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  1. I still have the forum bookmarked. Hoping one day it will be complete.
  2. I miss Firefall so much. Matt could you buy that title as well and work on that too? Waiting for the new engine update to come out before trying the game and streaming it. When will that be, no idea. Havent played in years but havent forgotten about it either. I just want to play the better version of what I played back in the day. Better match making and better missions. Once the update is done with new content will be so much easier to add = faster content updates.
  3. NA. Holy moly sorry I dont frequent these forum anymore so visited the forum really late.
  4. Ive been very active on my utube channel and stream too. I actually wanted to come back for a little bit and stream this game. tbh finding someone to stream with was gonna be a challenge but lookin at the pop Im worried there might not be enough pop for a mission district like Fin.
  5. Yup. I remember when the backup was broken and we could end up with 16vs16 matches. I loved those. The defending side was a guranteed win BUT it was so much fun. It was an actual street modern warefare. Like a turf war or the two faction war. It looked amazing. I remember spawning and trying to go for the objective and on the street there was 1 group fighting and in the hallways there was another group fighting and on the roof was the package where people were trying to snipe the defending campers. It was amazing. It looked like the screenshots where they show a big group vs big group fights. Broken but very fun.
  6. I really want some missions to have more than just 4vs4.
  7. Its amazing APB has been around for 10 years. 10 years ago APB touched and molested my heart. I fell in love with it, no matter how broken and hacker filled it was (rtw beta, g1 beta, g1 release). I still have good memories of the game. It has a special place in my heart. I wonder when next Ill be back. Perhaps make a video or two for my utube channel.
  8. I would like to say that the easiest and most needed "new content" is NOT worthless contacts that give us new weapons and stupid mods. Its NEW MISSION MODES. We have 2 huge maps that need to be used. Bring in new missions that arent frustrating and are actually fun. We have loads of weapons, dont need more for now. We need missions because theyve remained the same since the beginning. I think bringing in new missions that new to old players can enjoy is important. Im not sure what these missions will be, thatl be on the teams creativeness to decide. Battle royale is trash, I dont think a map wide mode will work. I remember during early g1, in missions, you could call for backup and have a 15v15 missions. Yes it was broken and defending side always won but I frikkin loved it so much. It was an actual street war against the 2 factions and I loved it. Perhaps something like that?
  9. Noice. Very happy with this. I wish I had a quiet space at home, Im dying to start streaming and returning to making utube vids. Ill try to remember when this event is so I can tune in.
  10. Well APB got picked up and we are waiting for the fixed result. If a competent team got behind that team, Id be up for it. U give up too easily by saying not to pick that game up. Theres soo much potential, just bad decisions drove it to the ground.
  11. Half Life 3 Also, I dont even remember how long LO has had this game for but I feel like they shouldve started fresh and made APB 2 than to jumble this mess. I honestly wanna play Firefall, LO shouldve just bought that and it was good to go.
  12. I believe that the servers should be up by 11 am EST. We almost there.
  13. yay new rewards. Red pumps are new. Besides that I think everything else is from previous years. Cant wait to find out the rewards.
  14. Waiting for the txt version. I dont think I can watch a 2 hr vid.
  15. Literally no one sees the back of anyones phones. Its almost useless to get a case with anything on the back. Unless youre trying really hard to show off the back so you put your phone upside down on the table while you eat at a restaurant or something.
  16. Waay too expensive. The only design I see myself rocking is the basic APB with the cars one. Dont want any kind of chars on my cover. Also, no Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 case. As the posted above said, Im very happy LO is trying to spread the word about the game we love. Why the hell would anyone have negative views about it? Even if it was a trash overpriced product, LO is trying which matters they care. Its not like they are delaying the engine upgrade to do these cases...
  17. edit: I thought apb2 was the engine upgrade but apparently its not. Im not sure what ue4 is. What? Where does it say that? They are still doing the engine upgrade. It was just costing too much money that they did not have or were cutting it close so they sold a past of it. Now another company is gonna make a cell phone version, which Im sure is going to be a crappy 2d look down game. But LO made money so they can continue with apb on pc and crap consoles.
  18. I guess it will mean having a populated FC during the afternoons. I miss LUST. Im sure there are many other names of famous people who have left apb a long time ago that I dont remember.
  19. Chrome. It was going good until recently. I also saw another member complaining about the forum. Either they updated the forum, or chrome updated itself and messed it up.
  20. I logged in but it was stuck on loading districts after selecting char. Closed the game and started again, was stuck on district spawn screen/slideshow. Closed and started another game. Maybe apb wasnt working after patch or maybe it was just for me. Also is something wrong with this forum? Using arrow key is very annoying to scroll down a page.
  21. The problem Ive alwys found is that oca/pmg and others for close range are king, cqc to medium is the joker and ntec and then long range is just the hvr. Obir and obeya are weak. I think the entire map design and weapon ranges dont leave much room for obir and obeya. IF I wanted to go long range, Id pick the hvr. If mid, ntec or joker. The only time I pick up obir is when I wanna have fun and dont care about the kills. But that means performing subpar. I think thats the issue why its so hard to balance these secondaries. I dont even wanna use act44 and rsa cause their accuracy sucks balls.
  22. Whats the issue with the rfp currently? Its always been a 3 burst to kill, which I like about the secondary. Now that its 4, that kinda sucks.
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