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  1. I can understand that guy accusing you of deathreating. I too would expect rank 219 player to know that OCA-EW should not be fired in marksman mode.
  2. I was playing and testing in OTW, complaining about ATAC "Patroller" being terrible there, posted it in OTW discussion. Hard to be the only person to bring something like that to an attention, while others only talk about N-TEC, shotguns and N-HVR.
  3. Hope so, this is basically the reason behind me creating this thread, so there will be some discussion already for him to consider.
  4. Some things need to be immediatly being looked at, ATAC "Patroller" for example. Discuss here https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/3312-atac-patroller-and-ir3-change/..
  5. Thats not a good way to look at the problem tbh. My main issue is it is a gun from KTTW pack. It makes pack much less valuable, but the pack is the only way to get acc bound Charge Micro AND 4x4. I'm trying to create some discussion so pack can be changed or the gun altered.
  6. It is very good with IR3. WTF are you talking about?
  7. Patroller comes with a KTTW pack, I created a thread specificially to talk about Patroller. Come here and discuss I'm just trying to point some ACTUAL issues with IR changes and redirect it to that thread.
  8. Actually with IR3 you can full-auto at 30meters and hit every shot. There is not much point to burst fire anymore.
  9. Meta shift shouldn't push guns, which weren't meta even farther out of meta. Go buy yourself an ATAC "Patroller". I will see if you continue thinking IR changes were not rushed. Also, N-TEC is still meta.
  10. I specificially created a thread about ATAC "Patroller", which is one of those guns which suffered from new IR3. There should be something done tbh about the whole ARMAS and mod change situation.
  11. I would rather just put a different mod there like MP2 or other blue mod or just lock it to two mods.
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