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  1. But didn't you say the servers will be back Thursday? but i do hope they are back before the weekend.
  2. Servers are working perfectly fine for me currently in social rn
  3. Hi all so basically reading from the update @MattScott posted about the citadel servers he said "The plan will be to do a short maintenance on Citadel on Thursday night to take these live." did he mean as in today as he didn't state a date nor time. i do believe he meant today but i am guessing Thursday night his time zone for the maintenance and not UK GMT time zone Thanks.
  4. I really hope Little Orbit actually puts this into the game its amazing and i hope they listen to the community.
  5. How does one know if someone is using macros? i have seen so many people shoot the FBW so fast it out guns most of the weapons i use which is kinda stupid or they just have amazing aim, i am not saying i am a good/bad player. (Yes this will attracts salty players, Oh you're just bad) How do you know if someone is actually using some sort of macros for weapons such as the Obeya,Carbine, and so on.. When ever i use the Obeya everyone accuses me of using Macros which clearly i don't.
  6. Yeah because Little Orbit New servers messed up so that's why there is no Threat servers if i am correct although you can still play the game just like normal but obviously you will bump into golds. Plus back when we did have threat servers I used to see golds in bronzes servers all the time so what is your problem? Just suck it up play the game get good or uninstall and don't play at all.
  7. Everyone is allowed to play dude. The No threat servers are temp if i am correct they are back next week with the EU servers going back to normal. Correct me if i am wrong I do understand where you are coming from that it is not fair that golds are crapping on bronze players etc..
  8. Actually if i am correct the reason why we don't have threat system is because of the servers which is only temp in till they sort the servers out and we do not know when that will happen..
  9. Support is still whack af, Still waiting its been 21 days.. It's just bad there's no active GM's within districts when you ask if a GM could come into the district nothing happens they completely ignore you or say that all of the GM's are busy like tf.. Hope 2020 its better.
  10. Dam! really hoped the sales ended on the 20th that's when i get paid -_-
  11. I am fed up with this game so tempted to delete the shit thing and come back few months after the new engine.
  12. I cannot find anything on the fourms, i went out to get food came back and poof the servers are down for maintenance again really?
  13. If that's the case then why doesn't LO make some sort of command you type and that some how triggeres a GM attention to come to the rescue or something along those lines that way a GM could speak to you through /w instead of making threads and support tickets that don't get seen till a few weeks down the line.
  14. Yes exactly. I have not seen one GM in a active district for weeks maybe more. but then again i do understand they are probably busy with their own life.
  15. Hi all, So basically, When ever people need a GM in APB they are nowhere to be seen but when we don't need them poof they appear so i am forced to open a support ticket also make this post as i really don't want to. WE ALL need active GM's in districts and not in social messing around teleporting people onto building etc yes its fun etc but there's no need. Also i do understand most if not all GM's are stuck with the updates but i am sure a few GM's can hop around districts to watch or help others within the game. The real reason why i am making this post is because i cannot report this player for cheating because i do not have a keyboard that can type Russian letters so therefore i have been forced to open a ticket that would take weeks to even get seen to.. WE ALL NEED ACTIVE GM'S
  16. This is also happening to PC servers aswell saying the servers are down due to maintenance
  17. Well let's just hope everything goes smooth and is fixed by the weekend.
  18. My main was actually Jericho as most of the friends i played with are on Jericho so i had to put up with that sort of ping which was playable till the ddos but then it made no sense for me to play Jericho not only because of the low population but the fact i live in the United Kingdom so now Citadel is the main.
  19. I am not really bothered about the free premium they gave but i am more bothered about the fact there is no update regarding the EU servers. its painful to play. Full 40v40 district 160-180ms unplayable then the districts with around 20v20 90-130ms kinda playable.. for me 40ms and under is playable
  20. Was about to make a post about this... It is way to laggy for some players, what is happening with the server issue? when will this be fixed where is the ETA or at least some sort of news
  21. I think we all deserve a months free premium for the mess up
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