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  1. Ntec is still most reliable. You can test it with all levels of IR and without it (only HS3). Stock STAR is great fun. FAR rifle is very underrated. ATAC is between smg's and rifles. You jsut need to try stuff to find what you like, I'd advice doing that. You'd naturally level up in the process. Make leveling up not the goal, but the consequence.
  2. It's not the right place for this. Repair your client.
  3. Wrong quote, comrade. As for accuracy/DMG drop-off discussion, here are my 2 cents. This game simulates a (let's say) 1km span in 100m, that's reducing realistic weapon ranges by 10x. Of course that's far from accurate and applies less to some weapons, more to others, but for the sake of the argument, let's let it slide. Reducing realistic ranges by the huge 10x amount make it extremely difficult to set correct ranges for guns in relation to other ones. We can see examples of this with the infamous Ntec contending with semi auto sniper rifles and being the most reliable choice within its own role of assault rifles. And now, imo, shotguns being the Ntec of CQC. I still think the best solution is getting the right damage and damage drop-off numbers, that's my Ockam's razor of seeing the situation. I'm not opposed to idea that messing with any other stats could have a preferable outcome, I just think that doing this right being as hard as it is, more complicated solutions are less likely to work and more likely to cause more elaborate new issues.
  4. I can't speak for shredder, as I have not tested it, but for other shotguns, I think the least what should be done is a reduction in effective range. Still makes it the best sub ~9m weapon but can be outdamaged my smg's/ carbine beyond that point. I believe that would be ideal.
  5. Maybe he's laying, hiding on the stairs. Maybe he's in the basement! Habe u check op?
  6. We all know server merges are the last kicks of old sickly bears going into hibernation.
  7. Try 10% That number could be even more terrible. I'm not sure about APB, but in some other games, report feature is often used out of frustration/ hate. Even if that were not the case, consider the skill level of the vast majority of the playerbase and then try to teach it to tell a 8 year veteran with good mind-body connection from a closet hacker.
  8. It seemed to me that this was clear enough already. I was unsure about reasons why they wouldn't revert shotguns changes, or do some quick patch up, but now if they still change nothing with the upcoming patch, then I'm completely lost for words.
  9. There are people, like me, who want to share their opinions and impressions about the changes of the upcoming patches and discuss it with others. Thus Lixil offered to create a subforum, so we wouldn't need to create a new discussion thread with every patch, which was what we were doing so far.
  10. Thanks, we'll see how this'll work out.
  11. I don't see why not. I should note, that in, for example, item hold games, which go on with item being in a wide open space for most of the mission, other weapons become relevant and scoreboard is then more varied. But in all other games, where most of the action is happening in closed, tight spaces, shotguns dominate and that's not good. How that translates into mission districts- for cqc objectives, shotguns become the only reliable choice and all other options become niche/off picks. Same as N-tec is/was the only truly reliable choice out of all the available star's and far's and in some cases even obeya's and obir's. Do you see what I mean? You can still use STAR or FAR for mid range and now OCA and Carbine for cqc, but in most cases you wouldn't when you'd feel that with n-tec/ shotgun you'd have better chances of opposing your opponent.
  12. And nothing about shotguns? This is absurd. The least that should be done, while "shotgun balancing is in progress" is a revert. The issue of how they became the ntec of close range may not be apparent in mission districts, where mid and long range weapons are often required and preferred, but it's quite clearly seen in Asylum which is notorious as a CQC map. In majority of my games I've played there, the top 6 players of each team are all using shotguns. The ones on the lower half of the scoreboard- not all of them play shotguns, so it's not that they're not as good, it's that no semi nor auto close range weapon can reliably contend with shotguns. That to me is a big red flag. When the change was announced, I assumed it'd fix the issues of hitreg and ghost shooting with shotguns, but if this is the best outcome is this really what we want?
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