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  1. Hi Sorry... is it that ExoticZ who had more then 10 reasonable bans for cheating from G1 and FairFight?
  2. all games mission have to be fight with the evil but not to be the evil or smoke the evil green... good luck I do not want to speak with people who doesn't understand my words with first attempt
  3. the games like a sport... but find the dealer isnt sport satanic country with satanic ideas that all explains
  4. what the next event? find the lovely gay for yourself? how about drug propaganda is that legal in US and EU? you guys have fully smoked out your brains... nothing holy... the God "bless" you
  5. do you understand the meaning of the word - ALREADY? ALREADY UNBANNED... BEFORE BATTLEEYE? do you see logic?
  6. we had bad experience with cheaters... not LO... and we have to give the second chance... not LO... LO said after BattleEye they will be unbanned but you probably did not understand... LO unbanned them already that why I opened this topic... did you see in game BattleEye or path with it? I dont see but I see unbanned people dont say it to me... I heard this for 7 years after every ban
  7. I understand if cheater was banned on the next day after he first time started to use hacks this people I could forgive... but when he used months the cheats and laughed and insulted at other for months... LO said they will be unbanned after integration the BattleEye... but how you see... players had freedom from 25 may
  8. LO already gave freedom to unfair players... One has active on his account from 25 may 2018... Congratulation!
  9. if it was before - my bad, sorry for worries... I see now
  10. Hi Why you did not add some moderators to your staff list? We cannot track them... BrightNightLight and RitualLobotomy... maybe you have more i dont know
  11. Hi By your ToS macros is restricted to use in game but no tools to detect macros so I dont know how it work but I saw how you integrated Advanced Launcher in BattleEye so maybe you will add most popular mouse tools with macros in BattleEye to ban people for using third part software? And if BattleEye will see that a player is turning on macros tools while entering in APB then BattleEye will mark him as cheater and you will give to the player the temporary ban for 1 months and give him an attention if he will using again macros tools give him second temporary ban for 6 months and 2nd attention and if he will use third time macros tools you can give him permanent ban... Attention should be clear and short... 1st Attention... You banned for 1 months... reason - macros tools... to avoid permanent ban dont use macros in game...
  12. Matthew said they will unban cheaters coz he dont see they had the proper reason for the ban. This is not a reason to unban player if he dont see. For my apb experience for 7 years I saw just one ban what I had the questions why he was banned. JUST ONE... for 7 years... but others... I knew... and I waited and couple of them I waited for 2-3 years and I got
  13. Hi In your plan unban most of cheaters but could you pleas proove they was not cheating in game. I fed up from cheaters who used macros and wh and I spent to many times to do reasonable video report at them. I saw years how they used macros and wh. Of course you will not see on FF logs why they was banned but dont forget about video reports. I reported at guys who played with macros too many years and they was banned and I suppose you will unban them. Very thank you. Very good decision. Congratulation. All we are waited to see this in game. Before unbanning them please give us a proof they was not cheating and fool list of your lovely cheaters who will be unbanned if you respect people who is playing in game. And dont need to say bad player with macros is bad player.... Macros is a third software and whatever you say the macros is advantage And this decision... we will not translate the bans because they are toxic but we will do member reputation on our forum... I dont care about this reputation and what people is thinking about me coz most here are kids but your decision is totally wrong. You have to shame cheaters but you shame people on your forum who is playing fair and give own fair opinion to you... very strange decisions
  14. Hi Could you please add an option - 1st - Mute the themes of the players ( while killing ) and 2nd - an opportunity to turn off the sounds of music from DefaultMusicLibrary... at this moment I removed all files but while game is crashing I forced to download all mp3 and studio files back and its about 1 GB... and after I need remove them again coz these sounds for me are annoying and not only for me. Or please change the launcher scanning system to avoid 2 folder for scanning like DefaultMusicLibrary and MusicStudio. It will be very helpful. Thanks
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