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  1. If you are referring to login into the launcher, username is the email address you used to create the account
  2. Hey Matt, Back about 3 months, beginning of October, You had stated on LO's Discord you were or had been looking into getting GM's for FE, And at the same time You said people who wanted to Volunteer for GM to seen info to Sakabee. Well it's now over 3 months, and still 0 new GM's for FE side of the house, who could get FE back up by passing info along that the server needs a Reboot. So, was this all just talk to keep us quiet and waiting, and wondering if FE will actually get some support as per say Some GM's to keep an eye on things, or did you say all that to maybe buy yourself some time, Like so far 3 months, maybe another 3 if You reply and Go "Oh Yes we are still working on it" Making us think you actually might be. Like 3 months ain't that a long long time to vet people, and like not even 1 new GM for Fallen Earth to who can Speak for Us players to remove / Ban bad behaviour in Chat, let you all know the server status, like a reboot required, a voice for Us FE players. Right now Gindian and Lex have said they are passing the word along, even though FE isn't their Agenda sorta thing, Like they Are NOT FE GM's. Anyhow Curious Minds would like to know Hey, we getting some GM's this year, or Maybe Next year? Thanks
  3. When you start a character you get training abilities, and they will last till level 15 then they disappear...
  4. No I say it's a glitch, I ended up with 4 horses (Challenger, Franklin Rider, Long Rider, and Champion) and I got a Electric Buggy, which even in the Old version like before shutdow I never had a electric buggy. Now as per Money/Chips I was as broke as one could be none in my account.. Now this is for My Crafter Toon, I'll have to check on one of the other one's I created, see what different or same items they actually got, and edit this with what they got. Okay 1 character has No vehicles, and 1 wasteland runner horse, 2nd alt, nadda, no additional horse, vehicle, and only the old nag in stable
  5. I'd say Give them time to see how the server runs, and let them see what they can add or not The One item people want is the Commanders Crafting Kit, which was only in Marketplace, and bought with RP points 800 if I remember correctly. So I'd imagine they will figure a way to get it back in game And as well as other things that were marketplace items only..
  6. Again, when Matt Was posting and talking about The old game coming back on line he said should be days, not weeks.. So as to when exactly, no one knows, all depends on how smoothly the pre-launch setup goes... Now as a Side note, that FE is now again available to be downloaded from the Website in case one needs it Game size 6.6Gig when all said and done https://www.gamersfirst.com/download
  7. From the date of the original post, Matt had said a couple days, so Ummm we could be looking at Hopefully before end of week..
  8. Yes it will be this version that will be going up. The version of the state of the game was when it shutdown in 2019
  9. Yeah, NO... when FE comes back on line, it will be as it was on the last day before it shut down. With the exception of Zero Characters in you account, and No Cash Store (MarketPlace) to buy things. Zero items in your Previous Vaults.. His choice of words Using Classic, was well, to differentiate between the Old version (AKA Classic) and the New Version 2.0 which they are still working on
  10. Well what are your thoughts / Questions I'm sure people out here can answer them.. Answers 1. Yeah don't know that answer 2. yea don't know that one either 3. Wow, nope don't know heh heh sorry my bad..
  11. Well I'll bet you'll see the 1st level 55 players Kicking around the game, Ohh in 24-36 hours or less, and tents no to long after that, cause then they'll have to do the materials crafting to make all them tents.. heh heh heh
  12. Should still be able to use Old account, you just won't have any characters
  13. Blind note here.. Which Discord are you all using ???? Link Please
  14. So wondering if they can have it backup by this weekend and run a Halloween event, Or do you think that would be asking to much I also see I have 1020 G1C left wonder if they are still good, Hmmmm And with that said, I'd be game
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