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  1. Nice joke No sense conversation.... Im talking about fact and ppl answer me with jokes. Nice
  2. This But its too hard to understand for the 99% of the ppl.
  3. In a competitive game ....everything that can kill u without using skill is just unfair. This is a fact. In fc when u get 5 or 6 opgl is just unplayable ... If this doesn't need to be fixed....well i belive we play 2 different game. Sorry for the bad english btw
  4. Btw, the topic can be closed ... U lost the chance for a more skillbased game. But i understand now....skill is not for everyone...this is the truth. Ty all CLOSE PLS
  5. I respect every opinion....but i don't respect the stupidity ....that's it.
  6. One of the most broken weapon in the videogame history......and ppl vote no..... Full of silver forum.....no words.....really....
  7. Bricks are art Im talking about opgl/osmaw The opgl spam in asylum is just griefing........nothing more. Btw i respect every opinion .....
  8. Just remove the explosive weapons in fightclub please.
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