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  1. Imagine arguing about a game which has 20 average players. Only half of which are usually max level. The rest are low levels who randomly found the game on steam. Imagine arguing about a game which the company has just sold off some rights to their "cash cow" game. Actually still expecting development on Fallen Earth. Quite clear Shittle Orbit is hurting financially, and some of you people actually still are holding out hope. Memes, omegalul.
  2. I'd post my actual grievances with Little Orbit, quite a few feel the same as I. But it would be thought of as bashing when it would just be posting facts and would be nuked immediately. Did we take the trolling too far? Yeah, we probably did. Heat of the moment and luls got us carried away. But like @frenly_sharif_woddy said, it was brought on by repeat incompetence. Also, there's certain people here who act like they've been complete angels. Those same people got banned under G1 for racism and threatening staff. :^) Good day, pew pew ;D
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