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  1. Silvers have an annoying situation. If we go to bronze we're the next golds. If we go to silver, we're the next bronze. Personally, I stick with the Bronze and play the game so rarely I feel right at home with the newbies. Anyone complains, I ignore 'em. Spent WAYYY too much time with the trolls of San Paro.
  2. I've been saying this forever, but the system should reward players for playing on the proper servers. Like double or triple everything : money , xp and have each kill count as 2 or 3 kills in the role progression (the game's an insane grind anyways). Add a premium boost and you'd level up faster playing legit than people paying for hacks. Add rewards for unopposed missions and even if I end up alone on a gold server I can still be rewarded farming while waiting for OP. Also rewards for unopposed missions would be a great way for new players to learn the game. Just getting to and completing objectives in time can be hard for newbies and the fact that they can't practice without being farmed doesn't impress a lot .... actually I've introduced about a dozen people to this game over the years and they ALL said fuck this to the skill cliff. While having a guy with over a thousand hours experience walking them through every aspect of the game.
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