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Unusual lag event.

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So, I'm having multiple issues:

1.  When I shoot at NPC targets 60 meters away, they just stand in place.  Eventually they melee me, but still appear to be 60 meters away.  I can still shoot them where they appear to stand. 

2.  I am having cooldowns for actions I should not, especially with mounting my vehicle.  The cooldown is random, ranging from 10 seconds to 165 seconds.  I cannot dismount during this time, even when using the N action button.  It also gives me an overhead box showing the exact countdown of my cooldown and will also include other cooldown times such as with stances and such.  I am attepting (without success} to include a screenshot of this.  If someone wants to coach me, I'll post the screenshot that I have saved on my desktop.  There is no attachment button that I can find, only the "Insert Media" button which only allows for URL's and existing attachments.


These are the two major issues.  I have restarted my game several time and this has been going on for two days.  Raxeus is aware of this and asked me to file this report.  There is no lag in most areas, such as movement and scavenging/harvesting.  Curious.

Thank you,



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Additional information.

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I have discovered that if I /timesync, it will cancel the dismount cooldown period, but I have to do it every time.  

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