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  1. Jesus, troublemaker shoulda got fixed in two weeks within release, I don't know what that was all about.
  2. Same as you. My aim deteriorated a while ago, but I have my moments. Also nothing like constantly changing primaries during a mission to suit the situation.
  3. This entire pack is a literal Jojo's Bizzare Adventure crappost.
  4. You're not wrong. I don't play APB 24/7 like I used to years ago. Sometime back then,. I plateaued in my skill and started to slowly decline. Nowadays, I'm mostly relying on tactics and what little map knowledge I remember because my reflexes aren't up to par when it comes to landing 5 perfect shots with a colby or the ursus in the heat of the moment.
  5. 5 is a better all around rifle. Ursus is when you need that midrange-semi-long range advantage over other rifles. Up close, you're going to get wrekt hard 75% of the time with the Ursus.
  6. I've tried it. I've tried it so much. Someone has probably played with me in Jericho a while back, but last time I was on I basically just gave up midway through the mission because opp was literally steamrolling us. It's my go to strategy nowadays(yeah, I'll get some negativity for it), but because my skill has depreciated significantly, trying to get it back up after several months against opposition that literally wipes the floor with me on a consistent basis has led me to a conclusion- Why keep feeding the enemy kills if you can't beat them? And then the irony of this all that is we end up getting a newbie team who I go easy on or I just leave the match entirely, and at that point I'm wondering why I can't find a battle of "equal" strengths, or at least where the scoreboard isn't double digits in score for one side and deaths for the other(I know why, it's matchmaking). Oh well, can't win em all.
  7. I might be sounding a bit too generous here, but 12-15 decals would certainly do the trick.
  8. They removed weapon trials? Ha-ha, no way...lemme see... ... ...... Well. Well then, okay. I guess that's how it rolls. If you ask me, just add a "testing" district that lets players choose whatever weapon they want to try out, similar to planetside 2's setup. That way, you can gather whatever info you want from that server on weapon usage and change stats to boost/nerf guns without severely compromising their role in order to promote sales.
  9. Caesruul

    PVE servers?

    On top of the many processes the server has to handle, lets throw incredibly complex AI too. And that's how you create server fires.
  10. Caesruul

    Lock gold to gold

    The problem with this is, how will the system detect them as dethreating? Player reports? Highly unreliable due to human nature being very volatile. Some kind of algorithm? Maybe, and maybe after the engine update-priorities.
  11. Orange mods are... I wouldn't worry too much about that. Blue, Red, and sometimes purple are where it's at. Red you want is IR3 for that +7 in range. CJ just increases the RoF for the burst, not decreasing the time between bursts. HB, stay away. Blue mods, Magpul 2 maybe. Maybe. Bando and Ext mag I wouldn't worry about. That gun is more tactics IMO than anything else. Use the environment to keep throwing the enemy off. If they're using CA3(They are) keep suppressing them/keep the heat on them. And the people you're seeing using the OSCAR, chances are they've been dominating with other guns too.
  12. Caesruul

    Lock gold to gold

    Lemme explain something. Dethreating was NOT a thing until the old Gamersfirst implemented the threat lock system for districts, like others have reiterated. When that happened, people found out that dethreating was possible, and thus did so. The problem with this, is that they didn't stop dethreating when the system was disabled. You can lock a gold to a gold district, but if he were to start doing incredibly bad in the district, then he's going to drop down to silver/bronze. You're asking for what has already been tried. There's not a big enough population of players for a simple bronze/silver/gold categorizations for the game to match up players to fight against. You have to take in the future effects of this kind of stuff, especially if it's already been done ONCE.
  13. I'm not asking for this soon as possible, but I'm pushing this forward in the case that you guys decide to go the route of tactical equipment/clothing again for a future pack. I discovered one of the GMs knew his APB lore really well(props to you Mac) and that's given me a reason to (re)post this. Basically from what I've read in the lore, both enforcers and criminals are incredibly well-funded. So can someone tell me why Shadowstrike isn't duked out in plate-carriers and ballistic helmets and why bloodroses aren't running concealable armor with integrated kneepad pants in a combat scenario? I mean, I do get it's APB, but lorewise BOTH sides have ludicroous amounts of funding-so what's stopping them from getting locked and loaded? You could make it an event where each side has to get the other's shipment in waterfront or something and kind of like the Infection week with the ACES and Colby .45, you introduce the players to some premade tactical gear that just blends well and looks really, really, Operator. OPS-CORE Helmet, Bare. Attachments and configurations such as cameras, LEDs, chemlights and whatnot should be accessories in the same vein as chest configs for vests. Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier(JPC), Cage Plate Carrier(CPC), and other Plate Carriers(London Bridge Trading/LBT, Banshee, Condor, etc.). Again, configurations such as zip-on backpacks and backpouches are all configs. Please, please, please-Do not go the route of 80s-saturday morning cartoon body armor, Nanofiber/Ceramic vests did that and for a while they looked kind of cool, they started to less and less blend with some of the kit/gear we have in game right now. Drop-leg magazine pouches Concealable and Layerable body armor. This is probably the toughest one there is. Body armor that can be worn under a bomber jacket, and shows as such. It can also be worn outside of a shirt, medium-t, ringer-t, etc. The idea is to present oneself with some kind of armor that doesn't gimp outerwear too much. A good example would be players sporting a bomber jacket in a nice outfit, then slapping the "slim" armor on top. It can't layer down, so it's stuck on top bunching everything up. The last point on this is that if a player wants to, they can throw on the tactical rig or chest rig and sport chest configs on top of the vest adding onto the operator look. Tactical wear in general. Pants with Knee inserts and pockets in reasonable/practical locations. Shirts designed for combat, texture selections allowing us to isolate where camouflage or whatever design we want to show up in certain areas. Accessories such as wrist-mounted GPS's, ID/Badge holders that strap to the upper arm, ESS Goggles that sit on top of helmets and around necks. Water-hydration packs that equip to the back as a config for a vest or a standalone strapped backpack. Different types of existing clothing for the tactical gear set we have. Kneepads with a shape built for ergonomics. Balaclavas with different selections for textures and completely cover the nose, or just cover the nose and/or separate the eyes. The current tactical helmet with an update-No change to the helmet itself, but the inclusion of a config that would allow for the same thing as the OPS-CORE helmets- Rails for NVG mounts, cameras, flashlights, etc, and said accessories themselves. (These aren't the same helmets, but...)Helmet covers for different types of camouflage/designs so it offers that authentic "fabric" look some of these helmets get. New Chest Rigs+Vests, such as the SWAT vest, and a more modernized-chest rig I get that it's not all tactical stuff these days, but when it used to be done, it was done maybe right ONCE and after that it kind of fell apart. I'm not even going for the full "ARMY SUPER SOCOM SPECIAL FORCES" look-I mean, it can be done with this stuff-but this would enhance the fact that while wearing that fashion shirt, you're also sporting a sick plate carrier on top, maybe something like the Gucci plate carrier that someone made(It's a thing). Just equipment for the modern day (virtual) gunfighter. If you released some of these as ARMAS items while keeping others as ludicrously priced clothing(50k cash for ingame vest) OR use joker tickets to purchase it, it would open a new door in how things could be done. But what I'm really just asking for is more realistic and "believable" clothing and equipment.
  14. Something that nobody has mentioned. My volume on my computer is set to 10(Windows 7), I wear headphones. I used to be able to hear it at 2 back in 2010/2011. Most online games that have voice chat, I'm fine with. But this game? This voice chat? Vivox has to be boosted to ONE-HUNDRED and everything else isolated because at 10, I cannot hear it. I know a lot of people use discord and teamspeak(would be great to have plugins for both that work with APB) but for the ones who don't use it, like me- It's a nightmare forgetting to reset the audio again for APB and being unable to communicate to your teammate fast enough without having to pause and chat. EDIT-Coming off the game and forgetting to set the audio for normal for new programs/games starting up is the equivalent of walking out of a quiet room into a concert split second later. Doesn't do too well on the eardrums. EDIT-This isn't really an issue, but the SBSR "IRS" is not accessible through ARMAS through the normal means of clicking on menus and links. You have to google search the product page.
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