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  1. People who put dislikes: play in the Asylum at the Citadel. Once again: I’m not talking about the fact of cheaters (cheaters have been, are, and always will be. this is normal). I'm talking about the fact that ONE AND THE SAME NICKNAMES. EVERYONE, B1TCH, DAY. Excuse.
  2. The concern is not the presence of cheaters, but ignoring LO. ONE SAME players. EVERYDAY. And that's the problem. 0 claims if there are cheaters, but they do not play for several months.
  3. Yeah! Now I am toxic because I am very angry with LO. Each event (especially the gungame) will be destroyed by triggerbots. If I, the player, have a 100% verified list of cheaters, what can I do? send a request to support, which will be processed 2 months? Are you sure GAMERS FIRST?
  4. At the moment, the game is destroyed by triggerbots, and LO strongly ignores this question. You spend a lot of time on events, but not on cheaters. Perhaps you are developing a super-system to combat cheaters, but what should we do at this moment? The cheaters were, are and always will be, I understand that. I do not understand how ONE SAME nicknames can play from day to day for several months. You do nothing to fight cheaters, and so every player thinks so. See how disgusting you look for players. Silence and do nothing - tactics G1. You are very much like them. One thing - if the cheaters were "no name". Another is when these players know everything, and they destroy us for several months. I do not get tired of repeating it. I will never understand how you can tolerate this. I invite everyone to take the test for the community - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdooV8aBrEDd-Ed2fq6a2zi8V9TFAcoDIdJaQqTKlhel825ZA/viewform (no authorization required)
  5. LittleCritique

    Should we rename the game

    I will tell you a secret: APB will not change when it receives UE 3.5.
  6. Should not. The APB community needs to know what unique skins are that are hard to get. Everyone got a bunch of Halloween skins for the event. No need to distribute the autumn assault skin to everyone, so that it also loses its value. Everyone got a bunch of JT, and that's enough.
  7. 1. Now, you cannot log in to the APB, indicating that you are under 18 when you create an account. This is a trap. (especially for players who transfer their character from Innova). The account has been created, the characters have been transferred, but you cannot enter and play. If you need players to indicate age from 18 - limit it technically. 2. Why is it necessary to press the login button again on the support page? I have just logged on to a website. (technically, I understand why, but from the point of view of UI - this is a bad decision. In addition, these buttons should be made more visible. 2.1 Next to the create ticket button, it would be nice to indicate the average response time for support. 3. When you click on the "purchase G1", we are redirected to a useless "stub" page, which not only does not carry any functionality, but also looks awful in terms of design. If I got in 2010: and 4. If the players in the game have any error, then next to the error add a link to the page with a description of all the errors and their solutions.
  8. LittleCritique

    Holiday Events 2018

    We love this event, but please add new rewards. And do not remove the pumping roles in the event. this makes no sense.
  9. If the next event will also have zones in which you need to be in combat - designate these zones. You can make colored floating markers that were in an epidemic.
  10. LittleCritique

    Literraly cheaters versus cheaters

    The biggest concentration of cheaters is in Asylum. This is the most problematic place. Often, playing there is simply impossible.
  11. LittleCritique

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    @Lixil @MattScott? Your comment?