work. For now I would say make the start time 1 or 2 hours later (6 or 7 PM GMT).
  9. It would also be nice of the base contacts of the event have an indicator of where they are located. And I agree with removing activities that are taking to much time or are almost undo able.
  10. Just create a new character. Not everyone wants to lose his/her progress.
  11. Never used it in all those years. Never worked for me also.
  12. @Flight can I also get max roles? And when am I able to delete the RU test server character? so I can also make a crim.
  13. Yes please max rank on Caisey. And can you guys remove the RU test server character? Since I can't. I can't create a second char now.
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