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Bug Reporting Guidelines


GamersFirst have a simple template that we’d really appreciate you following when you’re posting a bug on these forums. We do this to make reports as clear as possible when we transfer them into our bug database for the development team to fix. Please include screen shots or videos if applicable or you think they’ll help illustrate your issue. By following these steps you’ll greatly increase the chance of your bug being fixed by development.



Summary: A short description of the bug – think of it as similar to a newspaper headline.


Description: A detailed description of the issue that you’ve found. Try to stay concise and clear in your information while being specific.


Steps to Reproduce:

This part can be the most important part of a bug report. The steps that you took to reproduce this issue can really help us understand where something’s broken down. Try to list every important step you took that you think could have contributed to this issue.





How many times have you recreated this bug: If you find the reproduction of an issue how many times are you able to reproduce it following these steps? You can use a percentage or a fraction (ie. 2/5 or 5/5 times. 25% of the time or 100% of the time, for example).


Results:What’s actually happening when you follow these steps.


Expected Results: What should have happened instead of the bug.



Please only report one issue per thread. Any more than that and these issues can become difficult to track.


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