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  1. So what are the prices of char and account bound weapons now? Assuming you buy g1c at the new rate. $20 USD each? $10?
  2. Havent played the game in a long time so dont know the hacker status. But this is great, no reroll hackers in FC. At least, it will reduce the frequency by a lot.
  3. Sounds reasonable. I remember people on NA east has 100k+ years ago.
  4. Thats it? The black and blue skin? It doesnt even resemble anything of the overpriced alienware. Im very sure people can replicate that skin and slap it on better cars and sell on marketplace.
  5. This might be the first thread where so many posts have a downvote or more. Usually one or two posts have dv buut this thread is special.
  6. I guess Ill be waiting till spring time for the full, finished release of the new code/engine.
  7. fo shizzle ma nizzle brb making new accounts to report the guy who hurt my feelings.
  8. Just replace the ground texture to a white texture and boom, stupid white snow ingame. Midtown madness did it 1st.
  9. Are all ur eggs finished cause i dont see a period here (or commas).
  10. tbh I just dont think LO has the time to make new items and stuff. This is just a bandaid event/s to get us happy and engaged. Once they get the engine update out perhaps they can allocate some force towards releasing actual content.
  11. I think it brings more people in when exclusive things become public for a future event. Im assuming 10% of the pop have the exclusive item. Now, after many years and the game being half dead, the pop is low. When u all of a sudden announce that this item is no longer exclusive, that 90% of the pop finally have motivation to log in and play again. Thats my take on it. Maybe 90% of the pop already has the exclusive item, is really exclusive if majority of the player base has it? Then theres principle or whatever. Exclusive items should stay exclusive. But g1 already destroyed that once tight hole with the cross faction garbage. This game was unique as each side had their cool things. Now its all mixed and just a mess. I hope in the future something can be done.
  12. Cud someone take the nut-z symbol and rather than have the outer dash as "-" have it at a 45 degree angle. Wonder how that will look.
  13. Whoa I had no idea we had another event ready to do. Nice work LO. The one prize of skin is lackluster BUT to many its a prized possession. To me its meh. Once again, I wont be logging in for the reward, because like I said, its lack luster. Ill just be logging in because theres something different for a change and Im hoping there will be a higher pop to play with/against. Its also another event so +1 to LO.
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