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  1. Banning cheaters? What? Have you any idea of how much the active players number will go down if they ban them? They can barely keep the game playable with the current players, we don't need to lose half of them!
  2. It is only a skin. Like, most players don't even have the game graphics set high enough to notice it. I don't mind if it was given away toe verybody, because the prize was not the problem. The point of the event was to have fun, not winning a forgettable skin, and I feel like the fun part was failed. I appreciate there is an attempt to make up for the mistakes, I hope that you understand it is way more important to improve the enjoyment of the game, and not just give away little treats and believe nothing wrong happened.
  3. To each their own! I don't need to explain my life to you. Just to keep it simple, I had a business trip taking away 10 days of that event. On the other days I would get home exactly when the event was finished. I had only a weekend in which I could access it if life wasn't more of a priority, and anyway, sadly weekend network is often too bad for me to play. This still doesn't excuse how a limited time event is a bullshoot plan for the players.
  4. Well you don't get a day off work just to play a game at a specific hour don't you?
  5. I mean, at least you people could play in it. Thanks to the amazing smart patootie idea of LO to make the event exclusively at a fixed hour (and the even more shameful lie about changing times to allow more players to play which was never done), I didn't even have a chance to try the mode, let alone win any skin.
  6. Nessie

    APB 2nd wow

    APB would have been a top mmo game... 6 years ago. Now it's late. By the time all the "If that, if this" are completed, the game won't even be supported anymore on most pcs. Even now I am struggling to make the game run well with my pc.
  7. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    How come regardless of how badly this event was made THERE STILL HAS NOT BEEN A SINGLE WORD ABOUT CHANGING THE START TIME? How smart must be to make an event during work hours?
  8. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    Why there is still no answer about providing a different time schedule for all players trying this mode? A whole week has passed already!
  9. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    Any news on changing the event schedule? It's still annoying to not be able to play it. Trying to show up in the weekend doesn't really help, as it pretty much makes the event available only a couple of times then...
  10. Sure, just wait for the engine upgrade! By 2014 it will be released with Dynamic Virtual Reality Graphic and Holografic 3D Environment Projection systems. Game is old. It won't get upgraded graphics. The only way to do that is work on an entirely new game from grounds up, but apparently there is never a company with enough resources to invest into that. Get your soul at peace, APB is and will die the way you have it now. At max, it will get worse performance with the passing time.
  11. Honestly the only thing you should do with premium as it lasts is customize your character/vehicles. There is no other bonus to that. The added RP and Money you win from missions can be compensated just by playing, but the designer limitations cannot.
  12. Why not just making the silencer a worth mod again? If they manage tog et the tracers working again with the new engine and improve the "off radar" function of a silencer, it would become an actual good weapon. Less speed and range in change of stealthyness.
  13. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    I feel like the only way to make this event fair is to make it happen at different times per day. Giving a fixed hour for all days is just a bad idea which cuts off everyone else who cannot play at that hour.
  14. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    I don't see what is the reason of changing the skin prize. Was it because of the very few complaines about "exclusivity"? You really listened to them after giving away all the other exclusive items and even putting them on armas marketplace already? Man, I do appreciate you listening to the community, but you really should think up better these decisions before making them in effect. Btw, 5 PM on Citadel is way off-limit during the weekdays, anybody who works in EU is still at work by that time.
  15. Nessie

    Autumn Assault!

    Sooo... for people like me, who work all day and can spend only a hour at the pc, means I have little to no chance to play the event at all, let alone win the top prize?