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  1. Caesruul

    new rank platinum

    We DO NOT have enough players for the system we have now to work based off of the gold/silver/bronze threat. They need to just get rid of threat entirely and let the system work itself out instead. Adding more levels isn't going to change anything.
  2. Caesruul

    The Gold Gun business model

    I think the problem with the joker store is that you have to play pretty frequently each week to sustain that weapon ownership/duration. For people who have a 9-5 job and do other stuff in the spare time, it's a bit "cheaper" to pay for it. And IIRC, someone did a thread on the Pay-to-win-ess of ARMAS guns, with the NSSW coming out on top.
  3. With that way you're saying it, I MIGHT get the NSSW, but the SWARM still has my take at the Scratch the gun, I'm buying premium again. I think I can hold off for a little bit.
  4. Bit of both. I have perm ALIG/CASE, but the SWARM was nice-felt like the blend of LMG and AP I needed. Buuut the NSSW just rocks, plays like an older NTEC.
  5. Help me out here guys, do I get the SWARM or the NSSW(might get nerfed)? It's like the SHAW VS ALIG argument except the above guns are a wee bit too similar and effective against people. Especially the NSSW, but it doesn't have the hard damage like the SWARM/Consistent recoil and incoming buff.
  6. Cosmetic differences. They're functionally the same rifle. https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_Raptor-Sight_Slot2 https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_Raptor_Slot2
  7. While I am excited about this, I'd like to drop a little constructive criticism on some of this here. While I can't really deny this is a good workaround, the main problem with the HVR was it's damage and equip time, as some people have said. Dropping it from 850 damage to 700/640(to compensate for the Colby RSA's 350) damage means people using Quick-Switch methods will not work, as not a lot of secondary guns will go over what the RSA is capable of dishing out. It also should allow for snipers to finish off players using Clotting Agent 3(one of the most used green mods) unlike the 243 scout which they can recover from to tank a third shot. Another suggestion is to add weapon sway(wait, what?) to the HVR when it's being hipfired, and increase secondary weapon equip time when it has been fired, but ONLY when it has been fired. Shotguns...Honestly, I think they are fine where they are now, but certain shotguns do need some touching up. The DOW Thumper could benefit from an effect like that, and if the effect overall were to be implemented in all shotguns, I would honestly buff it to a point where it's barely noticeable, because people who know how to play shotguns can use that VERY effectively. Misc Tweaks Do NOT improve the damage on this gun. It's already a 5 shot rifle, and the tapfire alone enough is in a buff of itself. I'm not sure what to make of this. This gun was meant to be originally the "Automatic" version of the Joker Carbine, but now with the changes you're throwing in, it's becoming a MUCH different rifle that had a very specific niche. Hoo-boy, this is in the same spot as the AR-97. I would normally burst-fire it2 shots and wait a bit, but I think this might be an overbuff- we'll wait and see. Not much to say here, gun is in a good place. No comment, I don't own that gun. The problem with this gun isn't the recoil pattern. It's the fact it takes 10 shots to kill a player in .77 seconds, compared to the OCA-EW 626's 6-shot kil in .64 seconds. Less rounds, less time, which one are you going to run? Even if the OCA misses a shot, it's still going to kill the faster than an H-9 missing a shot. Honestly wouldn't mind this, I can't find much to say here. Please choose a unique crosshair that doesn't obscure the target like the old one did. And as for the accuracy curve, this is something that I'm not too sure about how it'll fare.
  8. Item Bank system. Set it up where it's "seperate" from the other servers\instances. Would make things so much easier.
  9. All i use is the FR0G now. I'd use the colby, but I've gotten too use to the recoil dropoff. Up close, I can actually land shots on my target without having to compensate for that recoil. The damage dropoff I don't mind, because I'm normally not going to engage my enemy further than that.
  10. Caesruul

    Asthetic Advantages

    With you on the CR-5/Ntec thing. I can do well with the NTEC, amazing with the CR-5, but the Sword just turns me off so much because whoever thought it'd be a good idea to make a brick shattering on concrete into a gunshot apparently didn't think it through too much.
  11. Caesruul

    Grenade launcher

    something that does less damage than low yields, but reloads per shot? if it has a decent hard damage and blows up on impact, I'm game.
  12. Caesruul

    Buff S1-FA 'Frenzy'

    It's not an NTEC. 7 Shots to kill, a bit more accurate, and higher rate of fire combined with a recoil system that works really well 35m~ or so. You can full auto and expect to land every shot within 20-30m.
  13. Caesruul

    Vehicle suggestion.. Please

    I'll link it to my thread.
  14. Caesruul


    It's one of those guns that requires a LOT of practice to work with. In this case, the mods you set it up with determine what range/niche it best works at.