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  1. i am lol ill behave now i promise we were kidding dont do it let him live in peace please
  2. highway has in n out burger omg love in n out burger but still hope you stay and play apb with us
  3. But they did when they had enough evidence beyond any reasonable doubt Bronzes do the darnest things in waterfront.... Couldnt agree more. Crushing a new player with a gold elite is a horrid thing to do. I mean how do you dodge a nuke dropped on you? BXNNXD is right.
  4. oh good I need to make a new sidewalk that will speed it up a bit what time will you be here I could use the help
  5. no idea why you do not like me being kind hearted and polite. nothing - I am just a player who is a member of the community like you currently are. I wish you would stay and play - APB can be quite fun with friends on here.
  6. updated with technical issues thank you i forgot to add those
  7. but I am doing it right now or did you mean support staff?
  8. what are you upset about? want to talk about it? gun handling and proper usage? car physics? contact leveling? clothing and styles?
  9. we did cover this..... lol maybe he can do maybe can not do but we wont know unless we find out right?
  10. the oils from fingerprints can damage some guns like blue steel you can make it rust
  11. and if he makes new stuff that is good? never know until it is all looked into. who hires someone without an interview?
  12. Musicians never stop being musicians they just find side jobs It is a possibility if it is Little Orbit. Who knows unless we try ... right?
  13. are you talking about the normal apb game play , or the Easter event? normal game play - make a group of people you play well with and/or join a clan and play with them. Easter event - tell people in district you need help and someone may help teach you the way.
  14. normally it means in this case that you lagged out and did not fully disconnect from the district and/or log on server. it can take up to 15 minutes for that character to become unlocked from the district at times. please stop fondling your gun you'll leave fingerprints all over it
  15. its new to apb. What did you expect a whole new game? lol as for the premium auto pay..... a large amount of the community wanted it this way. If they don't balance their bank account its not anyone's responsibility but their own. as for you.... you said you wanted something new to spend your money on. there's something new to apb so... *shrugs*
  16. post updated I forgot the last part since it was late when i posted.
  17. socks , socks , socks YOU made a thread saying you wanted something new to spend money on remember? lol
  18. not all npcs did only some which is why it listed as a bug. No idea what is happening but i hope letting them know can be of use somehow to them.
  19. Some bugs were noticeable for some players who mentioned this in game. 1. Rooster and rabbit heads up icon was not showing at times. map could be sued to navigate to roosters as a work around but only logging off the game fixes this bug. 2. Some roosters and rabbits were ghosts. the mug would go through but no reward given then they would walk away. 3. npc were ghosts as well. cars would pass through them and they wouldn't die , which is clearly not game breaking but unknown if it causes other event issues. 4. Some rabbits and roosters are spawning in buildings or under streets. They disappear right afterwards I am not certain if this is interfering with spawns or if they just spawn elsewhere or if this causes any issues with the server or game play stress. Technical issues 1. windows - rabbits and roosters become un-muggable from animation 2. players - become un-muggable from animations as well. G1 was supposed to have fixed these a few years ago but they are still in the event. Bugs do weird and unpredictable things to coding so I thought it best to bring it to Little Orbit's attention.
  20. its soup doesnt matter if you eat it with your shoe although the shoe would make it more filling
  21. its been state before on the forums the engine update is required to do the fixes not the other way around
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