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  1. Will check on those things. I have verified I have the unbuffed skills, as I raised First Aid so I could buy them, and I'm near a red, so chips can't be the issue.
  2. I've got the skill and it shows as purchaseable from the vendor, but trying to buy it from the vendor gives me a "You can't learn..." message. Plenty of chips on hand too. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. How can I fix a slight case of bad faction if I can't get to the faction npcs in the camp? I'm -8400 with Enforcers and want to fix it up enough to not be aggro. Thanks!
  4. Under consideration per Matt on Twitter - https://twitter.com/mattpscott/status/1451443275336986633 - and on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/fallenearth/comments/qdqhms/fallen_earth_classic_anyone/
  5. Great to hear the news Matt! Also, it's fantastic to be see competence in action in the game development world. Although I'd love for the project to be completed, your approach to the work is extremely reassuring.
  6. Thanks for keeping things going this long Matt! I look forward to the new version when you have it ready. Please feel free to ping me via my forum email for testing help
  7. Seemed perfect when I logged in and ran around an hour ago.
  8. Los Alamos is working fine, vendor purchases etc.
  9. Why don't you go to the forums of a game you like, instead of hanging around trashposting this one. You're way past the line for moderation as it is.
  10. Please feel free to enjoy APB then. I'm sure you'll find plenty of like-minded souls in that forum.
  11. Thank you for the update Matt! I've some IT background and you're doing probably the hardest thing in any IT industry. We take games for granted because they're "just games", but the truth is they're some of the most complicated applications in existence, running on some of the most....let's just say "formerly leading edge" system architectures out of respect for the original creators - and attempting to serving masses of the general public with real-time interactions. And you're tasked with disassembling someone else's game and rebuilding it to work better than new. I don't have words for how difficult that must be. I can only offer words of encouragement and hope for your success. I've backed several indie games in early access, and FE is hands-down the one where the creators tried the hardest to put heart and soul into their game. So I would personally love to see it revitalized. And I believe the best time for that is now. With Fallout 76, Bethesda has proven again that they are no longer the right company to be leading in this genre. And FE has every core feature it needs to take the #1 position. It just needs to be remade into the game that can deliver on its promise. So the very best of luck to you and the rest in their efforts, and thanks for all of your commitment to this project!
  12. Is this restricted to certain customers? I've been resubbed for several months, and the code does not work for me. "Your code was not found". I also had an anniversary gift code (shirt) and it worked. I would provide a screenshot but apparently you have to jump through some hoops with this forum software.
  13. I know this is late, but to the OP, remember the only thing you get out of a game is fun And if a game makes you so greedy for items you have gotten you can't start over without fear, it's a terrible game that's trying to be your addiction, and you should totally quit it anyways. Also, I find it very useful to start a throwaway char where I just mess around, have fun and learn the game. Then I start a real char with that knowledge. So there's another option if you want to play on the new server.
  14. This concept isn't bad. I started a new char and started playing up, and it needs a lot of gameplay help, but it's not bad conceptually.
  15. This pretty much describes the core issues with the game for me. Idc about this kind of PvP, I don't think either PvP or PvE works when mixed together in an open world setting, and it's too much trouble to zone areas to try to make everyone happy (which never works anyways). Separate servers are the best answer here methinks.
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