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  1. Finally! This was so goddamn annoying.
  2. I can't seem to find this one already, but good changes overal.
  3. Aw. Please don't leave. @StraaZi I'm gonna miss you, if you do. We need to get trough this together!
  4. I don't like this at all. Seems like you guys make decisions without the community. Same with the event rewards that seem to be tradeable now. In the past rewards were never tradeable and if they are it should cost ingame money.
  5. Welcome Sakebee! Hope you are going to like it here.
  6. I hope it comes and that it doesn't have to many bugs, but I doubt that.. Could you ask this question again when it's out?
  7. I hope this will not take ages since it's already unfair that we can't buy them anymore in The Netherlands.
  8. Not everyone since I got it this morning.
  9. Thanks for the information and not keeping us in the dark.
  10. Again it's luck based. Even if I won it I would still say yes give it to everyone that participated, since it's not a reward to be proud of if it's just won by luck.
  11. I would agree with this if it wasn't a timed event. Since you could only participate at a certain time, the other events in the past have never been like this. It's also a bad thing to place rewards on the win, since you know that cheaters get away with it most of the time. Or the same player over and over again, like I saw happening the times when I could play the event.
  12. Winning was just luck based, or some cheater getting away with the win. So I think this is a bad idea, everyone should just get the same.
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