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  1. Without server maintenance server becomes very laggy/slow and looting becomes close to impossible/crafts don't complete properly... so it's needed often 1-2 times a day... and it only takes typically 20-40 mins for them to manually restart everything. Once done it makes the server playable again without lag/loot delay for all so is worth it.
  2. I started out on my first character just fine... and spawned the old nag in, then it randomly disappeared from under me whilst riding it... when walked to the stables and found the nag, and a champion horse but neither active... walked to the garage manager and found 4 vehicles, giving a total of 6 mounts! ... FE atv, interceptor and 2 buggies. Was great getting all the free mounts but v.costly towing an active mount/car up in pass chris area to a lowbie only 30 mins into the game, so had to go on foot for a while until I could afford to could tow it. Worth it though as the 'ceptor lasted me well into my 30's level wise and I still have the load runner buggy for storage. Just to add... the trick with the no storage... stand next to the mount, right click an item in your inventory, and choose "send to mount", should activate its inventory space.
  3. If you have a skill (60 pistol for example) in something and then +15 from buffs and items/armor it will give you 75 skill total ... the vendor will then show you can learn 75 skill items... but you can still only learn the 60 items as your base skill is still 60.
  4. The server just went boom by the looks of it... "game is offline" just popped up and exited to desktop, cannot reconnect.
  5. Login servers seem to be down atm, gets stuck on authenticating, then login error/fe updater popup.
  6. I'm surprised how well the community has behaved without GM presence, the chat is generally polite and people get on nicely/help each other in the help chats - shows this is a game played by a mostly older and mature generation. But yes, agree we need an impartial GM to identify the cheats that are spoiling the general game experience by aimbotting and duping intentionally.
  7. Thanks for bringing our wonderful game back, it has however just gone splat, game is offline.
  8. last time i played... everyone was buying lockbox keys to get everything they wanted including cars... and crafters had become pretty much useless... that's when I quit.
  9. Still watching this thread as a player of the original game that I loved so much as a crafter and an explorer. Loved Citadel, but hated every patch after that. Hoping one day you succeed in getting this game back into shape... and the extra pay2win stuff bolted on after doesn't come with the fixed version.
  10. I still check in occasionally... it must've been 4yrs+ since I left also. I've been waiting for that Miracle update to bring me back - that never seems to emerge. The last good update that really impressed me was Citadel, everything since did nothing to convince me the game was ever going to go back in the right direction and I feel its been a slowly dying game since. It's a shame... as there really is no other game out there like FE, will be sad to see it die off.
  11. I stopped playing a while back.... but i'm still here watching... waiting... for someone (preferably LO) to fix the game. Even if it takes them a year to do it, its likely I'd still give the game another shot as long as they do it properly. Good to get an update thanks Matt, would appreciate more regular updates just so we know someone out there is still doing something and the game isn't abandoned.
  12. I'd accept a mass unban, but there would have to be conditions.... money reset, inventory cleared, vaults cleared, and mounts removed so no duped items remain and no profits from duped items... except possibly the clothes on their backs. I'm sure some of the legit players would accept these conditions as it would take no time at all to get a new mount and farm a few new items again.
  13. Many thanks for the SoTG, it was much needed, looks like it will be a long path ahead until the game is back on its feet, good luck in achieving this, I've been with FE since the start and not about to quit now! Almost all of the points d47 said above I totally agree with, and the crafting economy was key to this game - taking away crafting slots and making it pay2win really killed the playerbase as there was no real goal for many people any more. Small extra detail, I had to change browser to write this reply, this reply box doesn't work with Palemoon, nor do the cursor keys work with the browser I'm using now, making editing replies awkward. Please make sure your forum software works with most browsers.
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