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  1. Hello, I would like to add a few questions to the list to be answered within the possible upcoming live steam. 1) Bans - How are the previous bans be looked at, simply put, many many players within the community was incorrectly banned within this game. Will people get unbanned, not only increasing the population but bringing back the old players to the game. 2) Anti Cheat - This game needs a new anti cheat installed into the game this will result in people being correctly banned for Hacking and would not cause an issue with the population who are incorrectly banned. This was also spoken about within the stream on APB, however, it shouldn't be an issue installing this to Fallen Earth too? 3) Store - Will the market place be reviewed, new items added? and prices lowered? 4) In game items - Will new items within the game be looked at in future updates, maybe regular updates within the game to fix or add new things to the game to balance and give more variety. 5) Server - Maybe new servers could be purchased for a better playing experience rather than alot of players "warping" due to ping to the one and only master server. 6) as Nysek said, a good idea for Territory control, would be to eliminate the area cars can drive into to stop people running in and out of cars for cover?
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