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Found 1 result

  1. Just curious, there's a lot of nerf threads spawning everyday, but wouldn't you guys rather buff something you currently use rather than nerfing what others are using? Just saying. Here's an example, buff the trunk space in my Coywolf so I can run ammo depot and still carry a briefcase :) You may now debate why this is probably a bad idea (even I think it is to an extent, doesn't mean I'd cry if they did it though) EDIT: I think it's a bad idea because the Coywolf is already fast, agile and carries 4. Being able to carry items (without having someone hold it in their lap and thus preventing them from shooting out the windows) kinda seems like it'd be a bit too versatile. My current garage has: cars that are fast but carries 2 persons and up to 1 large item trucks/suvs that are slow but tough, carries 4 persons and enough truck space to carry 3 large items for those really annoying pick up missions (or the 5 medium items in Creme la Crime) a van for ram raiding and finally, the Coywolf, if this could also carry items in the trunk while having 3 shooters and enough speed to outrun some other cars... seems a little much.
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