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    Rate The Music Above You

    9.5/10 I love the chillness of it and it also is pretty interesting when run at quicker speeds

    Rate The Music Above You

    First one is pretty fun 7/10 the rest though I'd give a 2/10

    Feeling love for someone you should hate?

    At first his words were kind but his actions often left me scratching my head a bit but I always just passed it off as him trying at the very least. He was never abusive towards me though, until our last month together like I said but there was never any physical abuse.

    Feeling love for someone you should hate?

    I just wanna thank those that already did or may take the time to give their advice I will take it all to mind. Especially big thanks tho to Aero and Asger.
  5. So about 2 months ago I broke up with a guy I was with for 6 months but I spent a little over a year before that trying to get into his heart. I was so crazy about him, he was the best I've ever met but when I met him he had just finished coming out of a long relationship that ended really bad and seemed to have caused him to sign off love for a whole year. I spent all of that time though from start to finish doing whatever I could for him. I sacrificed sleep, money, tears, and much more for him. But to make a long story short the person I thought he was, was just that - my thoughts. I found this out towards our last month, when he showed me his true character. He never trusted me nor did he think my love for him was real, just these two things alone destroyed me. Because I had worked so hard to show him the opposite but it didn't matter, none of my sacrifices to him did. When I asked him why did he accept to being my BF he told me that it was just a test that I failed from various things but what sealed my "death" was when I blew up at him for disrespecting me during the start to our last month together. We broke up for a short bit before he came back like 4-5 days after asking me for a chance but I don't know why I agreed while knowing what I did because in the end it was just him trying to use me for something I had promised to do for him a few months before shit went south. I cursed my patootie off at him before leaving for good. At first I handled our split pretty well considering all that I had found out but I still had a few nights where I just couldn't sleep as he was stuck on my mind. That ended though recently when a friend told me that he's with someone new already. I spent so much wasted time and effort and then some nice lady pops up into his life and he falls for her in a near instant compared to my yearlong struggle. I hate saying this but it has teared me apart, I've completely changed from who I was in just 2 weeks and I hate it. Why am I feeling like this about someone I should hate, I've had trouble staying asleep I wake up in the middle of nights now from dreams about him being with someone else. I wake up with my chest tight and hurting while feeling a mix of sadness and anger. My days are filled with thoughts of him and doubts about myself, was i the problem? and the like.. I don't feel comfortable talking to my friends or family about this so what better place than a games forum's off topic to seek help amiright?

    Rate The Music Above You

    8/10 interesting sounds

    what's the best cure for a hangover

    Two tylenol with a lot of water and a cup of crappy instant coffee after, before spending the rest of the day wondering why did I do this lol
  8. Could just revert the ttk buff they received a few years ago if the csg and jg end up being too strong and if that doesn't do it then they could just raise it some more.. the change to make shotguns be more consistent is something that should occur regardless of what other changes they may also need to have them be balanced imo.
  9. I'd say both the aces smg and rifle could use tweaks but only minor ones cause right now the risk involved in using them just isn't worth it despite them not being bad weapons, 3 years ago? they were amazing but with the changes to the Atac, Oca, and new guns like the manic it's like why bother with them? Two kills per mag but most of the time even if your aim is perfect you're likely gonna waste bullets after you've killed someone simply due to the fire rate which means most likely you're gonna have to swap to a secondary in a 1v2 where time is crucial. Meanwhile you have the brain dead easy atac or oca having enough for 3 kills and almost a fourth on top of also killing faster even if not by much atac (0.70 or lower with cj vs the 0.72? with a red preset mod of the aces rifle blocking cj) and most people running the oca are gonna be using cj2/3 so you lose that .01.. ttk advantage on the aces smg which can't run cj due to just like the rifle, red preset mod. Atac and the oca both also have that 'ease of use' thing going for them but your aim and tracking has to be 100% with the aces smg/rifle cause between the fire rate, high shots to kill, and mag size you'll be screwed otherwise. There's a bunch of small things that the atac and oca does better compared to the aces rifle or smg, like being able to actually prefire or handling line of sight breaks better by being able to actually hold lmb for more than what? 2 seconds? and much more. Basically all that the aces rilfe/smg versions have going for them is initial accuracy (god tier hip fire for an AR or the good ads and hipfire on the smg). As to what I think could be changed? I use both guns quite often despite my complaints and one thing comes to mind, increasing the shots that they both take to reach max bloom rather than lowering the actual max bloom. So you have more time with your crosshair being tight allowing for slightly longer bursts and sustained accuracy as well kinda.

    Is Battle Eye Working?

    While there is people who are doing things such as making clan names like "hurrdduurrr I'M BIG CHEAT BOI LOLOLOL" or something stupid like that most are just trolls trying to get a rise out of people or blatant cheaters who will soon get banned. Anyone actually trying to hide their cheating would be stupid to join/make such a clan name and as such I just ignore that. Also the overall amount of cheaters has been way way lower imo at least on Jericho.
  11. This is hilarious, Katch acting like the victim despite it nearly being common knowledge on Jericho just how big of a musket you are. Plently of times have you started tk'ing someone over an accident or after you started crap talking them and then lashing out at them after they give you a fitting response. Also can't forget how big of a nerd you are in /s after you arrest certain people which I saw in fc while being near you, course you're gonna make enemies like that. If you behave like an patootie then expect to get treated like one, pretty simple stuff but I'm sure it'll all go through that hollow head of yours.
  12. I love how you're presuming that anyone that would want more freedom for ftp players are jobless kids because it's just impossible for anyone who's dropped big money on this game to think that they should have more options. Also since you mentioned WoW you should also realize that outside of that $15 or $13 per month if you buy bulk time that you can then ignore the shop aside from when expansions drop. Only recently has my spending in WoW started getting close to apb despite the fact I've been playing WoW for 6-7 years. The sub and expansion purchases in WoW covers basically all the content no other payments required compared to apb where on top of needing premium to get the most out of the game you then need to purchase stuff from armas if you want to experience all the content available which is especially rough when you have an alt due to the lack of account bound options for clothing. I don't regret any of my purchases in apb but I still think it's stupid how limiting not having premium when also paired up with the fact that you have to buy so many things if you want it all, which I say while having premium myself currently and basically forever.
  13. Paying 200k to anyone who makes it. If possible leave the back round colorless rather than the black from the image.