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Found 3 results

  1. I remember suggesting this years ago, but of course under G1 domain it was often impossible to receive real consideration even for the most needed adjustments. I'm sure now things may First of all, lets remember that Little Orbit already stated they plan to have the Threat system reworked, if not completely scrapped and rebuilt to function properly. But since this may be a long term project that we won't see efficiently in use for a while, I think it would be helpful if they could adopt a faster, easier solution to get rid of this exploit asap. Current Situation: A player (normally Gold Threat) purposely exploits the threat system to join normally inaccessible districts (of Bronze Threat) in order to play missions against easier opponents, trolling and/or griefing with the higher skill and rank obtained. As a consequence, new players are pushed away from the game due to the immediate bad experience, only promoting the wrong idea of "p2w" and "cheaters" in the game. Solution: Disable mission matchmaking for players whose threat doesn't match the one of the district. > Optional: Prompt a message warning to change districts to correct ones, with an auto-kick if the player doesn't in 5 mins. Since the threat level is updated after a mission ends, simply locking the "Ready" status when their threat is increased will prevent the players from causing any further damage. This means that: 1) if the player is a true gold, he either has to keep playing bad (fair for the bronzes) or he will continuously lose the ability to play missions (and be kicked), rendering the action of dethreating not worth it; 2) if the player is a silver who got lucky, he will probably dethreat by normal means after moving to the correct district; In case you begin asking "what about players who keep changing between the two threats", lets first understand that the current threats are incorrectly being altered by the dethreaters: a silver would not keep getting gold and back if he didn't bounce between fighting bronzes and golds. With such simple fix, the districts will begin balancing themself autonomously given enough time. While it isn't a solution to the issue of the threats, it can quickly address some of the main problems currently faced for the time it takes to create a new proper system. Feel free to share opinions! Criticism is welcome.
  2. Segregating threat on Jericho just doesn't make sense. I understand that it may not always be fair to put the veteran players into the same matchmaking pool as a silver who has only played a week, but it still isnt working on NA. We do not have the population to support it. NA peeks at around 200 players on at a time(THIS POPULATION ONLY STAYS ON FOR MAYBE AN HOUR BEFORE IT LOWERS). EU is 600-800 depending on the day of the week. This is eu right now. 602 players. they can support being segregated. This is NA. 82. We CANNOT support being segregated. When threats were combined into same servers, NA had a waterfront and financial going for most the day at 40-40 or close to it. But now we are back to this cycle of financial for a week and then waterfront for maybe a day... and back to fin (I have only seen 40-40 maybe 3-4 times since we got segregation back). And lets just say you need waterfront and IT FINALLY POPULATES after like 2 weeks of you waiting. half your missions are going to look like this. (blacked out to avoid name and shame) Dethreating is back. i played for maybe 13 missions yesterday and i got around 6-7 dethreaters either on my team or the other team (separate missions). Today my first mission was a deathreater. Just put NA back to unsegregated. Its dying regardless. *edit* New players are going to quit regardless. they go to bronze, dethreaters slam them. they go into silver, they get farmed by a veteran player.
  3. so like new players and returning players yeah they don't have the skill ya'know to fight that plague known as dethreaters im just like perma silver now but ive got a few simple suggestions that can help with the dethreating either a seasonal ranking thing with brackets for instance they last a month or 3 each badge colour threat is a bracket like what we have now but how it'd work with this system is it resets every month or 3 and once you climb into a different colour it stays until the season ends then it'd get reset probably not that simple of a suggestion but heres another if they hit a higher threat colour in a lower district they'd get sent to social soon as they change colour locking them out of the lower district they were clubbing don't be aggressive about the responses im just throwing these ideas out there to discuss cause everyone knows that dethreating is an issue in all mission districts
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