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  1. Yeah, I only really posted this because someone in-game recommended I do so. I'm like a week late, maybe, but they thought along the lines of like: "Maybe it'll be good to make this bug known so it's not present in the future game" or something, and they referred me to here and the discord. I agreed but didn't really see harm nor foul, considering many other people piped up with the same issue. They have definitely been a help, but yeah, the motorcycle can hardly turn and I already swapped out the bugged horse for a real one. I plan to do the same with the bike soon too. See, I saw that option in my inventory and was very interested, but thought the item would just disappear. I would be careful with that, because when I brought up my issue in the global/help chat, someone said that items in their bugged mount(s) suddenly disappeared, and someone else said that storing things in the bugged mount somehow deleted the stuff stored in their main mount? I don't really remember it all, but I believe those occurrences were from two separate people. They warned me with the storage and recommended not using it. I'm surprised you've seemingly had no issues and all the way to level 30! Multiple people recommended that I use them until I can get an equal/better one, then delete the bugged ones to avoid issues, so that's what I've been doing. Got an okay horse to replace the buggy one, and just need to level up to 15 so I can start the ATV stuff and get a motorcycle built. Interesting... Thanks for the replies! Just wanted to make it known, in case it was somehow important.
  2. Summary: I made a new character and got the item for Old Nag (starter horse). Couldn't use the item. Chat said I had an active mount. Turns out there was a motorcycle somewhere in the world and a parked horse. Description: I couldn't use the item to get the starter mount, and it turns out that's because my fresh character for some reason had 2 bugged mounts already. Motorcycle was active and horse was parked. I didn't see the motorcycle anywhere on the map. I towed it and it was usable, as was the horse, but neither of them had inventory and neither of them used fuel/feed (i.e. infinite "stamina"). Steps to Reproduce: 1. Make new character 2. Check mounts? That's about it. How many times have you recreated this bug: I have not made any more characters since, so no reproductions yet. Results: When people make new characters, they sometimes have bugged mount(s). Expected Results: There should be no mounts pre-existing on a fresh character.
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