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  1. cool cool cool cool cool. Ok so it wasnt my failing memory. Good to know. Im sure they will get that in eventually.
  2. Oh dam, its been soo long since Ive logged in that I completely forgot that theres no AA. I guess I got used to having broke edges/lines everywhere when I used to play.
  3. These screens look reallly good. I see a lot more colour in the world now. The street light shinning down is also more noticeable and less washed out. Its refreshing.
  4. What I have suggested at the end of my post caters to both newbs and vets. Its because the new contact wont be a lvl 235+ or whatever the max rank atm is. I havent given it much thought on how they will implement a new contact that is a mid tier without screwing the standing level. But I think thats the best way to implement new missions, weapons, vehicles and so on and making it accessible to everyone. Its a medium amount of grind for new players to get to mid tier and for vets they can directly jump on the new contact.
  5. No, it would be a terrible bet. Do you know how many hours you need to grind the same missions over and over again to gain contact levels? All for some stupid mods and titles that dont bring anything new to the game. You also realize that new contacts only cater to vets, as they are the only ones who have maxed everyone out. Even I havent maxed out contacts becuse its so boring. It doesnt help majority of the player base. Plz dont do contacts, they dont add anything fun or useful to the game. New missions that are fun to play should be the main content the team should be looking at. Perhaps even changing current missions so they arent so annoying and rage inducing. Spawns and time to spawn should also be looked into. And a million other problems everyone keeps mentioning the game has. LO could also put a little bit of effort and perhaps bring a mid lvl contact that offers new, unique missions and new weapon and vehicle rewards. Not mods and title garbage like the previous team did. Id be into that.
  6. Years ago there were a few brilliant suggestions given to combat this but the garbage patootie team didnt do anything. I hope once this update gets done with, they can finally fix the several other things that need to be fixed.
  7. Ive used the detonator before and Ill use it again when scrubs take my car and drive off randomly in FC and mission. I 100% agree with you not only because of trolls/bronze/silvers driving off with your vehicle but more because wth is the point of even grinding to get a higher tier vehicle if ur gonna be leeching everyones rides in every mission. This has already been made worse by the previous garbage team that abolished the differences btw the two factions. I recently stated how unique the game was and how cool of an experience was when as a enf u saw a crim with a tricked out bishada. Made u go dam, that guy mustve put hours on his crim and must be hardcore. It made you role the crim and experience the other side and its uniqueness. I might not be too coherent, but I hope yall get the point.
  8. I went with a no because I can see a mess of weapons glowing on the ground everywhere in fc. Also, if I see someone with a sniper Im gonna sneak close to them so I can cqc them. But if there is a cqc weapon right beside them, they can pick that up and use that. Also, itl be such a mess. I look at a person name and see what weapon they are holding. I come around a corner and they are using another weapon. Once again, itl be just a mess.
  9. Looking good. Im happy to finally see some perma weapons. I hope to see more with the next updates as Matt mentioned. I dont care about the clothing. I suck at fashion and being artistic and believe it or not I didnt join apb for that. It was the plain cops vs robbers in a open city/world environment. Another reason why clothing has no value is because garbage first decided to cross faction everything. So the uniqueness is gone. It still hurts me when I think about it and I wish there was a way to separate the vehicles atleast to back in the day. It felt soo good seeing a sooped up bishada and thinking that that crim must be loaded. 8k is reasonable as well. Not to mention Matt saying making it easier to get jt soon. I think I have over 20k or so because Ive never used it on anything and I only stick to fc if I did ever log in in the past few years. Matt, I dont know if you are reading this but please do something about the 8+ sec respawn time. Having sub 1 sec ttk and 8+ sec idle time waiting to respawn is no fun. Its a fast paced game with a dreadful wait time on death. Atleast remove the timing in FC.
  10. u kno what would be cool? Customizable muzzle flash colours.
  11. I was really excited about perma stuff in joke store until I read its cosmetics only. Which still makes it meh for me, no point waiting time still. I hope I read it wrong. "new permanent Primary, Secondary and Cosmetic items for purchase." Not a fan of gambling box still. I am however looking positive at the new changes. Im also on fence about RIOT. The BR mode to me is just stupid and very boring. I really hope you guy can make it unboring.
  12. yall giving scrubs so much attention that theyre the real winner here. OP posted topic for attention and yall gave it to him. shhss I just posted here so Im not helping. Can u get a win streak by doing non opposed missions? I dont believe that win streak but a screen of J/player menu would make it more believable.
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