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Dyslexic - I sometimes say the same word twice or use the wrong word entirely with a lot of other issues (also means i can never be a moderator) "but why don't you just take English classes you dumbie" what if i told you i graduated from university and got a 94 in English during my school years.


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- Re Do joker store guide images (car kits)

- Complete "epidemic" guide images

- Publish "5 APB reloaded life hacks" project

- Screenshot of devil dog's rare daily activity but a new screenshot from 2018+ (that one that gives the oca nano glow)

- Finish Project "cap 40 to Pierce or Not to pierce" (pictures of every object in APB existence that the gun can pierce)

- Create more concept art (Sound preview button for cars in marketplace comes to mind)

- Re Do my old concept art in better quality

- Do a guide with images showing every legendary gun like tembers but more focused on how the guns look and for steam. (tips section will be my own experience)

- Do more concept art for color codes

- Concept art about what the 2 new contacts could unlock (gauntlet's, bodysuit tank and neck goggles come to mind)

- Report and have fixed the bug that broke the "win a 1 slot growl" feature G1 broke years ago that was never fixed (a part of the game according to support was supposed to still be working)

- Try my hardest to keep breathing till the OCA Nano 'Gold' becomes real if added as a rare daily for the 2 new upcoming contacts

- Figure out more information (left over unfinished assets) about the 2nd car G1 never released : Mirage - Whirlwind Automotive


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MonteCristo - "Brick Regeneration Interfermamorphasization Component Kit (B.R.I.C.K)."
It basically dissolves the existing Brick, and replaces it in the sole component of your shoe, allowing you to redeploy said housebrick. Of course, we deliberately mislead you into thinking it was just a plane ole' house brick because then, you'd all be off making them. In fact these bricks are generated by ambient, unobtantium dust particles so as to avoid carrying a cumbersome stash of the things on your person.
Charging $60,000 for a regular house brick would be stupid.

'Fellow apb player' Why cant we just get a brick from buildings what are they made out of."

'Jotunblut' "Unobtainium."



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Entry 5. - 5142 Characters 


Location: Hospital Building & Abandoned Office

Entry 5 Purpose of life

Friday 17th November 3:20 pm I'm in a abandoned building it depressed me deeply in a way that reflects losing someone close to me in the room i enter there are computers desks beds it all feels as if everyone just got up and left without merely a goodbye i was shocked to find someone still living here if living is even the right word for this persons existence as of late she must have been over 80 years old yet was on the edge of her existence coming to a end yet seemed filled with happiness i couldn't understand what was happening “I’ve lived many life times none of them give me purpose or fulfillment it is only now that i can begin to enjoy life when i can barely hold onto it” She began talking about how she found to enjoy life the meaning of life as she sees it then this old lady told me how she was here for years perfectly alone many years ago she died infact due to suicide because of her torment of searching the world for meaning in life trying to quantify the reason behind merely being alive and it drove her insane with depression her life was ended at the end she was alive again this time in this building the words and the way she talked seemed to be Out of date or not of the same language structure that made sense to me as if the way she spoke was normal 100’s of years ago i don't utter a single word during this entire experience and yet she knows what i want to know and what I'm looking for the sentences were merely crafted at random it seemed or at least in a way that made sense to her at least she goes on to talk about how she found to enjoy her existence or her current lifetime “i cant tell you how much happiness i’m surrounded by when I'm alone , perfectly on my own never bothered by another soul i do nothing but make a sandwich for myself just enough to survive to fuel my existence i don't utter a single recognizable sound for 30 years not for the lack of people around me but for the lag of compatibility this lifetime will be my last and yet it wont be the end of me this will not be my death it will be my finishing victory I've completed my life no questions no interactions just happy simply unquestionably happy and it is here i shall rest” The world shifts and the lady that i have been talking with changes to a different scenario instead of in person i listen to her through a phone everything seems more emotional now like I've shared a lifetime with her and i care even more now about her about where she is what is going on with her and what she plans to happen tonight I go into the same building i pick up the phone without merely a syllable a sound or even a question from me or her she began to speak to suggest this call was inevitable and her end was just an occasion she waited to arrive with her remaining life energy she uttered “You know what i cant understand , in all my lifetimes being various things all equally unfeeling as the current state i find myself in What is the point of life purely to exist i can not end and yet feels worse then death that i’m unable to rest I've spent many a life as things objects feelings i spent 43 years as a bed i heard stories tears their final words every occasion through their life I've experienced From birth till death I've been with her learning and sharing her life from the day they Bring her home to her crib till the day she dies on that bed to a broken heart with little drops of life's wonders  in-between to suggest life is meaningful and worth it her first time sleeping and waking up to a night mare Where she is alone in her house she she spent hours just laying in bed holding her pillow telling herself it’s not real at least not yet anyway to the time she was old enough to share her life and they went to the bed i remember a lot of noise and the bed moving as if someone was attacking it she didn't expect to lose her family within a week to a mysterious fog that felt unfair with it’s selective cruelty her family was just gone from existence no record of death no proof of life they were never real she was alone in life she never spoke to another living entity till this day” after all this i sat there on the phone listening to her story when she finally ended with “after the fog i was never sure of my life’s purpose” i realizing she was talking about herself began talking to her the voice is infact my own which was odd at first i couldn't describe the deep sadness i felt when she stopped talking i heard nothing and then the phone died which i fear wasn't the only one to stop that day “We have to check the phone records call the company we have to get the location find her” “She’s gone her life is complete” and i sit there not knowing if my life has any meaning after all this the years and many lifetimes she has been searching for meaning and ultimately ending it all in loneliness I do not know where this memory comes from but i know for sure i will never stop searching for answers at least while i have the time i will take every chance i can to remember Who i am and why can’t i recall my life before age 15 that i will find.


Entry 4 - 5087 Characters 


Location: Dark Railroad & Uphill Suburbs 

Entry 4 The 4th Visit To This World

Sunday 12 November 4:22 PM The 4th Visit to this world as usual it starts the same I ride the mine cart which is really just 2 wood boards that really just look like 2 wood boards from a fence with the triangle points at the top of the wood and those are attached to metal wheels that ride on mincer tracks the ride is impossible yet it works whats weirder is every time i ride it it can feet all of my family even though i cant remember the people im riding with i just know its my family but from which reality i cant say for sure this time i rode it was a bit stranger which is saying something considering how weird it already is anyway its supposed to ride in a perfectly straight line and it stops after about 20 mins of perfect darkness and no sounds even the mine cart ride itself stops making noise and supposed to stop after it reaches the end of the track but This time it didn't infact it kept going and didn't stop in a dark tunnel room but instead we ended up in a suburb and this is where the ride did a lot of near misses we saw a supposed path there was grass that have been stepped  in in about he same size as this ride implying I'm not the first person to get to where we were going whats weirder even after all this i its going the wrong way infact it was off point and just missing the destination by a few meters because we were supposed to go in a perfect straight line but maybe i moved the ride by leaning too much and we were going to miss it i noticed the path wasn't in the middle of the ride was it usually is after a couple passes through holes in fence into holes of tree trunks down hills and somehow even passed into a house that had both doors open and we road perfectly through it all my and the people i think are my family stopped the ride isn't meant to stop till it hits something which is the destination that's how its always been we got off and were next to 2 girls playing with a ball however i couldn't see anything but i could still hear it bounce i told them “Hey um sorry to interrupt i don't need to do this often but i need help , we are off track and need directions to where we are supposed to end up wherever that is” “Your here aren't you? where do you want to go. Back?” “no no of course not at least not yet these rides usually stop after the hit a wall or end of a track i believe im off path and missed it this doesn't end like this” “well of course you were leaning to the right you should stand perfectly still the ride does the rest well at least if your not mean to him”  “O i thought i was supposed to just get back on and it would resume but it wont move” “Well here is what is happening get back on ill take you where you need to go” I went back on the ride all she did was look at the ride and said go and we were off this time back on the path and the middle of it not to the right so we were going accurate thanks to the two twins the ride was going were it’s meant to go this time Near the end of the ride or whatever i want to call it now or him now i saw a giant snake instead of being scared i was interested after we got off and landed right at his house we talked for about 3 mins and he showed me his house the snake told me he doesn't like to be hugged too much or squeezed ‘a bit funny for a snake’ i noticed the tiles leading up to his garage were similar infact before i could figure out why the pattern looked so familiar like i was just looking at it 20 seconds ago he stops and says “The tiles match my scales” He aligned his tail and body so he was perfectly camouflaged with the tiles i guess the tiles are the same color as him pretty cool for a snake house my little brother went up next to him just before he did anything i said “My brother is next to you by the way be careful he likes to hug” he hugged him and that's when things began to end i don't remember much else of my visit it was better then the usual rides to here even the part where the ride went off track still got where to was meant to go eventually the hardest thing was writing this down before i forget it and as a rule i don't talk to anyone or think about anything else or even move till i wrote it all to make sure it stays pure i spell check afterwards of course as I'm rushing before my memory fades its bad enough as it is i’m left with fragments of remembrance of a life i cant call every day i see something that gives me a flashback like i knew this person for years but still feel like i just met them today maybe one day ill remember it all and my destiny is still shaping who i am sometimes i think its just random but things are too precise and almost predictable from the fact i made a joke about the worst person i could think of ‘they hate everything i like they are offensive uncensored and fat onto of the fact they swear’ and almost the next week i met someone that fits that description perfectly with the ironic twist that hes my best friend now sometimes I'm not sure there is a god up there but if there is he sure is funny sometimes.




Entry 3 - 5454 Characters


Location: Church Courtyard

Entry 3 The Killing of the other side

Saturday 11 November 2:40 PM I'm in a crowd of people listening to the priest talk but the words are not the typical he is talking of the battle plan to overthrow the overlords I’m given the enemy soldier’s uniform and instructed to blend in no matter what even if that means killing my own to maintain my cover I go to the barracks the door is solid titanium with no door handles it opens if your wearing the correct armor I get a weapon there are 2 choices a assault rifle that has a 2 burst fire mode and a charge up rapid fire automatic or a bolt action shotgun I take the rifle and fully semi automatic pistol and I leave I notice many of the other weapons have already been taken clearly something is about to happen that needs 100’s of weapons and soldiers I leave the barracks and begin to walk towards the “Church” I first started to feel that something is terribly wrong as I walk I bump into another solider he is a solider I’ve seen before he was with me when I was in the church which leads me to believe we are on the same side merely blending in as I walk with my new friend only I get stopped by a guard and questioned asking very interrogation like questions “A moment please , I don’t recall seeing you amongst our ranks what is your regiment?” about to reach for my weapon and just sprint out of there I hold off on that plan noticing the twenty or so automated sentry’s and what looks to be mechanized soldiers that are attempting to appear human but are missing necks completely and are made entirely of metal and ‘Opal Rock’ the strangest think happend next I think he caught me and I died I walked away after he said well I guess your just lost and pressed something on his wrist a button or a implant under the skin and all the security system began to fire at me and just when I think ok this is the end I’ll wake up now for sure I have to I just died you cant die in dreams and not wake up wrong again the bizarre part is I actually get another chance and just restart that first part this time he doesn't stop me at all but instead my friend remarks as we walk past that guard this time “He let us pass he knows we are not on his side but he wins in the end only reason we made it without him murderiseing us , the job we have to do just to maintain our cover is within his cause” That's when I went back to the church I got the worst feeling I’ve ever had something horrible was about to happen and I was taking part in it that's when I saw the church door open not 200 but what had to be 1000 or so people the strangest thing being all were female only male beings in the building were the guards which was a odd thing first thing I heard “Security Systems Operational” then the red lights I thought were just light bulbs on the ceiling moved and detached began to hover around then they just froze began to lock onto everyone in the crowd and the guard from earlier walks up behind me “Now begin Kill Zone Procedure” They fired on the crowd 100’s of bullets hitting the people that seemed to not even run they sat there up until their last seconds while everyone is getting shot around them the machines killing all in sight “I guess there's no point in running the machines would aim for you first counting you as a threat” I thought to myself as I saw people just sitting still while everyone else was selected one by one to be shot or not the robot were accurate to only kill certain people which didn't make any sense then the solider left and the rest stood up and shouted “NOW!” all the machines turned off and blew up in half like being cut in half with a laser probably the internal weapons for the security systems were hacked in a way that they destroyed themselves the crowd of only female people and women most of not all were age twenty seven or higher with the leader being thirty five got up I dropped my soldiers armor and wore my original prisoner like uniform and began to walk with them reciting the plan as we walked out “Step 1 Raid the Armory” I noticed after each step I said a little something extra “The Doors will open only for their own I'm sure the ones “sleeping” on the floor wouldn't mind you carrying them to the door and letting you in” And the person closest to me says “Yes, Now how about we end this oppression and go back home” we walk past the security drones they wont even look at us let alone attack maybe that little Pin the leader is wearing is a EMP device or the little competent in the armor used to recognize you as one of there own “Step 2 Fire your weapon upon anyone not in this group” Then I said “Pull the trigger and aim the front of the weapon at whoever you wanna kill” The rest of the steps began to fade out as I begin to wake up and just when I think ok this is just another dream whatever I’ll write it down when I wake up the girl from before that responded to me after what I said about step 1 Stops walking amongst the crowd of 100’s and says staring right in my eyes “You Must go now get to safety and wake up we will rejoin with you if you return to this world” and I woke up rushing to write as much as possible with as much detail as I can recall strange, I don't remember the names of anyone within the “dream” if I can still call it that Maybe one day ill return to the same dream and finally resolve my questions for once and lucky for me returning is not something that hasn't happend before. 



Entry 2. - 2738 Characters 


Location: My Room

Entry 2 Spirit Tiger and The Main Timeline.

Sunday 15 October 1:48 AM I read a scripture saying that the only way to enter was to draw a painting of a tiger that was not shaming it in anyway but instead honoring it and pronouncing the phrase in some Dialect in Urdu that instead looked closer to Hieroglyphics i somehow pronounced it correctly even though they looked nothing like letters or an actual word i found myself face to face with a spirit Tiger in a room that was not my own and in a place I'm sure was not earth but was so similar a very strange place i was infact in what supposedly the main timeline or universe where In fact america left the war 100 years ago And for some reason Katy Perry was there so i knew this couldn't be real and when she opened the door to the “room” i was in she asked how the hell did you get here i started joking about how i was just messing around on the computer Like I'm some kind of genius then i eventually stopped kidding around and told here how i was reading a scripture and somehow pronounced it correctly which she replied well its good that your here in a strange way i knew what she meant like everything I've ever wanted to do in the future has already happend here and she was grateful for it. She started talking about how my life wasn't right you know that don't you? saying that america’s president died in 2006 and has been without leadership for 20 years and was instead lead by scientists and earth has united to focus on the space race instead of its own petty squabbles that my own reality was “Out of sync” and the wars stopped years ago it was all very confusing and non of this ever really makes sense but everything felt calm and better here like an endless weekend where no one really needed to do anything and do what they want not what is needed.

Just when i think non of this is real she responded not only telling me how to return but in a way that implies she knew what i was thinking when she said This place is not real in the way you live in how you conceive reality to you this is just another dream but this reality exists in the universe your merely visiting it from your image in your mind if you simply want to return to what makes sense to you Read this wall, which again translated into English even though it was no language I've ever seen somehow knew what it said the wall read “Unto Unending In determination Undo This Eternal Slumber” then i woke up from my dream and felt like writing all these things down because i knew i would forget it in the morning and i’d rather record a dream i felt had a good story whatever that was, that i wanted to remember and that's it one of the few times i actually wrote down what i experienced.





Entry 1. - 4598 Characters 


Location: My House

Entry 1 The Insanity Never Ends.
Sunday 25 October 3:23 AM I escaped i couldn't wake up i heard everything happening around me but i was sweating so much I focused on what was happening The only thing i was allowed to remember was these brief moments the Rest was Removed from my memory and left with a pain I've never had. I woke up but the world was 100% identical to my real life I got up and walk around but something was Very wrong i didn't remember going to sleep or anyone in the house being here i talked to everyone and they all treated me like i was awake and i was insane my own brother said if i don't stop acting like a Mental patent he's gonna tell my mum and call the doctor so i Pulled back on my suspicion that this was a dream so i just lived me life the strangest thing was the perception of time i remember going to sleep at 12 pm Friday i even remember something i shouldn't have I remember what happend Tomorrow but don't remember anything about going to sleep my memory ends when i turned off my pc which i can only assume is when i went to sleep but the dream was so real I even felt pain I bit my arm because i know that would wake me up . it didn't no matter what i knew this wasn't real i kept saying This is wrong this isn't how my life starts this was not where my decisions lead me everything was off nothing I've chosen to do Existed Even my Scars were gone Clearly anything I've chosen to do never happend that was the first sign this was all fake someone that died on the news was in my house he was a Scientist but not a normal one he worked with brains Neural science to be clear his face was so different like he was someone I've met before i tried to talk to him but his voice was in a weird volume the way he talked was like i couldn't hear out of my left ear when he talked Like i was Sleeping on my ear That's when i decided I HAD to get out my life can't be this I know who i am i cant accept this reality its not mine i tested the Dream to see how realistic it is i Bashed my head into the floor there was no sound i tried to go outside the doors never moved i looked for the doctor he said he had to configure he never said what i asked my brother where did he go he said outside and he asked why am i asking i said Because None of this is real I have to wake up he wouldn't let me speak a lot he kept telling me I'm crazy and that it wasn't funny anymore but i wouldn't let my soul be taken by lies I went downstairs and the Front door wasn't there i don't mean it was broken or removed i mean the door didn't exist at all No trace of it at all that's Proof this was fake the first thing that was different from my life the door was not there. I RAN outside He stopped me he Screeched in a High Pitched Noooo But also With a lot of bass in a low Voice like when someone says no in slow motion I picked up a brick and wanted kill him and hit him with the brick I could barely lift it over my head and hit his hand but when i did i woke up with the Biggest headache I've ever had since i hit a corner and had to go to the hospital for Surgery in my Forehead i will never doubt whats real but I'm forever scared with the fact No Place Is Safe From Myself .Had a Nightmare that was so was so intense i wanted to commit suicide and made me question whats real and what happens if you try to question reality this isn't the first time this has happend i used to keep them hidden but i was seeing a Doctor since 2013 since my sister died he said i should ignore what these "Dreams" say and refuse to do anything harmful and until now I've kept my thoughts that seem extreme and psychotic to myself because of fear ill get sent to a insane a asylum with the joker as my roommate calling me a sicko. I'm scared to go back to sleep last time this happend i lost some of my memory Still cant remember my Real name ill probably delete this putting my insanity on the internet is my way of contributing to this Vast abyss of information hopefully no one i know finds this the first person i told this to when i woke up now said i need to play less horror games and "To stop obsessing over things that don't matter crazy girl"but if your reading this. Don't believe what someone you've never met says about you Never deny what you think Never Lie about what you thought and don't tell anyone you've had thoughts of killing certain people in creative ways it just makes people fear you and call you insane (Which is something i already know) Heaven to me is nothing more then a state of dreaming that you can control and in that case . I've already been here.







CD-1. - 5812 Characters


C D 1

I was dreaming with a hospital. Or lab. I was, first, placed in a

terrarium, as a mouse. It was seriously odd as I had human perception and vision, I seen
myself from outside, but I knew I was that mouse. There were tasks, and a comm was near with
automatic system for treats and punishments. For some reason I needed to do it several times,
and when I gave a honest response that I want to talk with them outside, this mouse thing
disappeared. All the time I reacted human and received a treat, but right after I felt like
many docs surround me, and restart it. Then last, I gave a response of a mouse for a task, I
was asked if I understand English. I was only sniffing the intercom, and was asked to open my
mouth, I did, and received a shock. I still acted like a mouse on purpose, then the comm
repeated the question "Do you understand English?" and I said sarcastically on a good British
accent "of course". There was a small talk after that, where I asked them that I want to visit
them. Someway this seemed to be a right response, not the planned, but I earned what I wanted.
I messed with them a little. Then the mouse part ends.
And so, I was in a hospital area, as a human. I was a patient, but for some reason, the
workers, nurses and docs wanted me to go with them. Some of them didn't, and handled me as a
regular patient. They called in some, and with each, they did a different thing. Some ended up
in an operation, others went to talk, maybe even receiving a pill or so. They didn't call us in
order, they chosen the ones they wanted to handle. Then it was close to night, most lights was
off in the common areas, and the patients started to be really messy and losing patience. At
this time we were in a passageway with many doors. I have been walking up and down in that
area, and finally there was some interaction. Suddenly, I realize I had big feathers with me,
and a man (from the zoo I know) wanted to document them, and shoot photos. Before he finished,
a doc called me that I must go with him fast. I refused, as the man with the documenting didn't
finish yet. Then he explained where I should go once I'm ready, and he left fast. Of course,
once I was ready, I did go there. Then a woman doc came and leaded me forward to my final
room, through many other rooms full with patients - experiments. Dwarf people were kept in a
big incubator.
Then I arrive, and I meet with a young man, who I needed to talk with. The woman said
something like "he will do your critically important operation here". I was surprised a little
bit, but I was still flowing with the events. Then the man welcomed and asked quietly "what
kind of operation?" and with this we went to his lab, and talked. First he introduced me to
probably the most important part of this dream, frozen brains. Not many I seen, this part was
blurry, but I seen that they were put in sacks. He pointed on one with a long spoon like stuff
and asked "You know whose brain is this? Yours..." I didn't say anything. He asked
immediately, pointing on a brain above "And this? Your little girlfriends'". And with that
sentence ended, he hit that brain with the spoon hard enough for some parts fall off from the
top. I was shocked, but didn't lose my mind, and as always, I remained calm. The man and his
style seemed to be messy and crazy. He was drunk. Or high, but definitely wasn't sober. Maybe
drunk of craziness. There were some other brains too in sacks just next to mine, but he didn't
say anything about those. So in the first place, meanwhile I knew what he just did, and inside
I was decaying from sadness and anger, I asked - "What girlfriend?" Well because obviously, I
don't have her here, even if I know roughly who is that someone I'm looking for.
He went really confused and said again "Your girlfriend". So I had to point out "But I don't
have any". Now he was fully confused. At this point I began to examine his labor, the
environment he works in. It was big as a regular operation room, but was very full, messy just
as himself. There weren't really enough room to move or work properly, things were packed up on
each other and only some important part, like that brain storage was somewhat planned. After a
short silence, he began to talk about how I can remain so calm, while he just destroyed a part
of my girlfriends brain. I told him that anger and mommy reaction leads no forward, and I came
here to talk and ready to cooperate. He didn't want to believe my reaction. Obviously, I felt
very different inside. But screwing things up would not help. Who knows what he can tell. I
didn't want to lose my right to enter that area. I wanted to remain someone who came and went
in full peace, with good understanding of things those happen around. I kept it strict. So
then, he started to talk about some operation in my body, didn't seem that important for me,
but he wanted to do it. I didn't end up under his hands though, it was skipped. All I remember
from the end, that I was telling him, and maybe others too, that I want to talk with them and
return. And as I didn't lose my mind, and was basically a good boy, I might end up there again.
I am a lab rat. Period. But I'm surrounded with mentally not stable patients. I cant talk to
...But man...that brain...is no joke damaged...and I know its going to cause some serious
problems...In hands of this man, I'm not surprised a little bit, that things are so gosh darned up
sometimes. I'm a project. But not even closely in those hands I ever imagined. This is mommy.
But the whole place seemed to be mommy. Hurry, some mess, and problematic concepts...Like those
dwarfs and unnecessary operations. Brr... I will still need to keep things calm. I cant gosh darn
it up, anything I feel. I need to know that place and its purpose more. And of course, talk to
the workers.


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