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  1. My internet is shit so I spent 15 hours trying to download the beta, it finished when there was only 30 minutes of the beta left, I launched the game and I crashed and after that point I gave up on life Intel i5-7400 GTX 730
  2. Make it permanent and after a week no one will play it :kekw:
  3. I've totally played in bronze, but I main silver district now cuz fuck it Edit: My goal was never to ruin peoples fun because I know what I am capable of YES I have played in bronze district for the "lolz" but silver district is where I belong because there are real challenges there. But hey, i'm just saying that it's not that bad to play vs good players.
  4. Haven't been in that district for ages but ok lel
  5. Key word, FEW no like i spend my life there or anything B) ye cuz they think i'm hacking :')
  6. I don't even play in bronze lmfao silver mentality dawg
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