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  1. worries about tress ignores all the extra detail in the buildings and increased view distance.
  2. I don't know how to use a Ntec everyone must be using a macro...
  3. Instead of all this extra stuff, why couldn't you just focus on making APB reloaded the best game it could be.
  4. Gold players aren't the real problem. As a gold player, I have concerns too. Other gold teams destroy me... Even some silvers get the upper hand if they work together. What am I to do? I want to play the game, not run the game. That is not my job. LO needs to fix the game not me. Have I tried to help? Yes I group with bronze and silvers and try to offer advice, but they are mostly very toxic and don't want instruction mainly because I am gold threat. So I suffer while a hunk of bronze is shooting cars 800m away from the objective? Or I have to suffer because a bar of silver doesn't want to use strategy, or improve, instead, they want to become target practice and blame others for their failures? Why are bronze and silvers still playing in the silver district? They know by now that those districts have a lot of golds. Why not just stay in bronze? The problem I experienced as silver, was that I was too good for the bronze district, and not good enough for the silver district... Now I'm skilled and equal or better than the majority of the player base, what are my options? Go to an unpopulated district? Is it really my problem? The problem lies with LO they allow Golds in silver... So the game threat is unbalanced. Should gold be forced to play in a district all alone by their self? Should LO force all golds into Gold district? I heard they tried that before and it failed. What should LO do to fix the problem? They have plans, give them time and let them catch up to what they have explained. Why should it be up to the community? The community is limited in its abilities. It is all on LO to fix their game.
  5. Why did they make this mode a priority? Who asked for it? I think LO wasted a lot of resources and time working with this mode. The player base wanted quality improvements, such as an engine upgrade, which would have made it easy to fix the problems that currently exist. the same issues that currently keep players away. The game would have been better for everyone. The game doesn't need a new game mode. It needs to enhance current game modes, missions, and mechanics, a better UI, better Auction house. Stability! Fix matchmaking. LO, are you trying to make a new game out of APB? We don't need a battle royal. Smart devs separate these modes from the actual game, for good reason.
  6. You can report the players who are harassing you. Or for other reasons Use the /report command, followed by the player name Example: /report CookiePuss Once you do that you will get a list of reasons and a text box to give more detail.
  7. We don't give a damn about the Anti-cheat, It is as if we didn't have one since you took over anyway.
  8. The game ran fine for me until G1 changed the server pop and added console like pop in. None of which helped the performance of the game.
  9. Spoiled

    remove pedestrians.

    Looks like it is time to upgrade.
  10. From the time FF was activated and FFbans site went up, there were reported: Total Bans: 16917. Some of which were not broadcasted. That is very alarming in a game that rarely sees 500 players on average.
  11. Spoiled


    What are your specs?
  12. Use vsync, if you are, disable it. Update your graphics drivers, or revert to an older stable driver if the problem started after an update. Make sure your PC isn't overheating, clean out air ducts and heat sync if possible. If using an HDD, Defrag your Hard Drive. Close all other windows while running the game. Make sure virus protection is in game mode if the option is available.
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