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  1. I did it for 1 year with Logitech free spinning wheel. But mouse with this sytem (Logitech mouses) are big and heavy and use the wheel to fire is hard. (Before use it I asked a GM and he told me its ok) Now i learn to play with normal click and it's easier to kill with click than with the wheel! But its not the subject There are only players that I have never seen in the game who pleingnate with the new threat system? Removing the threats like open conflicts in the past is a good idea to make groups with golds en bronzy. But I agree the problem is the mathmaking. We can see golds vs silvers or bronze. For players thinking ALL golds cheating and dethreating to play in bronze : Imagine every gold thinking like you and do the same? its exactly what hapened and that's what made silvers district of only pros and cheaters. There has never been a lot cheaters in game but there were only them and pros in silver district. And some I read should also question their skill to say everyone cheating. If beginners play more and more often against good players its because there is less and less often new player. Sorry again for my english I rarely share my opinion
  2. Teliss

    Petition: Fight Club

    OF COURSE, disable explosive weapons in abington please! Too many players teamkill everyone and making dramas because using opgl. 1 in a team its ok but when there is like 4 explosive its unplayable. And please, the idle timeout should only kick players who are not moving. We have to come back several times to waiting people and launch the Abington District when there is no one. In any case, nothing new will be changed until the engine upgrade. Something else about the topic and the forum, ignore messages of people who do not play Abington because they think everyone cheat while they are bad. I like to laugh while reading some posts but I take this opportunity to say, and Im not the only one thinking this : I hate coming on this forum cause most posts by non-players only to discussing of subject that they absolutely don't know. And please don't post to try to get the highest number of messages on the forum. Sorry but it annoys me, these people are counterproductive to make the game better for real players.
  3. Hello wellingston, je t'ai ajouté Si vous cherchez des français n'hésitez pas à me contacter en priver pour que je vous invite sur le discord fr actuel actif Edit : Nous avons créé un clan francophone actif, MP moi pour rejoindre. --- If you are looking for French people do not hesitate to contact me, so I invite you to the current active french discord
  4. Le Discord n'est plus très actif mais il y a 48 membres et un message aura une réponse rapidement Edit 2021 : il y a un discord APB Fr avec plus de 100 membres très très actif depuis de nombreux mois. Me MP pour avoir le lien
  5. je cherche aussi un clan :3
  6. Teliss


    lu, https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/1881-fr-good-rebels/
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