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  1. I stopped playing, got sick of wasting 3 mags and losing to someone who just medsprays every fight, At least cooldown of 3 mins so it's not "Every fight"
  2. Dont play with me now, I got the cake and everything Is FE coming back online? I can wait ,i understand it's not your #1 priority right now. Insta craft parties were the bomb getting invited to the group for a small fee for 15 blue chips and crafting some interceptor parts i'm building while drinking some nice tea and watching youtube Was the way to live as a peacefull crafter of "youwotm8ville"
  3. Medspray looks like it was Tested to be "good" in fightclub, In missions it's just unbalanced.
  4. we do know the car's "company" Mirage - WhirlWind Automotive. Sounds like a sportscar to me.
  5. I hear ya, RL hits harder than anything else I went through some shit myself it got close a few times. Glad to have you back Always love your work Best of luck ~~~ZoleDole
  6. Med spray is the reason i haven't done missions in over a year, It's just not fun outplaying someone in a fight to just have them instantly heal and win. (had a mission with 4 max golds with kev 3 and med spray OPGl's We won because of teamwork but damn it was annoyying)
  7. I came here expecting lunch, I'm dissapointed.
  8. Here ya go, When posting from imgur Click on the image till it pops up then right click "copy image adress" that's the way.
  9. April fools is alot of fun for people that use you know The internet, I got alot of worrying replies Till I ended their suspicions with "can you do me a favor, What's the date today?" I tried not to go too far with my jokes But I gotta make it convincing.
  10. Cool, Posted a steam version (redid the graphic at the end into 1 image) Changed the background color so it blends into steam's ui ~Easter 2021 - Event and Reward Details~
  11. Shaw-opgl still one of the strangest bugs i've seen, Not including the "driving and the road randomly explodes/eats your car" bug, The OPGL-CD has shaw stats, 300 bullets Rate of fire of an lmg. A complete death canon Any excuse to show this video.
  12. The clothing is too detailed, or your "makeup" is taking alot of stuff up. Stuff like face tweaks count towards the complexitiy meter, Send a screenshot if the outfit you're trying to wear when it says "too complex"
  13. Windows > Volume Mixer, Set it to mute. That's what i do as i watch cartoons and care 0% about winning.
  14. Zolerox

    just explain this

    That last shot should have hit but according to the server he shot first and it didn't even bother registering your shot if you were gonna be dead. Happens to me all the time, If you had kevlar 3 i promise you it would have landed.
  15. Love when my snubbie kills a shotgun user and they just whisper /ignore a second later, Crims gonna crim.
  16. Config's are a weird issue with me, I don't use them in apb (i deleted the loading movies and replaced the apb intro with "F.R.I.E.N.D.S intro" But in other games configs are life Fixing all the graphic issues or parts of the hud that make being colorblind worse, or just making the menu smaller/bigger. In APB I have no issue with someone using a config. Aim, recoil controll and positioning is how you'll win a fight how comfortable your hud is doesn't effect me. The Old g1 would just say "no configs at all or auto ban" LO is a lil different I haven't used a config for apb but i might in the future, LO has stated before they don't want configs to even be needed (but allow them and understand why) The ideal APB would just have all the settings in-game As they did with disabling death themes, slowly in time most of these "configs" won't be needed Hud size, Colorblind support or even just making the "titles" in menus pink if you wanted could be an in-game setting. People deleting sound files is nothing new (that loud generator in asylum comes to mind)
  17. I honestly think this could be a contact you did a good job, Zole approves.
  18. Zolerox

    Valentine's event bug

    It's a reward in the mailbox a one time lease.
  19. They stopped writing patch notes a long time away, It's usually too small to report.
  20. Short answer: You're in the wrong fightclub for kevlar 3.
  21. Zolerox

    Med spray.

    Sometimes i feel like the people saying med spray doesn't need a nerf isn't playing the same game as everyone else, The frequency of fights i lose purely because the entire enemy team is spamming medspray, Flack + med spray Nothing 1 hits you. NOTHING. Rushing a person you just shot 4 times with obeya and 2 concussion grenades that still just peaks out of a corner with a whisper and kills you stops me from logging in. And I can't stress this enough, Medspray in fightclub makes sense and is actually fun, In missions it's too "game changing" and just becomes an annoyance.
  22. I actually don't login if i only see waterfront is active Can't stand the "cheesy" camp spots waterfront has with like 1 entryway.
  23. A game becoming another game isn't the solution, That game already exists there's only 1 apb. no aim assist isn't something i'd like in apb (i played the xmas event with a 360 controller Without aim assist) I think the biggest problem apb has it it's lack of horses.
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