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  1. PMG now has less full damage range than OCA ... where is the logic? You are just killing PMG.
  2. Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-5930 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti 32 768 MB ram Windows 10 resolution 1920:1200 Medium settings, No AAA slide show in social jumping 10-90fps constantly
  3. Summary: Wrong aspect ratio on 16:10 screen Game Version: APB 2.1 Open Beta 8/1 Playing full screen 1920:1200 I have all the graphics vertically stretched. - fixed. Somehow the resolution is reseting after changing graphics level. ... and constantly 200-300 ms freezes every several seconds. It seems that every time when I see new player. - fixed. I have 2x1080ti and "multi GPU" checkbox causes those constant freezes.
  4. Wanna be sure about cheaters? Demand LO to add after-match stats to the report, like DICE does. Bullets fired, hit %. Demand LO to to add chat command like "/stat playerxxx" which will show stats for missions played after login (join district) and last mission played - W/L, K/D, shots fired and hit %. It will not save from smart cheater, but ... do you see all those super-skilled players which are staying with 566 and overshoot moving people with OCA+CJ3 on 5m distance? I saw them ... a lot ...
  5. Ashika


    Mission impossible Lot of toxic players, insulting each other during and after the missions. Don't know who are all those kids/idiots/etc but anyone will be tired looking on this sore ego. The P2W opinions is also going from this - districts are full of screams like "i'm god player and loosing only because of P2W/Teammates/Moon phase" ... noone is trying to teach newcomers, just insulting them, leaving with newcomers, etc... Add here dethreatesrs trying to cares their overblown egos, powder all this with aimboters and you will obtain very nice picture of the game. I really wonder when see someone new.
  6. Oh, really ... it's not about rewards at all. It didn't work in the past and will not work now. Teams of R255 golds on bronze servers does not care about rewards, they are coming for easy wins.
  7. Sorry, but for sure: no, that's not the problem. There are 2 reasons for current state: 1. Silver servers are FULL of cheating kids. Really - after all those years I know how to find cheating players. And as the result of it - legit players de-threat and are going to bronze. 2. Toxic players which are "going for fun", they don't want to play hard, so they also de-threat and we have R255 Gold teams in bronze servers.
  8. Ashika

    Final stages, why?

    The difference is that activity in last stage is totally different from previous stages. All stages are attack-defense when final is competition. So on my point of view the right is: stage 1 - team a successfully breaks into obj stage 2 - team a successfully burns a vehicle obj stage 3 - team a successfully raids an objective stage 4 (final) - team a successfully delivers loot and win. as right attack defense. Since what we see now: stage 1: arson stage 2: arson stage 3: arson stage 4: shoot-out ... and I see a lot of situations when players even don't protect cars/buildings but just wait for final.
  9. Ashika

    Final stages, why?

    But lost team always has worse money and standing points. Just look on it from attacking side point of view (and take to consideration that it's always harder to attack then defend): they won all points except final stage and then have 2 times less reward. Attacking side must win ALL stages (including final) when defending side only ONE (any step or final) ... looks not fair and not balanced.
  10. Ashika

    Save password option

    (sorry for post above - it's send by lag and I can't edit/delete it) All I'm asking for is to give me possibility to not enter password every time I load the game or suddenly disconnect from the server. It's easy, I know several ways how to do it securely and I'm sure LO developers also know all them. I don't want LO to change password policy, force user to save the password, care about all security holes in this world or save the planet. Just OPTION (small checkbox, disabled by default) : [X] Save password. that's all. If you have steam link, or brothers/sisters/cats/cockroaches using your comp - do not check it. It's easy. All I want to have is the possibility to not enter password every time. It's secure and easy to implement.
  11. Ashika

    Save password option

    How the option "save password" can lead to How the option "save password" can lead to
  12. Ashika

    Final stages, why?

    Wrong Final stage means that defending team lost all previous points and attacking has advantage and won all previous attacks, and now they also need to win the final competition. WHY? Removing final stage is removing this competition, and moving mission to pure attack-defense. Defending team has a lot of changes to stop attackers but if they failed ALL previous stages they must loose! They should not to go to last stage, win only it and win the mission, what's the logic? In this case defenders don't have the real stimulus to make the effort and defend the points, can just wait the final stage and that's all. And to save the drive of final stages - the new "competition" mission type are to be added, with 2 stages : gather all to starting point(s) and then competition phase (vip, keep the item, protect the graffiti, etc ...)
  13. Ashika

    Final stages, why?

    I raised this topic several years ago, and also I clearly understand that the chance that it will be changed is low, but anyway ... What is the meaning of final stage? I played a lot of the missions when defending side just waited for final, not going to the points (yep, we all know what will be the final), also it sounds not logical at all regarding to the mission flow and logic ... no really - try defend some points, or then try to catch/prevent delivery of loot it's logical. But final shoot-out after this, which is really maters - how's related??? Maybe all those final stages are to be split to separate missions - kind of go to point (with no defense just who will come first) and then shoot-out, or break-in (for both teams) and then keep item, or multi-point break-in and then bring to team base ... ... and rework the standard missions to remove the non-logical final stage.
  14. Ashika

    Save password option

    You shouldn't even have google connected to things. If possible all your accounts should be separate entities. 8-), trust me - I know what I'm doing .... But anyway, copy long and secure password every time I started the game is annoying ...
  15. Ashika

    Save password option

    +1 I more or less can believe google, but not steam/origin/sony, especially after origin and sony account leaked.
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