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  1. Simple thread, What is your opinion about Macros, Guys? Greetings - BaDante
  2. Timzor, You can go safely ramraid if you have an enforcer buddy https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=349773232
  3. I agree with many things said here, My personal points are Add a Platinum threat, Keep no threat segregation, AND, Never!... I mean ABSOLUTELY NEVER! Should a Bronce or lower player be put in a Match where a Gold players is present. NEVER. I as medium Gold Player myself can only agree that the Bronce/new Player/ etcetera... Will get nothing enjoyable out of it, he will only get killed over and over. Thats no fun, is it? And the present Gold player will complain about the bronce being useless. Just dont let Golds play with bronces(or lower)
  4. Is the game down again? I can't choose a district to join
  5. *people arguing about oca* *meanwhile me wondering why the jg can still 2 shot me on 20+ Metres*
  6. Bruh, OCA is CQC. Why 8 hour patch for simple issues? My launcher already updated, seems like it won't take much longer
  7. Hello fellow Criminals and Enforcers. Today i may have found a fix for the "Client not responding" some people get when starting. I do not know if this will work for you but it may as well be worth a try. Alright. Following worked for me. Step 1: Open up APB. Step 2: Try to join a server. Step 3: "Battleye client not responding" Step 4: Exit APB. Step 5: Open Task Manager and look for "Nvidia Container" - This application should be at the top of your CPU usage when you go to the "Details" tab in Task Manager. Step 6: Stop Nvidia Container from running/exit it, and click your nvidia icon on your task bar, exit it also, make sure its completely off and you cant find "Nvidia container" in Task manager again. Step 7: open up APB and try to join a server. Step 8: ???? It worked for me, if you are having this problem i hope this also works for you. Good luck! Greetings, ParanormalNeko
  8. @MattScott How about a system which automatically locks ALL items upon log in, if the account is logged in by a different IP address than the usual? Greetings, ParanormalNeko
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