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  1. Emersion goes out the window though. Hope the money's enough to support apb, is this real?
  2. Making ram raiding on alt accounts to stay out gold districts alot easier, And I get to make more symbols yay.
  3. here ya go My first real car, Those were the days, Wish it had kits as well.
  4. So you'll continue to sell and display those symbols on display points, Just the clothes were the offending material?
  5. I've never sold any of my symbols. However I don't mind putting 20 pictures of endermen in social if it keeps social pg13
  6. From what i was told, His symbols have ALL been deleted. Personally I'm not into sexual symbols but Hey that's just me, I prefer to play games not bring "japanese adult content" into a game about Cops in robbers in a "brazil" like country Now these are more the kind of symbols I prefer to see in apb.
  7. I like the other bug, Where you have 2 weapons with the same equip time, You switch back and fourth fast enough so your Player animations freeze. Then you can zombie walk : ) (Crouch first then spam switch weapons and stand up again)
  8. ? Nonsense they would never do that, That was g1's tactic *Starts listing legendaries*
  9. Music? Sure. All removed from apb at random times. "not removed but not available outside of jokerstore" I got over 30 forum threads "backed up" here's 1. That moment when you pass a new person in a jericho having trouble driving it http://zippy.gfycat.com/FemaleDaringFlyinglemur.mp4
  10. Golden ACT44 makes my Rsa angry too damn accurate, Firework's better Prettier too. (.45 ap shoots too fast for a "magnum")
  11. Embry crossroads is looking nice, Makes me wanna climb the roof again with a horse ; ) Good times, FE for Game Of The Year
  12. 6 shots at 15 meters ;| it's "3 shot" if the gun is phsyically in their throat, The blowtorch actually kills faster than a thunder. I agree with that laundry basket over there, Thunder's shit now (market value has dropped 3-4 million since the "totattly not a nerf" , nano's been unchanged for ages apb's registry is just gettin worse i guess.
  13. I'd like to point out "it was discussed before" means The Current CEO of APB Reloaded said he wants to add it to into apb's gameplay dynamic. Wasn't just a random forume user asking about it, It's part of the plan.
  14. Nutcracker, The only weapon skin with Dynamic effects snowflakes and a blue muzzleflash (plus it looks like the spct weapon skin)
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