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  1. Correctly entered codes were simply treated as invalid, I think I couldn't figure out an algorithm to solve it, felt quite random. I've stopped using it a few months ago for that reason, but I will give it a try again.
  2. Yea well too bad 2FA doesn't work for shit. Ain't got time to enter 10 codes until I can login.
  3. Link doesn't seem to work for me. Cheers!
  4. I'd also love to see an ALIG / CASE
  5. No, teamplay is. LTL is only effective when the whole team goes LTL and coordinates well. And it would be wrong if it were any stronger, since it is not available to criminals. The PIG was an unintended exception to this, which has finally been fixed.
  6. In general, I have to say I really like the way APB plays with the revamped weapon balance. For me, the Scout change made the biggest difference, to me it now feels exactly the way it should. Same goes for the Commander - I wouldn't even call that a nerf, it just feels "right" now. I also love that the PMG (and Whisper) don't quite have that random insane range anymore, as well as the PIG nerf fix The OBIR is now a lot less mobile (maybe less exciting to play with), and I subjectively dislike that, but this change was justified and necessary. Personally, I think the N-TEC 5 is just a bit too much of a laser right now - I felt like it was really good and easy to use even before the change, but I kind of was the only one ...? Furthermore, the JG might be sort of a problem in cqc as it, with cover, obliterates anything, but then again, it doesn't have a lot of range and tends to lose against SMGs without cover. How would anyone ever balance high-damage shotguns in a shooter anyway. The Carbine desperately needed more reliabilty and this was achieved, but I wouldn't say it's really on par with the OSCAR (as you claimed it should be). I'm looking forward to another change including some non-meta weapons in order to get those back in the game (COBR-A, Norsemen,... this game clearly has too many weapons tbh)
  7. Oh dear this is going to be huge. Can't wait to see how this plays. LOVE the HVR damage nerf / Scout damage buff - this is what I've been suggesting for years Love the carbine buff, but we'll see if it really competes with the current OSCAR. Love the ATAC nerf Love the CAP40 Buff (I hope you also considered the 2 slot one, not just the legendary) Thanks for fixing JG-Snubbing The bolt timer might make for a better balance but I fear it may make long range weapons a lot more boring to play with You nerfed the Ursus and buffed the N-TEC... I'd be surprised if this ends well I'm missing a COBR-A buff It's always super risky to revamp pretty much the entire weapon balance, but oh well, at least some change, after all the game can't play much worse than it plays now.
  8. I'm quite certain LO have enough pressure to deal with, no need to add fuel to the fire. They came with the intention to revive a game that couldn't be more difficult to be revived. A game which has never had a passionate developer before. They made the game less p2w DESPITE the shrinking playerbase/profit. They actually listen to us. Don't blame them. Be thankful.
  9. Nice! Generally I don't like the idea of disabling themes (/ignore does the job), but since it's easily doable manually, might as well add the option. To be honest though, I'm far more annoyed by other players' radio blasting from their cars with insane range and volume.
  10. All this does is prevent Removed Inappropriate language ~@mayii players from reusing their detonator near a carspawner... otherwise 90s might be pretty close to the duration it takes them to respawn their car, place it where it exploded before, and wait until someone's near it. I'd have loved either an explosives 3 nerf (radius or damage) or an increase of the time between activation and detonation.
  11. Honestly I wish they had never been added in the first place, to me they all feel stupid and completely out of place, except for the ammo boxes maybe.
  12. Love the car balance, lolcano + blowtorch nerf, thanks a lot for that. Would've liked to see a remote det nerf, too. Not sure about the consumables, they are and have always been pretty stupid imo.
  13. This is sensational, especially the third part. Thank you.
  14. From a new player's point of view, I'd absolutely love this patch, and I do like it overall. Here's a what I'm not sure about.. legendaries now have a fixed "price" or worth, and on top of that, they all have the same one (?) - this is completely contradictory to the former situation of legendaries being purchasable through apb$ only and sellers (players) being the only price setters - I don't hate the idea of every legendary being equally "special" and eventually completely ditching marketplace pricing (even though it sucks for current legendary owners), but I would've liked you to elaborate a bit on that part since this IS a quite drastic change... seems a bit like you might not have thought this through. the OCSP Joker was added and hence was set "equal" to the other OCSP variants despite it being far more rare - this basically means ~14 mil apb$ down the drain for everyone who had it (that roughly was their price difference on the social marketplace if I'm not wrong) - please, at least leave the FFA alone... if it wasn't added by now I'm also still not a fan of the idea of JT as a purchasable currency, but I've covered that in a previous reply when you made JMBs reward JT (this further change was quite predictable) To be fair, these and the upcoming changes to the game are evidently meant to prepare APB for a larger playerbase once the engine is out and running, and for that, changes like these are indispensable. The veterans might just have to put up with a few things which might not be particularly beneficial to them, but an essential step forward towards making this game appropriate for the crowd. Keep it up! I really hate that I can't be on my rig to test the beta.
  15. We all agree that scripted triggerbots and aimbots should be bannable / need to be spotted, but I doubt anyone uses these by accident..? No legitimate mouse software should come with such a thing. If you're referring to hardware macros or other functions of the sort, I'm fairly certain there will be lots of false positives after implementing detection for that (in fact, I am unsure whether that is even possible). Therefore, in my view you should try to separate triggerbot / aimbot scripts from hardware macros, the latter should not be bannable.
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