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  1. It's actually not that simple. I remember a while back when they were updating the engine a bit, and everything just fucking broke on the build for customization because of how unreal had changed handling values for sliders and shit. As a result, it took them a while to rebuild it again.
  2. Gallons of LSD, pounds of shrooms, and two weeks of no sleep coding Oh, will you look at that? It's customization system recoded in unreal 4.
  3. Tactical Vest, Chest Rigs, usually running the cargo pants/tac pants. Mostly I've been running Cargo Capri Shorts(They're so good for displaying tattoos), and decals that look like bandage wrappings on my feet(having actual bandage wraps would be dope, but not needed.) But for the love of God, this game needs actual plate carriers and helmets that aren't the paladin/IOTV or the PASGT we have now or the current..things(I had no idea what the good stuff looked like back in 2010/2012, so I was unaware of the stupid amounts of actual tac gear out there). I'm talking about equipment that is similar to 5.11, Ars Arma, London Bridge Trading, Wartech, etc, Crye, Ops-Core, etc. and the like.
  4. God, I remember the days of Robo, Phresh, and the rest of the crew talkin' shit in Social on the 2nd floor. I don't think I'll find something like that in another game for a good while.
  5. Jesus, troublemaker shoulda got fixed in two weeks within release, I don't know what that was all about.
  6. Same as you. My aim deteriorated a while ago, but I have my moments. Also nothing like constantly changing primaries during a mission to suit the situation.
  7. This entire pack is a literal Jojo's Bizzare Adventure crappost.
  8. I smell a thread lock But in all seriousness, I legitimately couldn't tell if OP was being unironic or not until I started reading through the thread. And even now I'm still unsure.
  9. You're not wrong. I don't play APB 24/7 like I used to years ago. Sometime back then,. I plateaued in my skill and started to slowly decline. Nowadays, I'm mostly relying on tactics and what little map knowledge I remember because my reflexes aren't up to par when it comes to landing 5 perfect shots with a colby or the ursus in the heat of the moment.
  10. 5 is a better all around rifle. Ursus is when you need that midrange-semi-long range advantage over other rifles. Up close, you're going to get wrekt hard 75% of the time with the Ursus.
  11. I've tried it. I've tried it so much. Someone has probably played with me in Jericho a while back, but last time I was on I basically just gave up midway through the mission because opp was literally steamrolling us. It's my go to strategy nowadays(yeah, I'll get some negativity for it), but because my skill has depreciated significantly, trying to get it back up after several months against opposition that literally wipes the floor with me on a consistent basis has led me to a conclusion- Why keep feeding the enemy kills if you can't beat them? And then the irony of this all that is we end up getting a newbie team who I go easy on or I just leave the match entirely, and at that point I'm wondering why I can't find a battle of "equal" strengths, or at least where the scoreboard isn't double digits in score for one side and deaths for the other(I know why, it's matchmaking). Oh well, can't win em all.
  12. I might be sounding a bit too generous here, but 12-15 decals would certainly do the trick.
  13. They removed weapon trials? Ha-ha, no way...lemme see... ... ...... Well. Well then, okay. I guess that's how it rolls. If you ask me, just add a "testing" district that lets players choose whatever weapon they want to try out, similar to planetside 2's setup. That way, you can gather whatever info you want from that server on weapon usage and change stats to boost/nerf guns without severely compromising their role in order to promote sales.
  14. Caesruul

    PVE servers?

    On top of the many processes the server has to handle, lets throw incredibly complex AI too. And that's how you create server fires.
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