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  1. I have the same problem since nearly 2 months.
  2. zxc1337

    trade lock

    tf do you mean
  3. zxc1337

    trade lock

    still not fixed must be very hard changed to "your account is not allowed to mail attachments" without for less than 1 minute since the last update or so
  4. zxc1337

    trade lock

    another week and nothing has changed.
  5. zxc1337

    trade lock

    just fix it already im trade locked for less than 1 min since 2 weeks or more cant even send mods to my new char holy so aaaaaaaaaaaaaids
  6. i also have shadowplay and saved the whole mission, i could report him if i want to
  7. I get that you made an account to complain about the shredder, but check yourself before you rekt yourself its not that OP . yeah i definetly made this account just for this thread lol. i just bought the shredder and its so op
  8. what the fuck is that a sniper or a shotgun
  9. i nearly have the same pc as you, moving the game to my ssd reduced the loading time a lot
  10. zxc1337

    server down

    wow youre funny stop posting bullshoot
  11. zxc1337

    server down

    i lost ~100k cuz of the crashes today/yesterday gj thanks for wasting my time
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