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  1. sure it does....if i gave Little Orbit access.
  2. in my opinion 3 shots for a kill is better so that people can at least react. but thats only my opinion and i do not know if it is right or not. 3 gold vs 2silver 1 trainee and cant call backup.....smh hopefully with the engine upgrade they can redo the mailbox to have consumables be auto added to inventory
  3. but you talk to Nymphi--DoubleDee....again support does more than that..... feet leave footprints that can be seen. can prove where i walk or not.
  4. thank you. sometimes you have to be less than polite so that there are not misunderstandings. you did well.
  5. who me? what? when? where? why? how? anyways those banned need to contact support the forums can not help on this.
  6. Technically no because they posted it themselves. but i also do not know why this thread is still here from the rules. If Little Orbit finds that someone cheated then it is normally more than just a /report In any case , do you know that the forums can not help you? You must contact support. talking here will not help because we can not help you.
  7. the decline of online was not bans but cheaters who deserved those bans. way to go to dodge responsibility and say its everyone else's fault for what cheaters do
  8. the only thing i heard is it stopped reports for those names so no reports could be made on Cyrillic to begin with.
  9. only thing in your post I disagree with , but that's because i don't like being a jerk to people like some do but then there's "that kid" who melts down on mic when he cant take what he dishes out. no winners in that one .....well unless he rage quits then its hillarious
  10. benefits APB by being a jerk and making people quit for being a jerk does not benefit APB. also what you prefer does not = what others have to do with their lives. they have toe right to play or not while waiting for an engine upgrade. no one has the right to tell them otherwise , even if you sit afk and not playing it does not benefit APB you have not heard me say anything about it even though no one benefits from that. people want matches and you are not providing them by being afk finally time on game means nothing important no idea why you think it matters when it doesn't mean anything other than bandwidth used for being afk
  11. been accused of cheating for killing with an opgl , running someone over , shooting someone standing still 10 m away , sniping someone with no cover in the middle of the street , and more recently for being silver.....yes being silver plenty of other hackusations but this is the more memorable ones
  12. because people are playing other games that are more fun than current APB. being a jerk to them will not help APB in the slightest. Little Orbit is already handling it fairly.
  13. I already said that. Already said how APB players came back from Little Orbits ownership and are waiting for the upgrade. THEY ARE WAITING. not nonexistent , they already proved that when they came back to see if it was happening yet. you will never understand anyone if you are that set to not listen to others to begin with. might want to unwind a bit
  14. Treating people poorly and not respecting their accounts is better? When Little Orbit bought APB there were 2,000 people logging in. That's because they want to play but wanted to see if it was updated finally or not. How Little Orbit is handling the names will free up names of those who have not played in years and most likely will not come back without burning those who have played the past year. That's good enough since ti does not favor one or the other but finds a good middle ground.
  15. have devil horns but seen a sheep running around without horns so need sheep horns cause I'm nice like that
  16. you're still talking about Jericho right? where have you been the past year?
  17. if grenades are not timed they are too easy to dodge. if the player is not skilled to know their opponents aka watching ops closely then they will not notice the grande coming by sight or by lack of gun fire. with those two factors in mind , it is possible for me to dodge golds throwing at me if i am aware of my surroundings enough. They are fine as is with the current selection of stuff we have for ourselves and vehicles. not referring to EMP grenades for an incoming update
  18. In Nevada and Mojave desert there are UFO's regularly. unknown flying objects aka test planes and rockets Area 51 is in Nevada and Edwards air force base is in Mojave It has been Little Orbit policy since day 1 to not name and shame. in doing so the toxicity has decreased by a large amount on APB and the forums unless you like pineapple on pizzas right @AsgerLund
  19. Little Orbit said in the past that this interferes with matches and that they would look into what changes can be made to benefit the game while dealing with its annoyances.
  20. yeah but you also have better beers and lagers because of it. we got watered down crap lol
  21. cheater go learn how to program before you try to act like you know something. because if you knew something you'd know APB was broken long before Little Orbit started working on it. you would also know that with the old coding if you fix one thing it breaks two others fro the spaghetti coding. Why do you you think so many of us have already said this and have been waiting as patiently as possible
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