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  1. I play from Australia so need to make up for underwater potato Internet. Kev3 lmg of choice with cj3 or Medusa with extended MAG. Squat when you see enemy and hold down lmb until clip is empty, see a car? Do the same lol BOOM! Medusa EM3 Shaw EM3 MB 3ps3 Swarm EM3 cj3 hs3 Oh and don't forget to use concs or co concusion nades lol MORE BULLETS MORE Hits Or just drive armoured vehicle and run people over... Did I mention use percs... Alot You're welcome.
  2. Again another statement with not even a hint of counter argument. You can only insult to defend what you believe in. Pathetic. Present evidence or shut it please.
  3. That is being scammed you doosh. What about posting current going prices for legendaries? Is that against the TOS.
  4. Some people are just good the game is 8year+ old and some people have been playing it 10 hours a day 7 days a week for that period of time. If they couldnt run around in circles hitting you there is a problem. Funny how hackusators just can believe there are player out there who are just on a completly different level to you. They dont get banned because being better than you isnt against the TOS. *cant
  5. I got this gun the other day and cant seem to work out what its optimal use is. It seems to be a slow fire nfas with an aim down sights accuracy bonus that doesnt really help. Is it supposed to be like a shredder? Corner camp? Totally confused, but determined to find what is good with this gun. Any ideas?
  6. Use search function ffs. Why do you think you are the first person to ask this question.
  7. But i just did. Nothing you can do there buddy
  8. Use the search function before posting I can tell you what to do, I just did.
  9. I expected this to be more edgy lol Like 'ah nothing, little orbit took over... bout it' Im glad to see this being positive.
  10. I was getting advice in another forum chat and after maxing my settings out i can get 70-144fps. My pc is i5 2500k oc@4.3mhz, ssd drive, gtx 1060 and 32gig ram 2600mhz with a gsync monitor. Game runs great, im sure that the ssd made the biggest difference. I run advanced launcher but havnt really changed any settings. I would say that using an ssd gets rid of most freezes.
  11. Yeah already doing that, just dont want to have to reinvent the wheel if i dont have to. I have found that I can do max graphics on highest resolution and dont drop under 70+fps lol. I have always played on ugly setting.
  12. Can anyone point me in the right direct for an advanced launcher guide? Or give advice here to what gives the best performance boost with the least impact on graphics quality. I run i5 2500k oc'd to 4.3 stable, ssd, gforce gtx 1070 gpu and a sync 144mhz monitor.
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