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  1. Payday 2 is not an open world mmo with good customisation.
  2. APB Missions are only "Defend" or "Attack/Steal" missions which is boring repetitively. It would be nice if there were new missions, eg. jewellery store rob then escape in stolen fast car, raid criminal area and escape in helicoper etc.. Also ways to make money like drug producing/drug busting etc. Is this a good idea or am i having an autism moment?
  3. I agree with Hexerin, this is a complete pisstake,I really don't want to fucking go to a joker ammo and buy ammo, I'd rather have it auto buy it on death.
  4. You can stay on top of a car in real life.
  5. It's car surfer not Car Stay on the Car For As Long As you can without the mod. (And you already have a natural debuff on accuracy due to high car speed and suspension when you are turning in the car.) Doesn't need a nerf if you really think its op use it yourself. (imo HL3 is better if you are using weapons you can use out of the window) car surfer leaves you completely exposed to outside fire. People think JG is op (its not its a close range powerful weapon) the spread fucks up your 2 shots after 10 meters and it takes 4-5 shots. Again, if you think its OP use it yourself. People think ATAC is op, its a fucking assault rifle it has high firerate, deal with it that's how guns work in the real world, Again, if you think its OP use it yourself. No one uses Kevlar Implants because its so shit, that's whats going to happen to all of these guns if you keep fucking moaning.
  6. cj is fine doesn't even have much of an impact on most guns though.
  7. ? Can I not comment on the quality of customer support or do i not have that right?
  8. I understand you are short on staff, but come on a refund request shouldn't take 5 days.
  9. there should be no reason why you can't skin very expensive guns, apart from gamersfirst were too lazy, hopefully LO isn't and they make skins for them.
  10. We need skins on armas legendaries like True Ogre and ACT44 etc. I can't even use my Armas skins [insert whomtdve face here] Please add textures for legendaries so we can put skins on them.
  11. Thats what i intended just forgot to add it.
  12. Gift your friends Armas items like joker boxes etc. eg. > go to armas > click on armas item and next to buy button "gift to friend" > click gift to friend, enter friends name and they receive the gift and get a notification.
  13. I made a ticket on support about 11 hours ago, still hasn't had a reply. Does customer service usually take this long?
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