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  1. easy add a player show menu on the esc menu and allow it to open the list of players in the server and next to their name the report add and ignore buttons
  2. D4rkplayer

    Riot Reworked

    sounds good I'l push for it with you
  3. Looking for someone to make me a tattoo Tattoo is going to be paid by looks between 500k-1.5mil Add me on discord for more info at GhostshotTV#2725 1 person will be picked after showing me their designs
  4. Matt alot of people are broke or under the age to have a job to spend money would it be possible to add some single items to the JT store for half the price or same as price of guns for example elbow pads 1k joker tickets skateboard 3k joker tickets vr beanie 2k snood 2k harlem 2k full packs for like 10-15k or whatever it would be nice but again if not needed that's fine
  5. Faction change. allow 1 or 2 per character make it auto remove cop/crims only equipment/ vehicles I would 100% buy 1 right away to change some of my enforcers to crims
  6. fair enough but wouldn't putting just 2 contacts into waterfront kill fin? People that are needing contacts done in Fin won't be able to get them for a while because everyone is farming Waterfront. I also didn't know that there was 2 short on waterfront cause I never play the map I either fight club or social district if silver/gold server with most pop isn't in Financial.
  7. So from what I have heard from a few people is that the new contacts are both being put on waterfront. which I do not believe is the correct way to go about making the game better. Noone wants to play waterfront as the map already struggles to hold player. Down below will be a strawpoll for the community to vote on what map should be the new contact map unless we can even it out with a contact on both maps that are new. https://www.strawpoll.me/18638542/r
  8. "Life isn't about working for what you want and living it's about making memories and moments." - Ghostshot 2016 Years might have passed but I still hold the memories of this game and the friendships I made throughout the game tightly Heavy Urban Response Team forever and always boys!!! Repn 5 years later!!!
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