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    Melee Weapons?

    Because in the case you run out of ammo before you die you can at least beat them in the face Otherwise they are going to do "things" to you
  2. Fortune Runner

    Stop giving away 3d glasses

    want bobble head hat so its easier to shoot the morons so they dont breed Edit : not directed at op was meant to reply about new item out of sarcasm
  3. Fortune Runner

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    Saying to give SOMEONE authority to ban? Does that mean you ares saying you would want to give a regular player the authority to ban YOU then? hmmm
  4. Fortune Runner

    Was it necessary GM?

    Yes because griefing new people at double b really makes APB grow *facepalm*
  5. Fortune Runner

    Was it necessary GM?

    Griefing is punishable. your words and actions do not say the same things *shrugs*
  6. Fortune Runner

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    look 10 hours is nothing to a cheater. R30 means that much longer whether cheater or not. Why are you arguing about the obvious ?
  7. Fortune Runner

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    10 hours is not a good idea. R30 takes longer to at least learn some of the basics. 10 hours of being carried doesnt amount to much.
  8. *shrugs* dont be a perv then? just kidding Try Damson its a plum name
  9. inappropriate? or taken name?
  10. Fortune Runner


    Already is an escort vehicle mission though. No npc assassinations though this isn't saints row ; its not a pve game
  11. Fortune Runner

    Rework the OSCAR

    Rework the oscar ? I killed a gold in silver who was using it more than he killed me. I'm silver. Sorry but I think its fine as it is. It did not come off as overpowered to me.
  12. True. Or maybe hes Tsundere and wants to cuddle with you? hes more gentle with you than others. I wonder....
  13. BXNNXD has pointed out many things needing to be addressed and quite often a majority of the community no matter what rank or threat has normally agreed with BXNNXD It is one of the reasons why I respect BXNNXD so much. If you dont add your measurments most guys wont care what you say *shrugs*
  14. Fortune Runner

    do you ever stretch before you yeet

    yes and fractured another
  15. pretty much right about now
  16. ^^^ criticizing others about English and yet cant *facepalm*
  17. Roadmap suggests Engine Upgrade then matchmaking and threat along with phasing for the missions to make it more balanced
  18. other game engine capabilities have nothing to do with APB APB engine capabilities have to do with APB *facepalm*