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Found 3 results

  1. I have 8 million also i might be interested in the kommandant with the hearts tagger please reply only on the xbox console
  2. I'll be brief. Trading in APB is an awful pastime and some players (no names, please) seem to go out of their way to hoard legendary weapons in order to charge absurdly high prices for them, and some other players (again, no names please) seem to always expect you to overpay them in order to actually get them to part with a weapon. When I first started playing (2014) trading an Ogre for an Ursus was a fair deal, but now I've heard at least one story of someone having to give someone two Ogres for an Ursus. Now, granted, this is probably due to balance changes and the like, but player manipulation, price gouging, and downright scamming has become the norm in the legendary trading market. Thus, I would like to propose one of my most controversial ideas yet: Regulation of the legendary trading market through a centralized marketplace based "grand exchange" (Yes, I'm totally stealing from Runescape.) where people will be able to buy and sell legendary weapons at fixed or mostly fixed prices. Preferably, this market would be connected across all regions. The primary purpose of this market would be to remove "NPC Shopkeeper" habits from players. (Shopkeeper sells sword for 4000 gold. Shopkeeper will buy that exact same sword for 7 gold) and will "normalize" prices for legendary weapons in order to provide a reasonable benchmark for people to refer to prices and stop "word of mouth" price quotes used in scamming. Obviously, this will provoke a massive change in the way trading is done and how the market is structured, but I think that this would be an overall net positive for the future of APB, especially if we get a swarm of new players with the engine update that don't know what they're doing when it comes to trading.
  3. WTS AAEPD "Volcano JC" Also Direct Trade with my pg: DoNutDotBot Citadel (EU) Criminal.
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