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  1. It still looks terrible. Only when seeing a direct comparison to Live version, it definitely looks like an improvement. Where is AA? What is up with the font? Are there plans to work on the life long issues of the game, like waterfront spawns, vehicle physics? I'm glad to see any improvements and happy especially for people who have stuck with this game to this day, but there is a wide gap between APB that is improved enough to be more enjoyable than it is atm and APB that is fixed and finished and able to draw in new players to be successful again. + This thread seems overly focused on visuals. The main reasons and features of the upgrade is improved performance and opening of more possibilities to tweak and improve the game. The improved visuals is just a bonus.
  2. I wonder if any company putting their hands on this game ever realized before it was too late, what spaghetti code they'll have to be dealing with.
  3. kukki


    DDR4 2666mHz 2x8 Any microstutters whatsoever are unacceptable.
  4. Damn, so the solution to my problems, after years of suffering and thousands spent on therapy, turns out to be coming back to APB.
  5. kukki


    Holy shit, I need a degree to run this game. I've subjected myself to 3500 hours of sub 30fps playdoh graphics of this, I'm not gonna suffer a minute of this if it won't run at 120fps without freezing. See you when UE 4.0 is out, I heard it's being deployed Q1 2015.
  6. kukki


    Hello. When I've first played this game in ~2012, it was on a pc that could barely run it. Over time I've tweaked the files a lot and made it playable on the lowest settings. Since then I've built a decent pc and had several times tried jumping back in the game to check it out. Being able, now, to reliably run it at 100+ fps at max settings, one issue persisted. Every several seconds, the game seems to freeze for a ms or a few. It may not impact my playing performance, but it prevents me from enjoying the game. It doesn't feel smooth. Granted, this is a fresh install, with no .ini tweaks. Perhaps any of the remaining veterans are familiar with what I'm talking about and are able to pinpoint which graphics or performance option could be the culprit and what could be the fix for it, if any? Cheers.
  7. Get some help. Me? I don't dream about apb, I have flashbacks.
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