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  1. Well, that's one neat way to get people to test out the shotgun changes. I'm in.
  2. It's a sad day, I feel really sorry for all the FE players. Maybe they manage to revive APB, so that it might bring in budget for FE in the far future..
  3. As an ammo type if anything, maybe along with more ammo types, but things like these are waaay beyond what's currently realistic. It would also require a lot of effort and I doubt if it's even possible with the current UI.
  4. I'm glad to see Yolo and RFP changes going live, although I have my doubts how you'll get along with the CQC tweaking which you just initiated. As to the RFP, despite having paid for it I think we all agree that IR3 as it is now simply has no place on the RFP, even with the changed base model. You suggested HS3, which I fully understand, but don't entirely approve of. It does improve MMS accuracy (which I'm not sure it needs to have improved), but it definitely needs hip-firing accuracy too so that's a downside. I'd personally prefer the RFP with no mods at all over HS3, or over any mod of the type. Cooling jacket wouldn't make sense due to the weapon firing bursts, and I couldn't think of any other red mod which could make sense on it. The mag cap / reload time ration is flawless too, so blue mods are out for me too on this one. Hence I'd say we're left with the purple ones. Tagger is an 'okay' option, making the weapon a bit more special but not much more useful. Mobility sling would be handy in MMS mode, but slows down equip time, which is vital when it comes to secondaries, the latter being the reason why I'd recommend 3-Point-Sling 2 or 3 for the RFP, giving it a neat advantage with no downsides. Just like it was done with the FR0G 'Kokoe'.
  5. thelinux

    Riot Reworked

    It is going to be reworked. Pretty sure Matt said they would pick it up again after the engine upgrade.
  6. @MattScott As for the Katana harness, you'll need to fix the alignment/compatibility with hoodies (hood down). So far, gear of this sort (i.e. knife harness, quiver) either removed the hoods of hoodies (hood down) or had the strap proceed underneath the hood. With the new Katana harness, the strap goes right across the hood which looks buggy. Edit: There's also an issue where the Katana goes inside the character when switching to the right shoulder perspective while running (only when a weapon is equipped).
  7. Very nice, thanks for the update! N-TEC changes sound reasonable, hyped to try them out. Also I can't wait to see the "potential new way for Legendaries to be collected" :O ...
  8. Could do that, cheers for the suggestion!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! My intros often end up way too long... I just enjoy getting creative and can't resist implementing all the ideas. ^^ The idea was a JG frag ("in memory of the old JG"), but it's not yet nerfed so I didn't put that in the title.
  10. Hey everyone! It's been a while but here's my newest creation. As always any kind of feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!
  11. On the one hand I'm glad to see you realised that yolos need tweaking, but I'm surprised that out of all the other broken things, you've chosen the OBIR. To be fair, I've always found 495 damage to be a little over the top for one flawless burst. However, in my view removing the ability to quickswitch after a burst is unnecessary since it will cause the weapon to be effectively useless in cqc (which alternatives in that class are not).
  12. Imo sticking an OCA onto your belt might be a bit over the top...
  13. Firework launcher might be the most underrated weapon out there and EOLs are way too annoying to call trash. I'd like the OCSP and Commander/RSA to receive some reworking in order to become viable.
  14. Phasing != Instancing. Phasing is one of the features that is significantly overdue to be added, especially since the population is lower than ever. Personally, I think it is intolerable not to be able to play a game because there's just enough population to fill one instance of each district, and the rest of the players try to spam-join those instances. And currently, this is the case pretty much every day. In case the population grows, there could even be added separate instances for solo players and such that are in a group (like in Fortnite, for example). That's another feature that I find to be necessary in a game like APB.
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