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  1. Aroa I apologize for spelling your name Wrong, I don't know what was going through my mind and why I typed / spelled your name the way I did... Heck this time I had to re-look at it 3 times just to make sure I was typing it right.. So My bad, and I apologize again..
  2. Aroa.. The NDA is Non-Disclosure Agreement Which most places have people sign in which what they Might see/hear/read that they can not go around talking about. So in other words, or an example Supposedly if the GM's have notes and say's Watch player X possible speed hack or X for Aim botting... Knowing that, The GM's whom all have signed the NDA are not allowed to say anything to anyone Except other GM's, about it, like warn the person they are being watched and or alert the person(s) who could be under investigation. Even if the GM's hear or are given a briefing on what's coming up event, or whatever, they are not supposed to disclose any information to anyone else told to do so by the Senior GM or the GM Supervisors.. Also.. You mentioned you are or have English as a 2nd language. Well you still could of Applied just to say, because knowing English is Great, but if per say you are Spanish, Brazilian, German or some other language as your Natural Tongue actually can bean asset actually because if they took English Only and no one has a 2nd Language, moderating the chat can get pretty hard if know one about can read German per say, and therefore how can you moderate the chat, having people who as I stated Have a Different 1st Language not of English, is actually an asset. Since then you can moderate the chat If people are or start to talk in Your Native Language. So, just because you say your not good in English, don't let that stop you if you do have a 2 or 3 other languages you can read/write or understand, thats a Bonus..
  3. Is there a applicable time when you event is starting. IE for players of U.S and Players Of EU Side you know there's a 5-8 hours difference type thing, so was wondering if there is a specific time the event is??
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