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  1. I want to change my name, but i can't find that option in the account settings
  2. These are “GABE” (right) and “JANE” (left). Rumors say they’re siblings. Gabe started taking part in illegal races at the age of 16. He’s won uncountable amounts of money by winning those races. But soon he and Jane decided that these street racings are boring with just factory new cars that maybe only have stickers like stripes. So that’s when they created their own brand called “checkerz’ sprays and kits”. They’re upgrading your boring rides by tuning them to the maximum and topping it off with a dope design. Here's the front and back pictures: Some pictures of details: Their brand logos: And GABE could have his racing helmet either under his arm or on a desk or something: I created "GABE" the creator of "JANE" posted this aswell
  3. Ci metti più tempo a fare soldi sfondando vetrine che facendo missioni...
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