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  1. The driving and stunt driving. Finding courses to make little races The music Empty servers for relaxing ram raiding while cranking the previously mentioned music The customization The Asylum is an awesome map Running over pedestrians Smooth combat Car surfing
  2. If that's a big concern then only people playing are the people that no one wants to play with anymore, and the game deserves to die. If the game sucks to start, sucks to come back to, and is boring unless you're farming kills it's not a game worth playing.
  3. Summary: Doubled visuals at low health in Fight Club Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Naded myself in Fight Club to get low health and the screen duplicated itself while I was low health , almost like a com trail. Didn't happen in any districts. Steps to reproduce: Get hit by an explosion but don't die. ================== Summary: Sound effects extra quiet in Waterfront Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Unable to hear a grenade cooking or the sounds of impacts during muggings. Steps to reproduce: Cook a grenade or mug someone. ================= Summary: Screen tearing and glitchy freezing regardless of FPS (all districts) Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: FPS fluctuates between 30 , 65 FPS but regardless of the framerate the screen tears when moving the camera around. Removing smooth framerate helped a bit. Steps to reproduce: Perform actions in an action district.
  4. If you made it past rank 20 without uninstalling the game due to all the Pay2Win advantages, you're a try hard. Seriously, this game is so merciless against new players , throwing them against everyone before they have time to learn anything about San Paro or the mechanics that if you hang in there you have to be trying hard.
  5. Silvers have an annoying situation. If we go to bronze we're the next golds. If we go to silver, we're the next bronze. Personally, I stick with the Bronze and play the game so rarely I feel right at home with the newbies. Anyone complains, I ignore 'em. Spent WAYYY too much time with the trolls of San Paro.
  6. I've been saying this forever, but the system should reward players for playing on the proper servers. Like double or triple everything : money , xp and have each kill count as 2 or 3 kills in the role progression (the game's an insane grind anyways). Add a premium boost and you'd level up faster playing legit than people paying for hacks. Add rewards for unopposed missions and even if I end up alone on a gold server I can still be rewarded farming while waiting for OP. Also rewards for unopposed missions would be a great way for new players to learn the game. Just getting to and completing objectives in time can be hard for newbies and the fact that they can't practice without being farmed doesn't impress a lot .... actually I've introduced about a dozen people to this game over the years and they ALL said fuck this to the skill cliff. While having a guy with over a thousand hours experience walking them through every aspect of the game.
  7. Fave Weapon : OBIR , because it was the first gun I got a kill streak with. Fave Car: "The Buttplug" a.k.a Mikro. Because it gets in the tightest spaces in San Paro. Easy Driving, Great Maneuverability. Rarely flips and easy to flip back. Nice jumps. Great in a Mall... or hallway.. Or driving around inside the Asylum. Buttplug is love.
  8. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/10/10/getting-back-to-the-fun Hi everyone, We're now exactly five months into taking over the game. Lots of work has gone on behind the scenes with new forums, new website, new anti-cheat, improved DDoS protection, new Trading System, new Weapon Balance, and a slew of other smaller changes. The work on unifying the code in Unreal 3.5 is ongoing, but the holidays are here, and I want to re-focus on the most important part of APB that we haven't spent a lot of time on... Fun. APB is a game, and we haven't been great about offering players anything new in a while. So we're changing that. The team did some brainstorming, and we were able to take some bits and pieces of RIOT mode and work some overtime to turn them into some new events for this year's holiday season. That's right. From October through December, players will be able to engage in NEW modes and content to earn special rewards. There is a lot coming up, so for this update, I'm just going to focus on October and November. Halloween Costume Contest Next week we are going to announce the rules and rewards for our Halloween creative contest. This will be a fun way to get into the spooky spirit leading up to our first major new holiday event. Epidemic Event (PC) Happening in late October, a nefarious plot begins to poison San Paro's Residents and turn them Evil! Having discovered a dangerous contagion that will turn citizens into mindless zombies, an evil corporation has paid our players to spread it amongst the masses. Unbeknownst to them however, two other corporations have had the exact same plan, and are preparing to release their own pathogens. Players are assigned to one of three teams, each starting in one corner of the district. From here, they will work together to carry poison barrels throughout the district, protecting them until they can infect each block. This takes over the block for your team, and provides the team more barrels to carry and spread the toxins further. Be the first team to reach 100% infection rate in the district and capture the central block to win the event. Complete unique Daily Challenges during this event and level up your Epidemic role. Keep coming back to gain access to new spooky rewards and a second chance to win some that you may have missed in previous years. Headless Horseman (Xbox One & PS4) Starting on October 24th, the pumpkins and Headless Horseman will return to San Paro. The rules are simple: Collect X amount of pumpkins to become the HORSEMAN and start the event). The HORSEMAN must kill other players to convert them HORSEMAN'S army (SOLDIERS). SOLDIERS must kill other players to recruit them into the HORSEMAN'S army. SURVIVORS must avoid being killed, till time runs out (Timer Ends). NOTE: Survivors blip on the Horseman's army's radar when the bell tolls, signifying that the Horseman Event is coming to an end...keep fighting, running or hiding to survive. New Gun Games (PC) Starting in November, GMs will be entering action districts and starting one of several variations of the Gun Games event. Compete with other players to kill with each weapon in a number of uniquely themed weapon sets. Participating in the Gun Games will earn you Joker Tickets, and winning the event will win you the coveted Butcher Weapon Skin. Stay tuned, and we'll be releasing more details on all of these events as we get closer. Thanks, Matt In case someone missed it in the forums.
  9. Drai


    Love the Halloween event, can't wait. Might even do the Pumpkin Hunt.
  10. Right now the servers each have their separate uses . Gold is for Ram Raiding, Silver is for Golds, Bronze for silvers and dethreaters and bronzes and total newbies that are probably going to ragequit and uninstall. Fight Club is for Golds and masochistic Silvers that needed to be reminded that they're so not gold. This is how it's been forever, and while it works it hasn't been the best experience. I've been playing for a long time , in total , but I stepped off and got rusty and normally I can't stand playing the game long enough to get good again. Haven't been Gold in over a year. There have been many attempts to force people onto servers for their threat or punish people for being on different servers. They've all failed. Any attempt at punishment or force at this point would risk losing the few people we have. Instead I'd like to suggest a different approach. Heavy REWARDS for playing on a server that matches your threat, and maybe smaller rewards if you're on a server a threat up. Things like: Double or Triple the money , paid uncontested missions, extra renown and experience, have each kill count as 2 or 3 towards progression (eliminating the need for noob farming). 10% discount at contacts. Whatever. If you subscribe, you'll ZOOM through the ranks (which is great for Alts). Even if you don't sub there's heavy incentive to stay in your lane. The games grind was designed to make you want to sub, some of that could easily be used to incentivize people staying in a server that matches their rank. Making servers less appealing hasn't helped the games popularity, I can't help but think giving the servers bonuses might improve competition and give people a chance to learn and eventually master the game. Another idea could be to have Threated Fight Clubs. Like 1 gold and 1 Bronze Fight Club and rotate regularly, so that Silvers and lower can actually play in a Fight Club and not feel like their just feeding. Again if would give them a space to learn and grow and not just be farmed.
  11. Drai

    Unopposed Missions

    Seconded. Unopposed missions should offer better rewards. This also gives new players a chance to practice driving to and completing objectives which is a pain to learn when an enemy team shooting at you. Also, it'll minimize team kills on newbies that rush the objective and don't read the team chat. Who then usually start murdering the team. And things set salty and weird.
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