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  1. -Cough- Can I have one too : )? I'll love you forever.
  2. Thanks for all the answers, minus the last comment. I appreciate it. I had assumed there was no support team for a long time, as usually I have gotten just automated responses rather than an actual person. It's nice to know there is a Support Team that is actually trying, even if they are limited in numbers.
  3. That's insane. . . I don't mean to hate on Little Orbit or Gamer's First. But if you're going to have a Support Team, at least have a more.. responsive one. If anything, hire more people for the Support Team area. Nobody should have to wait nearly a month for a single reply. That's honestly just shitty customer service.
  4. That answers one of my questions, but not on how long they take. Regardless, thank you though. I appreciate it.
  5. Is there even a Support Team at all? Or are they just really slow? I've made about two tickets now, both being related to different problems but regardless. Neither has been answered. I am just trying to figure out if there is even still a support team, and if so, how long does it normally take for a reply?
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