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  1. I know this is late, but to the OP, remember the only thing you get out of a game is fun And if a game makes you so greedy for items you have gotten you can't start over without fear, it's a terrible game that's trying to be your addiction, and you should totally quit it anyways. Also, I find it very useful to start a throwaway char where I just mess around, have fun and learn the game. Then I start a real char with that knowledge. So there's another option if you want to play on the new server.
  2. This concept isn't bad. I started a new char and started playing up, and it needs a lot of gameplay help, but it's not bad conceptually.
  3. This pretty much describes the core issues with the game for me. Idc about this kind of PvP, I don't think either PvP or PvE works when mixed together in an open world setting, and it's too much trouble to zone areas to try to make everyone happy (which never works anyways). Separate servers are the best answer here methinks.
  4. Thanks for the updates Matt! And thanks to you and the team for all of your efforts! FE is a great concept and deserves to be a popular game. And it has its chance thanks to the boondoggle Bethesda made of Fallout 76. FE has a world's worth of content compared to that shell of a game, and immense potential for fun and interesting gameplay. Going to keep watching and supporting the game through this remake, and can't wait to see it reborn!
  5. Thanks for the effort LO, much appreciated!
  6. Now I gotta spring for a joystick again. Been a long time since I played that game, but it was mad fun back in ye day. Thanks for bringing it back LO! And I hope the cash helps you revitalize FE too
  7. Eh, if you crossed Fallout with WoW and got most of WoWs genes in the offspring. I sincerely believe the RPG aspect would in no way be diminished if LLO lost the MMO-style UI and pseudo-magic powers. There's a place for Mutations, but giving them to every player makes them unspecial and weakening them until they're only assistive makes them feel - well, weak.
  8. More, make it a deliberate thing. You can't be using numbers like 1 or 3 for waves of attackers that destroy player work. Time to add an option to the appropriate NPC to defend the town, or make it a quest trigger that goes off when you turn in the quest at the town.
  9. There are many reasons I quit before, but one of the biggest is the heavily fantasy-MMO-ized gameplay. It seems that as soon as people say "MMO" they start assuming hotbars with spells and meaningless fetch quests are de-facto. MMO is just a connective technology and persistent world is also just a technology. They just put people in the same world together. Assuming if you have any MMO going it has to work like WoW or EQ (used to) is a total fallacy. Worse, it draws comparison between your product and much, much bigger and more developed (and populous) ones. That's not a good situation for your fledgling little MMO. You want to be different, breaking new ground and giving new excitement to players. The kind of post-apocalyptic game I want to play is a sci-fi FPS with gear, crafting and the goal of resurrecting civilization, preferably by taking back the entire map and defending it until the final battle is won. I don't EVER want to do a fetch quest. EVER. FE has the basic tools to free us of the mindless grindery with tracking, story based missions, and most importantly, town assaults. I hope LO builds on those engaging mechanisms and throws out all fetch quests forever.
  10. I'm happy LO is throwing us some commander time for the anniversary. Thanks, appreciate it! Ever since G1 went the wrong way with crafting, it's been a chore rather than an immersive action. This does help people get a bit more back into things.
  11. I like where this is going, but I am slammed for time and couldn't guarantee the commitment. Put me on a maybe list and friend me up in FE and we'll see what the future holds? (ign Eino Spengler)
  12. Hi Matt! Kudos for taking on this quite massive job! I've been a part of FE since beta days and had great hopes for its success. I'm very glad to see it's still kicking even after all this time. And all is not yet lost. Games like Fallout come along, everyone jumps on the ride for awhile, then they get bored but still want to play. Where they gonna go in between Fallout releases? Could be FE, know what I'm saying? Everyone goes out to party at fancy places on special occasions, but in between, they go out once or twice a week to regular places to hang out and have fun. Those places make the steady money and stay alive literally for generations, and I think that's a perfect role for FE in the post-apoc games niche. FE's got a good, big world to have fun in and the original team made sure it had a lot of positives - atmosphere, story, deep crafting, vehicles, and a lot of solid mechanisms (tracking, choice of 1st or 3rd person combat, player-made buildings and more) to show what a game like this could have. There's a lot of issues and unfinished work, but your commitment means there's also a lot of hope for the future state of the game. I'll try to keep up with the news. And yeah, I just downloaded it again :)
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