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  1. Going to bed since I can't play. Good night. Fallen Earth has fallen.
  2. Server is dead, I think. I can run around and talk, but nothing sticks. Purchases fail. Quests can't be started or completed. But you can log on. Weird, huh? Or at least gravely wounded.
  3. Update-- I can now log on, but there is a huge lag when trying to accept quests or pick up loot off kills. Guess I will go to bed. G'nite!
  4. My character won't appear on the initial login screen, again. Anyone else with similar issues? Well, I guess this is God's way of telling me I need to go to sleep instead of staying awake and playing a game? Either that or my wife has managed to sabotage the game somehow. Both are powerful...
  5. So.... I cannot load and will not be able to play right now? Am I right?
  6. I'm having the same problem. So is my daughter. Can't log in at all, past player select.
  7. OK. I'm in. Tried the same thing over and over until it worked finally. Definition of insanity? I guess insanity can be successful in some cases. Thank y'all for everything!
  8. Does resetting my GamersFirst password reset my game password? There is no way to reset the game password on the screens I am able to currently view. I reset my GF password, but that didn't help. Not sure how to "verify my files". I'll look around and try these suggestions. Thank you.
  9. Seems I've done that, but I'll try again. Thanks. I'll report back. I can't get to the Alec Masters screen.
  10. So, I can't log in. When I "Launch", it goes to a screen that wants my password and says that I am already logged in and that I can force a disconnect with my password. It goes to another screen that ultimately forces me to disconnect and try again. I have done this with various permutations over and over again, but it won't go to the game. Suggestions?
  11. Now that's funny. I, however, am not edible. No... really.
  12. OK. I did. I now wish that I had said what I was going to originally: I know little about this topic, but on the face of it, it seems a phenomenal idea! You are right. I know enough to be not just dangerous, but annoying. Actually, I don't even know enough to be dangerous. I'm just an ER nurse who's better than most ER nurses with the computers at work. If you set the bar low enough, you can get over it!
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