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  1. Seriously, screw those goofs
  2. All this "effort" LO is doing is mostly just PR. There is one dude working on Fallen Earth, hence why there has been no progress in a year
  3. I am deeply passionate about Fallen Earth. However when the CEO of the company tells me Fallen Earth cannot support itself, what other conclusion is there to come to? Pretending there is no problem and acting like FE is making some sort of progress shows me you have zero clue about what is actually going on. Would you like to know how many people are working on Fallen Earth? Ill give you a hint: Its less than 2 and he/she is from Turkey
  4. Do you have thousands of dollars to keep the FE server up?
  5. Fallen Earth will never make money. It's literally a waste of dollars, time, and energy. LO's only hope of making a profit off of Fallen Earth is to actually create a whole new one. It's idiotic to think that a 10 year old dead mmo will somehow magically be revived. I would love for Fallen Earth to be supported for another ten years, but Matt clearly stated Fallen Earth doesnt even make enough to support its self. We are supposed to be grateful for a server that cant support itself. Thats not a healthy relationship. How many people are actually working on Fallen Earth? We havent seen ANY progress in over year meanwhile APB has had a few updates, new content and new game modes.
  6. When you bought G! you knew the state and the amount of money Fallen Earth was bringing in. " The game wasn't making enough money to pay for itself when we bought it, and it still doesn't on a regular monthly basis - I had every reason to shutdown the servers in May after the horrible problems in moving them, and I didn't - Instead, we spent many extra hours at enormous expense to fix things and doing our best to keep the game online" Fallen Earth will never be profitable. Maybe you should of just shut down the servers after that shite show. Your quote makes it sound like everyone should be grateful... You are literally wasting money trying to port FE over to a new engine. The only way that the Fallen Earth franchise will ever make money is if a proper sequel can be made. I have very little hopes your company can make an entirely new mmo on the scale Fallen Earth was. It may just be time to shut her down because the absolute lack of any substantial progress isnt getting new players to join or invest money. Either fully commit or shut it down. We have been getting the same responses for the past year with literally nothing to show for it besides a few screenshots and a walking gif. P.S. I am sorry that you had to deal with some toxic pvp players as gms.
  7. How many people are actually working on Fallen Earth? Is it more than 1?
  8. character select screen is showing no characters again...
  9. Want some dip ap injectors? It's best to just find someone to play with. Ask in global if anyone wants to help you grind your last few levels in dome.
  10. At level 55 you get access to the end game gear. You need recipe books and deathtoll(pvp currency) or dome points(dome instance points) to craft end game weapons. For end game armor, you need to get a recipe book from The Outpost and materials around epsilon and other zones. You can either try to learn dome with someone from the community or play pvp, either Bloodsports(queued pvp) or open world pvp by flagging.(/pvp) The community is really small but you can still find players that do dome. As for pvp, try queuing for bloodsports or ask in chat if anyone is doing pvp. Just remember most pvp players have been playing for years so the pvp learning curve is quite steep if you havent been doing it while leveling up. P.S. to get to 55 grind white crow camp near citadel or find someone to do dome with and just farm the bugs on the first stage
  11. Honestly the only thing we normally have to deal with is server lag. This is not normal. Unfortunately by chance you started playing during a really bad downtime spat.
  12. Your good. It only affected players who played within those times that got wiped
  13. I really hope no one is working themselves to utter exhaustion over this. I cant believe how difficult the whole process has been. There had to of been a more stable way of doing this operation.
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