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  1. opgl having no wind-up timer but deep impact having one lol haha I'm dead inside
  2. it was my excuse to leave apb mannn "Oh I'm sorry guys my game just crashed... It's too late to restart so I'm just going to bed"
  3. Ahem, i gotto ask, WHY NERF THE COBR-A BUT BUFF THE CARBINE? Cobr-a is already so hard to play with its bloom compared to the carbine. The only upside is the range (50m vs 35m) and accuracy before shooting, this makes it more viable to use at a bit of range but you need to shoot so slowly to get hits on target. We'll see how this changes actual gameplay but I'm going to get obliterated by the carbine when using the cobra (instead of being smashed by the carbine when using the cobra). I dunno how other people feel but i hate the Cobra nerf. I love every single other nerf/buff though (except snub cause it's bad already) especially the cap40 buff, I dunno how i feel about some guns but I'll see in-game.
  4. Animal suit is a must for every outfit i have :^), sarcasm included The high-top shoes are probably the best shoes in the mix though that i basically use in every outfit (talking about male characters).
  5. i got 31? 32? car slots on my main and they are always filled up. It's fun customizing cars, at least it is for some people.
  6. Eyy that's cool to see! Congrats to the other winners (and runner-ups)!
  7. Does this still hold? i see people with multiple entries
  8. Don't ask why i did this as a design, i laughed way to hard making this DJ Jesus. DogeFish Citadel #UglySweater
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