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  1. StubbyClaps

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Dont expect any LO events till the new server is up.
  2. StubbyClaps

    At least G1 got something right

    I have a feeling Tiggs loved the drama hence why it was mostly left alone. Sorry mods dont allow the toxic normalcy that is akin to FE pvp
  3. StubbyClaps

    9 Year Anniversary Events

    It was great to see so many people show up
  4. StubbyClaps

    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    There is a groups section on the forums, probs should be there
  5. I dont believe LO wants to create new assets on the outdated engine (current). Hell, they dont even want to bring back old items such as tradable premium and sub rewards till the new server/remaster
  6. Honestly, it will take LO at least a year or so to get a new server running with the new engine. We wont have tradable premium, sub rewards, or new marketplace items till at least the fresh start. During this time Fallen Earth will be making no money so I dont see how this is going to go
  7. StubbyClaps

    Role-Play Blog

    http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/ Not alot of people use this site, so i dont see the harm in a RP sub forum
  8. StubbyClaps

    questions about the possible future of the game

    Dont expect to transfer your 55s to the new server/
  9. StubbyClaps

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    No reason? Once again, all of your hard work will still exist. Dont play on the new server, and nothing will change.
  10. StubbyClaps

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    What would be the purpose of playing on the old engine if the new server is up? No one will want or care about my entire 'old server' collection if thats the case, rendering it all meaningless anyways. It will still exist. Think of the new server as a remastered Fallen Earth. I initially was worried like you about all my rare stuff not transferring to the new server. However, just like in real life its just crap. except this is just virtual crap. Let go a bit.
  11. StubbyClaps

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    To get a whole new engine, new marketplace, new economy, there has to be a sacrifice. Matt said that they will keep the old server up, and that purchased items will carry over into the new server(plans are still vague on what all those items will be). If you want the old Fallen Earth experience, dont start a toon on the new server.
  12. StubbyClaps

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    *Waiting Intensifies*
  13. StubbyClaps

    Reapers Flask (RP Bar)

    If no erp is allowed, than whats the point?
  14. 1. Will subscribers rewards return? 2. Will tradable premium return? 3. Do you see Fallen Earth as actually making you a profit? 4 Will we get new zones to explore, or more instanced based content like blood sports and dome? 4. Do you want to use the current engine(upgrading it and working on it), or completely upgrade to a different engine? 5. Will there be events ran by LO in the future? Can you turn on previous event like grunch and halloween? 6. Do you plan on focusing on pvp gameplay(new pvp content/reworks) or pve content? Is there a priority between the two? 7. Will there be a bigger presence of LO in game? It would be great to see more game managers whether they are brought in from the community or outside. 8. Do you plan on adding new weapons and armor, or even new consumables or trinkets? Thank-you for chosing to have a Q and A stream event. I hope some of my questions get answered.
  15. StubbyClaps

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    LO listening to the same people G1 focused on. Look how that turned out....