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  1. Aren't those guys that made a video in which they said "premium provides a health bonus" they clearly don't play the games they do videos about.
  2. I like your style, Keep it up mate Looks great. +1 Zole Approved Berry Badge
  3. Anxious to see how many of my "favorites" from my list made it.
  4. sandwich in a bag that looks it's covered with mold works (green spots on the outside) Putting food in other containers that people don't like "putting cookies in soy free yogurt" or something. no joke my food has an alarm on the contaniner it repeats the following phrase "You are stealing INTRUDER ALERT" .
  5. I know, you're idea might not be what apb needs right now (jokerstore is getting a revamp that could be what you're looking for).
  6. or better yet, Bring back the 'event tracker' thinggy and just have it on a loop (or player suggested like last time)
  7. For a niche reason, I'm glad they don't lvl weapon roles. If they did I could never play events.
  8. "max fps 145" I think the district disagrees XD It's fun but DAMN, you have to play 3 times to get all the titles.
  9. My top 10 picks, in no particular order. 1. 2. 3. 4. (any one of these or more) 5. I couldn't find 10, I'm anxious to see what LO picks.
  10. Start a consumable market? That could be interesting, Medium ammo boxes are in jokerstore and are quite overpriced "75 tickets for 5 i think" that don't even have that much ammo. Good idea I reckon, Either add all the consumables to jokerstore or make them tradable Simples. What about unique consumables? "valentines xmas boxes etc."
  11. When posting youtube links wait till it loads in your post before you hit "submit" just advice for the future, Content takes time to load.
  12. I hope we can get beacon to replace asylum or baylan (the real beacon) for a week please, I've been waiting my whole life for dis.
  13. DMR AV Sounds like it could atomize it's target upon firing Looks like a robot arm it's all angles worst... looks for has to go to the OCSP series for 1 reason, That stupid brown barrel/etc Ruins it for me the only thing stopping me from using the chrome "base" skin is those ugly brown parts. Sound? The PSR "Osprey" the loudest silenced weapon in existance It would be quiter if the weapon fired rockets.
  14. No worries here ya go , Right click on your picture "Copy Image Adress" paste in simples.
  15. So far you are the only submission i could see going in the jokerstore, And this nice work What's her name? These 2 are "approachable" in the "believable contact" sort of way
  16. Maybe they'll get it when that "20% tax" disappears and for some reason the items on market are 20% more expensive..
  17. despise client side anticheats scanning all your files "Sorry you animated desktop is blocked CLOSING APB" just gets in the way of the legit players.
  18. Belive it or not but "old g1" was working on a chat censor dubbed "C.R.I.S.P." , good thing that never made it I like apb's free speech better then the games with "censors" that literally block out the word "clip" for some reason.
  19. Better be the never released "Mirage" from G1.
  20. That's where i was, Wish people would stop trying to use it though. Nice armor btw.
  21. This another one of those "just maintainence" updates that secretly breaks the fbw counting towards the gunslinger role or something?
  22. Frontflip, That way i can use it as my primary mode of transport. However this is quite amusing
  23. Summary: The Activity Title Is Missing It's Full Name Description: The "rare nano daily activity" that devil dog has is missing it's final word "Up Close and Personal" is the full name, It says "Up Close and" Steps to Reproduce: Well... They are rare activities you can't really "reproduce it" but If you did happen to get it (as i did) here's what you see 1. Get lucky enough to get a Rare daily activity from Devil Dog 2. Observe the Title Of the activity in the "contacts screen" compared to the activity/bio window 3. See how it doesn't feature the full name. How many times have you recreated this bug: 1/1 (saw someone else with the same issue but only had this activity/bug once) 100% Results: The activity is spelled "Up Close And" Expected Results: The Activity should be spelled "Up Close And Personal" as seen in the screenshot below (both taken on the same day)
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