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  1. I wanted to try it, so I bought the pack for like 50$. The net week it was half off. Did I mention they are the worst gun in the game? They look sexy af in gold but they are heavy, fire slow, don't do jack shit for vehicle damage and worst of all are a 3 shot kill. If they could 3 shot a vechile. Now that be something. But a dmr av pr2 is better in every way possible. Don't buy it.
  2. Make match making great again. 50v50 severs-no threat level-and symbols blip for being to high of a threat to handy cap you..... please.
  3. average gold player here, there was a 13v13 silver fin as the only available district for hours yesterday, still don’t want to run around stomping lowbies just so i can play then don't play. I work 60+ hours a week, in the middle of a major home remodel and have been named for the past 5 years. I'm not you mom bro, I don't care who or what game you want to play. Get a job and see what I adults see Forgive my auto correct for butchering that*
  4. Well, I see the problem. None of you can stay on topic. This isn't a charity drive for new players guys. I'm talking about being an average, non dethreating player and being unable to play. I don't care about " optimization, content, clothing, weapons, hackers and ect." Ffs just stay on topic
  5. Has anyone ever lost an item after removing it from the market place?
  6. So can we a agree that threat restricted servers suck? And should be removed?
  7. Tosie, I respect your opinion. I didn't want to get into content discussion because we already have a thousand threads about that and lo has already talk about the plan for that. What I'm trying to discuss here is the penalty for being an average player and being locked out of the game for it.
  8. I don't want to turn this into an essay so I'm going to keep this as short and on point as possible. The problem I'm addressing is the unhealthy population apb has currently. I understand there's a lot of factors and potential fixes to get apb back to its former glory, but I think the real solution as of now is the removal of threat colors. At its peak, bronze silver and gold made sense to provide fair game play. Most of us forgot about the max threat player. Most of us forget about the friends and enemies we played with who used cheats to rank up and get to gold ten. Unfortunately the best days are behind us and the ones who are left and are gold basically are bared on the sidelines because there are no servers for us to play on. We can't even dethreat because there's no physical way to even make it happen without asking friends to let us lose. Segregation is just a bad idea at this point in apb life. We need to bring back the days when 4 bronze players faced 2 golds. Or the big team battles of rtw when you'd have so many players in one match the whole server was playing one mission. Maybe the only way to go foward, is to go back. Thanks for reading....
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