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  1. It's really funny that I've not posted in these forums since Sept. 2019, but we're active and are always posting. And I find it even funnier that you call people "trolls" who are speaking facts. The game has been offline for over a year, before that having a max of 70ish players. Average of like 30 at any given time. Both facts, which does qualify it as a dead game. Who spoke of a "better project" ? Big Brain. Currently some of the Heretic guys are running around in ESO EU. We seem to go through a monthly cycle after we get bored with a game though. Making money in FE was easy. How dare someone not give you a hand out. Hi bb +1
  2. Imagine still arguing over a dead game. A dead game that has been shut down for over a year at this point. Yikes. Move on, Losers
  3. Imagine arguing about a game which has 20 average players. Only half of which are usually max level. The rest are low levels who randomly found the game on steam. Imagine arguing about a game which the company has just sold off some rights to their "cash cow" game. Actually still expecting development on Fallen Earth. Quite clear Shittle Orbit is hurting financially, and some of you people actually still are holding out hope. Memes, omegalul.
  4. I'd post my actual grievances with Little Orbit, quite a few feel the same as I. But it would be thought of as bashing when it would just be posting facts and would be nuked immediately. Did we take the trolling too far? Yeah, we probably did. Heat of the moment and luls got us carried away. But like @frenly_sharif_woddy said, it was brought on by repeat incompetence. Also, there's certain people here who act like they've been complete angels. Those same people got banned under G1 for racism and threatening staff. :^) Good day, pew pew ;D
  5. I'd say an event with GMs/Devs in-game actually interacting with players would be ten fold better than this half-assed sale. Maybe if you did your research on previous events in Fallen Earth events you might actually know that. But I suppose for you to even do anything, you would need to know how to use the GM tools and commands that you say you don't know how to use. :^) Little Orbit is a meme at this point, go back to Kung Fu Panda.
  6. So I am curious why a post in Tracking Customer Support was changed? Were these people hired again, have they been properly trained? Do you have people who actually know what they are doing working on tickets for not only Fallen Earth but APB as well? As much as we all want to look on the bright side of Little Orbit, its obvious your customer support is lacking, especially on the Fallen Earth side of things. People have had tickets in for months at this point without any answer at all.
  7. Its a VERY small annoyance that plagues the game as of current, in a game filled with a ton more issues than just stack splitting. Again, they probably have all of three people working on this game currently, would you rather them spend god knows how long trying to fix stack splitting in the current game or trying to port the game over to a new engine where it would be a TON easier to fix issues that have plagued the game since launch. I'd almost rather them turn stack splitting back on just to see the crying that the server needs a restart every other hour. Unfortunately FE doesn't have the luxury of having a large dev team like most MMO's. So yes, adapting to the current way things are would probably be the best option, or they could spend weeks to months trying to figure out the stack splitting issue with no results, and have no progress in any which direction. Sure, it'd be nice if it were fixed, but in the grand scheme of things it is not a huge issue. And for those of you who say you love FE but then turn around and go "well I'm not going to sub until splitting is fixed" good job, you are only securing FE's death.
  8. If you can't manage with the quite large amount of inventory space that there already is in the game, along with the boost that they've already given to strength to carry more. If you can't adapt to that, I have not a clue how you even make it through life without adapting to change. I craft, probably more than some "crafter mains" I have ZERO issues with managing inventory space or even really needing to split stacks. The power boost has only benefited me really, crafting multiple queue of car parts. Stop whining and adapt to the current game. They probably have all of 3 devs maybe working on this game if we're lucky. Sadly the people who cry aimbots in FE have shifted their focus to an anti cheat system that in my opinion, isn't really needed. None the less not being able to split stacks isn't a huge issue, its a tiny annoyance, that's about it.
  9. Why was Heretic not thanked for ruining any "organized" PvP events at the Crafters Market? Or ganking no talent patootie clowns at the Market for that matter, we put a lot of hard work into our ganks. Not to mention we've been pretty consistent for years. I thought better of you Hooli, but once again you disappoint.
  10. Woah, you're like at a pre-school teacher level. Lets bring it up to the football coach that doesn't really care what happens. Thanks Also, go take a shower you smell terrible. Must be the hard days work of all the forum cat herding.
  11. Cheaters as of current don't really seem to be much of an issue, you may have like 3-4 max, MAYBE. The abuse of lower resolutions that stretch characters and make for bigger crosshairs, lower resolutions do not scale properly when put into full screen. Making it easier to hit your opponents vs max resolution. Which honestly is probably what most of your reports for "cheaters" are, but I'm just guessing. Good effort trying to reignite FE with some screenshots though after the "LO hype" has been dead for a few weeks now.
  12. This is a topic that has come up quite a few times over the past couple days in the discord. I'm curious everyone's opinion on just flat out unbanning everyone? Personally I don't see an issue with it, considering some of the worst have already been unbanned. As long as the new staff is going to keep a close eye on whats going on that is.
  13. Disable the ability to heal outside of current faction? LAWLS! Way to make a suggestion that benefits your current situation in PvP, I know you're tired of losing already. But the reporting for a clan name along with this now, really? This is just a terrible idea and will only lead to PvP dying off again. Obviously there needs to be more diversity across the board in gear, trinkets, weapons, buffs. GT Faction armor would be great, along with each factions respected weapon type for AP weapons. PvE and PvP faction trinkets would be great. PvE giving boosts to gathering, social, etc. As for PvP trinkets maybe armor, regens, health via strength, it'd help with carry weight at the same time. Trinkets should be on par with current obviously and slightly better, giving you a reason to actually get a decent amount of faction rep for the trinket. AP trinket would be pretty neato as well. You're trying to apply limitations to factions in an apocalypse game, lol wat. A council system for in-faction killing, and leave it up to salty players? No thanks, this isn't ArcheAge. In-faction killing is pretty simple to combat by just killing the player(s) doing the killing, not to mention you already don't get DT for killing your own faction. Which in my opinion a reduced amount of DT should be rewarded, you're killing a player none the less. In-faction killing is useful, trimming your own faction down when it becomes the zerg faction. Even killing your own team member if you're trying to trim numbers and they refuse to leave, something you kiddos should look into ;D. Then you could also bring lore into it as well, each faction having their own in-faction fighting. No one change is going to make factions matter, changes to conflict towns could possibly help though. Reverting back to where this faction has this mutation only isn't the answer either. Maybe give a boost to the skill level of the respected faction mutation to where you could get the top ranks of the mutation based off of faction, or not have to invest as much AP to get a certain rank.
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