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    Wiping progress

    This game needs a sequel not a reboot
  2. StubbyClaps

    Maybe Just Fallen Earth 2

    The reaction to a new server has been mixed by the community. Maybe the best option is to not renew the old Fallen Earth, but to create a new Fallen Earth. I would like to know others opinions.
  3. StubbyClaps

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    You have to understand this game is much more than a pvp salt field....
  4. StubbyClaps

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Factions have soooo much more to do with the game then just pvp....
  5. StubbyClaps

    We Want You!

    Some of these people were already given chances such as being on the decon team. Not alot agreed with what they were doing then, let alone these people being full blown gms.
  6. StubbyClaps

    We Want You!

    Fallen Earth has a tiny community, so trying to hide the gms is not going to work(most are already aware of at least one selection). We the community have a right to know who was selected because we literally know everyone. With Matt having no idea what to do with the game, and their efforts to hide gms, i dont see a positive future for Fallen Earth. If you created a Fallen Earth 2, then picked the gms it wouldnt have been such a big issue.
  7. StubbyClaps

    We Want You!

    Poor decision imo. The Fallen Earth community is extremely small so trying to hide your gms isnt going to work out well....
  8. StubbyClaps

    We Want You!

    I'm not asking for the selected GMS to make an announcement, but i am asking for cms or even Matt to let us know who was picked. LO chose to pull from players of the game. It's only fair that the community gets to know who they picked and if it was a solid decision.
  9. StubbyClaps

    We Want You!

    Can we get an announcement for who was picked?
  10. As long as you hazmats are ok with the change. Your knowledge and help is still very much needed and appreciated.
  11. Just remember hazmats were ambassadors for the game. also, with no hazmats, will gms be more prevalent in game?
  12. StubbyClaps

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Honestly just remaking Fallen Earth wont get alot of new players. The game needs a sequel to truly gain new players and create a new and thriving fan base.
  13. StubbyClaps

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Matt, it sounds like you have less of an idea of what you want this project to be than when you did the Q and A. Have you still not decided whether to do a rebooted server or just make a sequel?
  14. StubbyClaps

    FE Holiday Events 2018 (Updated)

    Thanks! Looking forward to the special announcement.
  15. StubbyClaps

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Thanks for the update Matt. I hope your next update will be a new thread with more info.
  16. StubbyClaps

    Halloween 2018 Events

    Thanks alot Little Orbit. It's a bit confusing, but OP Hooligan is greatly helping with streamlining it.
  17. StubbyClaps

    Turn The Tides

    You realize alot of people bought premium for the sub rewards alone? Now you have non tradable premium(cheaper, but no monthly reward) which noone buys. You seem to be here only to argue with everyones opinions. I dont see how someone can argue about premium being better for not having a monthly reward and it not being tradable. This game is dead and is going nowhere. I dont think we will even make it to a relaunch. Holding your breath and waiting for everything to happen in 2 years is a waste of time.
  18. StubbyClaps

    Turn The Tides

    Events cause players to come back and actually play the game. dont see how that is not a priority. Noone uses the MP because tradable premiums were removed
  19. StubbyClaps

    Turn The Tides

    The issue is while we wait for this mentioned new server/new engine/fresh start, the current game is still be neglected. No events till new server, no marketplace changes till new server, no sub rewards till new server. There will be zero players left by the time the new server is up. And if LO thinks they can magically gain players when the restart happens, good luck. I for one dont see this going anywhere.
  20. StubbyClaps

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Dont expect any LO events till the new server is up.
  21. StubbyClaps

    At least G1 got something right

    I have a feeling Tiggs loved the drama hence why it was mostly left alone. Sorry mods dont allow the toxic normalcy that is akin to FE pvp
  22. StubbyClaps

    9 Year Anniversary Events

    It was great to see so many people show up
  23. StubbyClaps

    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    There is a groups section on the forums, probs should be there
  24. I dont believe LO wants to create new assets on the outdated engine (current). Hell, they dont even want to bring back old items such as tradable premium and sub rewards till the new server/remaster
  25. Honestly, it will take LO at least a year or so to get a new server running with the new engine. We wont have tradable premium, sub rewards, or new marketplace items till at least the fresh start. During this time Fallen Earth will be making no money so I dont see how this is going to go