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Found 14 results


    Forum Bug

    Sometimes when an admin makes a post or responds to a post it doesn't always show up in the "Admin Tracker" tab, sometimes it will show for a little bit then disappears and sometimes it stays, or sometimes just not show at all, this need to be fixed.
  2. Hello! I am using this publication to share some names of plugins/applications related to this forum system, all available on its official website. I will not post links to avoid problems, because after all you will know where to find them. Applications and plugins Advanced Multi-Tool This I believe to be more than essential for the community, there are many resources that leave the forum much, but much more attractive. Some are: expand the area of the profile cover background (which in itself is very small); Font-Awesome, which supports beautiful icons; advanced customization of virtually all forum elements etc. Chatbox His is very simple chat system and provides a direct interaction between the community. Clubs Enhancements This resource will give more power to Club Owners. They will be able to execute functions currently only possible in the Admin CP. - - - There are many others that I consider important, but I am relying on the systems that have already been implemented in the forum. So for now this is it. Suggestions Option to customize the URL of the "club" This is a way to make it unique and avoid copying a clan with the same name as yours. Or, simply link the clans created with the club system, somehow. Custom fields in profile Just as an example, it would be nice to be able to enter the name of my main character, level, enforcer/criminal, clan, favorite build etc. The same goes for other games, like Fallen Earth. See you guys!
  3. - Update with better explanation just a comment below on this thread. I honestly need help here and I would appreciate it a lot if someone like @Majiik could help me out here or someone else too who has knowledge of this forum. I'll try to explain it as good as possible. I tried to post the "Clan Progression" thread on this forum. However, I've experienced three critical forum issues which prevents me from posting it. I've tried several work arounds for hours to skip those issues (...) and even asked @Kevkof to help me out with a thread in the Off-Topic where he also experienced the same issues, yet a work around worked at the beginning but not anymore for the second bug which I will explain here. Those issues put me into a loop which I can't leave neither get it solved without help. 1. Double Line Break: First of all, I've no idea if it's called "line break" in english, sorry! After writing the whole thread, clicking on the preview button then I saw that the whole Forum made a DOUBLE forced line break. Whenever I press "enter" I would like to have ONE line break and not a double one, neither could I see the double line break while I wrote the thread. I simply wanted to write in the next line and not skip an entire one. Following the preview window showed me this: I forgot to take a screenshot of my written text but the normal window didn't show me any double line breaks neither do I wanted to have a space between. However, I could solve this issues when I removed ALL line breaks of my text and made the line breaks with Word 2018. Yet it was annoying and a lot of work again. I've certainly no clue how it occurred but it for sure wasn't in my intention to do. 2. Manual bullet lists move to the end of the spoiler tag after I tried to solve those two issues above and below (this is actually issue 3): After I completely re-wrote the thread from scratch again for the second time in Word 2018 and Notepad++ trying to solve the issue number 1. and number 3 I found out that the forum thought it needs to move my bullet lists to the end of the spoiler box. Not much to explain here since I've 2 really good screenshots where you can actually see the problem. All of my bullet lists a moved to the end of the spoiler box, doesn't matter at which spoiler box I looked at. 3. Issue with [.spoiler] [./spoiler] combined with a bullet list button: Whenever you create a spoiler, add a bullet list with the button in your spoiler tag and after that you would like to keep writing outside of the spoiler tag - the spoiler goes beyond his [./spoiler] and hides the entire text of your thread in the spoiler. To recreate this issue, you simply need to write a text, hide it in spoiler and add a bullet list WITH the button on top. To solve this issue, I had to manual type ALL of my bullet lists and enumerations which was a lot of work with [.list][.*][/list] Manual typing to solve the issue: This sentence should be outside of the spoiler tag and hopefully is ^ As we can see here, the double line break came again. Example with the issue is at the end otherwise the whole thread would be one spoiler:
  4. You are allowed to promote your content in this section, but please adhere to the following guidelines. You are only allowed to advertise your content in this section. Doing otherwise (as in advertising in other sections) will result in a punishment. The content you are advertising has to be legal. (No pornographic material, it has to follow Code of Conduct and Forum guidelines) Do not try to pass off copyrighted content as yours. Be civil when posting your content. Tag your submission accordingly. (So that people can easily distinguish between different kind of content)
  5. While I like the bright background it comes with a few visual issues: On the front page of the forums the big sections come with a banner that always seems to have a white font - while you can read (thanks to the shadows) it i think a slightly darker background would increase readability a lot. Same goes for the top page numbers: Also: The icon over the upper right corner to move YouTube-Videos is sometimes not very visibile because it layers over the text or whatever is above. Moving videos under the last line with that icon at the corner (-> point before) seems impossible. Sometimes the editor glitches out and doesn't let you select any text (can't provide steps to recreate it, just happened once to me.) - I think this is related to embedding YouTube-Videos and maybe moving them? Might experiment more and record it if it happens again. On mobile you can't click below a quote (or edit anything but that quote) if you hold backspace too long A very very minor one: if you try to move a YouTube-Vid and let go "in the video" while dragging, it's stuck at moving (without still dragging obv) and you have to click again to let go. I like the embedding and those are just minor issues - just listing what I found. I'd also love to have a full more bright theme - if that's possible. PS: Love the pink background, where is that one from? Is that some new art? The other ones look very familiar... Ah another thing, we didn't have this in the old forums either - but do you have a way of adding [ spoiler ] tags just like lists etc?
  6. So yesterday i found out that the forums is PG13. When did this happen? How? Why?
  7. APB forum minimal v2 Download here: https://userstyles.org/styles/160519/apb-forum-minimal-v2 You need Stylus for this to work. Change settings by clicking this button after installing the theme CTRL + F5 should force the theme to show the "Update style" button so you can make changes without reinstalling the theme. CSS Notes from latest update: ==26/05/2018== Release and changes/fixes. Background can be toggled. Announcement can be toggled. ==27/05/2018== You can now toggle the navbar to follow as you scroll down the page. ==28/05/2018== Minor fixes and changes, 99% of everything should have sharp corners instead of round. Added customer logo that's on by default but can be disabled. ==29/05/2018== Minor fixes. ==07/06/2018== Custom logo is now off by default. ==21/06/2018== You can enable the old fonts.
  8. Long story short, gives us the ability to delete a reply in which was made recently. And allow us to edit posts, regardless of how much time has passed.
  9. Most of this was posted in another thread by me already but probably the wrong section (was more about issues there) - Please add spoilers again - the hover/mark black text to read kind or the normal expand/deflate ones like in the old forums (prefereably the latter for vids, gifs, big pics) I know, I know, your eyes bleed when having a bright theme but... While there are makeshift solutions, such as this :^) : Having an official light theme would be quite nice, especially also on mobile (which isn't too convenient to do yourself otherwise). Idk, I just prefer it a lot. Probably cause I'm used to books? Who knows.
  10. Many people are still unaware that Little Orbit is in charge now. Heck, I only learned about it a couple weeks ago from a YouTube video and I adore Fallen Earth and APB. A lot of those same people I believe have a very negative relation to the company name Gamers First, due to past managements handling of beloved games. Even friends who have never played a G1 game have expressed distrust when I brought up the name in conversation. The forums and main Fallen Earth website still bare the G1 brand. It is just off the top of my head and I know it would be complicated, but maybe a rename is in order? (At least later down the line, closer to the completion of LOs vision for the respective IPs.)
  11. Hi there team and everyone, so far its going great. Here are my suggestions 1) Please separate the game and forum suggestions. The game suggestion need their own board. 2) Please come up with a guideline for signatures. Are gifs allowed? What is the max size a jpg or a gif can be? The previous forum had good rules. Im already seeing oversized signatures that are making the forum look ugly and you just have to scroll more. How many lines of txt allowed? I like to 3 to 5 line rule, size 12 max or whatever. 3) Please remove downvotes. All it does is bring in trolling and a negative atmosphere. You want to express your opinion but some kid doesnt like it? Downvote. You post a fact, downvote. Where there is only upvote, its better. EDIT: 4) Im not seeing any language rules in the Forum rules. Im assuming this is a child friendly forum? As in, no swearing and what not like before?
  12. @Lixil Some people suggested likes and dislikes shouldn't be loaded on your profile because of what alraedy happened, and you took the negatives off and thats nice. Now the problem is that there are not enough likes/dislikes to give thanks or express how do we feel towards a post. ANY other media allows you have infinite likes or dislikes and they wont affect your profile. I may understand you need to know who is most approved by the community... So here is a solution i thought: since only likes are working (loaded to your profile), it would be nice that this button is completly separate from the others. Emojis and thanks could be infinite, but only likes or dislikes may rate the post and would be the ones limited to 10 (this could still be abused to rate imporant posts to make modifications to the game or other important stuf... i have no good ideas to prevent it). With this we would be able to freely express how do we feel towards a post. It would be nice if you add an angry emoji too.
  13. I want to change my forum name to something that includes ä. Unfortunately for me, those kind of accents are not allowed in names. Could this be changed? If not, why?
  14. Community creations subforum still has default GamersFirst backround image as well as GamersFirst logo instead of Fallen Earth one. Merged. Sometimes editing posts makes the FE backround disappear and be replaced by the default GamersFirst one. Also bump.
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